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Laptop not what big-ticket items, the purchase pathway is also becoming more and more abundant, but here it is recommended that consumers should be selected according to the actual use of the personal needs. Buy this process can be broadly divided into to lock in prices, the reference configuration and appearance screened three steps, in this order, one by one pick should be able to find their ideal and the higher cost of the books.

This we introduce a Korean series 14-inch DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z. Inspiron 14z series is the DELL notebook product line of the main cost, the price is mostly controlled at 4,000 yuan, while the price range is also the major notebook manufacturers cost models get together the key areas is relatively well-off, so we can choose leeway.

DELL Inspiron 14z with DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z Battery appearance retention Korean series unique fashion style, good eye margin sensual girls undoubtedly fancy a notebook to increase the weight. Aircraft in the colors filled with youthful, to fully demonstrate the vitality and personality of the young users. Series models, the Titan silver, blue and pink three color schemes to choose from.

Hardware configuration, DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z AMD platform A6-4400M processor the highest clocked at up to 2.7GHz, equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory and 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, equipped with HD7670M alone significantly, with 2GB memory, with processor in the fusion single was mixed crossfire mode to help users get more good games video experience.


DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z notebook cover surface with ABS plastic as its main material, and use blue brushed metal coating treatment, get rid of the black and gray two dull color, drawing style with makeup visual experience, and background The impact has not a small improvement. The shiny paint surface will still leave some trace of fingerprints, but not obvious. Roof edge, and the four corners of a sleek curved handle makes the grip feel the increase.

In order to maintain the cost of the machine is not a metal alloy materials, ABS plastic as the main material of the roof of its firmness grasp it is in place, pressed top cover Central moderately fingers, cover slightly slightly concave, but Open the LCD screen does not appear above the water ripples. DELL Latitude E6430 notebook with DELL CWVXW Battery cover part of the popular non-locking design, can be sufficient to maintain the integrity of the notebook cover.


In the same price range, the configuration of the laptop often not very different, when consumers desire to buy the case of the appearance of the factors. Today, I brought a 13-inch queen "beauty" - DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z, it is divided into a stylish black and white and cool two colors. It is not only elegant appearance beautiful, fresh and stylish, but also the strength to send the IVB of platform i5-3210M processor, NV GT620M graphics card, 4GB memory and 750GB hard drive, this configuration it has a good office, games, entertainment, audio-visual detailed evaluation of the performance, see below.

DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z appearance fresh and beautiful, is divided into a stylish black and white and cool two colors, the fuselage using plastic material, clean and easy to leave fingerprints, compared to the general 13-inch notebook for a slimmer, more suitable for women to use. DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z with a 13-inch glossy display with 1366 × 768 resolution. Glossy display the colors more colorful, but influenced by light, it is recommended to use in indoor. Fuselage with integrated shaft, the maximum open angle of 140 ° open angle is not great, but adequate for everyday use.

DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z with DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z Battery the front and rear fuselage thickness or less, 30.52 to 33.17mm thickness of typically 13 inches notebook slim. Because the sake of the plastic material, DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z body weight is relatively light, bare metal weight 2.405Kg travel weight for 2.852Kg, after all, for the 13-inch "big guy" Travel was suggested to use the backpack more effort. DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z with island-style chocolate keyboard, keyboard resilience is very good, very solid tactile feedback to the fingers, playing word is more comfortable, and the keyboard design is simple and fresh, very clean, large key interval easy to clean, but there is no backlight design pity. The keyboard does not have independent design shortcuts, only the rectangular power button at the top of the C surface, plain and simple.

DELL Inspiron 13z-N311z touchpad with a separate design particles sudden it increased the friction of the finger touchpad surface design small but very practical, touchpad buttons, force feedback is very very good, is the author of kind of like a very real feeling. Although traditional separate touchpad not the integrated touchpad beautiful now popular, but it is more practical, is not easy to generate an error.


DELL Latitude E6430 with  9CELL DELL M1Y7N Battery is a 14.3-inch glossy screen configuration, the left and right sides of the border is relatively narrow, the B surface overall feeling relatively open. 1080p resolution, more suitable for 16:9 widescreen movie, I actually experience good results, especially in terms of color, bright and accurate. The viewing angle is also more suitable for people to share high-definition. After the length and width measurements DELL Latitude E6430: 42.5x28.8cm thickness: 39.01 ~ 53.52mm, mainstream video games this is a partial thickness dimensions. Bare weight: 3.875Kg, travel weight: 4.901Kg. Dual-shaft design in the middle of the screen, opening and closing angles up to 153 °.


Regular contact with everyone wrist rest position after after two hours Kaoji test, we carried out the actual test reached 36 ° C, the temperature of the surface of the left wrist rest, wrist rest right side of the surface temperature of 28 ° C. The two points to maintain a more comfortable temperature. In comparison, we are more concerned about the right side of the wrist rest, because most users are still accustomed to using the right hand to operate the touchpad, this area DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z satisfactory cooling performance.

DELL Inspiron 14z-N411z with DELL H7XW1 Battery comes standard with a 6-cell 48Wh lithium battery, we will adjust the Windows 7 power management mode for energy saving, the screen brightness set to 50%, the final system pre-estimate time of 6 hours and 33 minutes, and the actual use of time basically due to user application operation of normal office use, under normal circumstances, the battery can maintain about three hours.


The highest temperature of the bottom of the fuselage is concentrated in the vicinity of the heat vent, and other parts of the temperature does not exceed 40 ° C at the bottom left side of the temperature reached 39 ° C, the bottom of the right side is 30 ° C, usually on the legs move to use only gentle feeling.


Do not underestimate the roll cage between the motherboard and the entire notebook, reinforcement and shockproof performance thanks to this layer open support. Many notebook is this layer of things, just like a car, a pure off-road vehicles is non-bearing body girders, torsional deformation resistance is very strong, and ordinary sedan car shell and chassis one, although reducing the vehicle weight, but rugged the uneven pavement because the body produces elastic deformation and abnormal noise.

Dell Latitude E6530 with DELL 2P2MJ Battery rugged, delicate work quite made in Germany in the grasp of the details of the pursuit of perfection. , From the materials used in the process of dismantling, marked a screw specifications, multi-point fixed in all parts of this notebook is a rugged business notebook.

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