DELL F310J H134J C852J battery replacement DELL Alienware M17x R3 Battery

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Save virtually any open files on your hard drive, then turned off your Dell laptop or computer altogether. You should definitely double-check to make certain your computer is just not receiving virtually any power. It is crucial that zero power is being provided for the unit because you proceed to get rid of the power. Make sure the AIR CONDITIONING adapter is not really plugged in thinking that the electrical power indicator light is just not on.


DELL Alienware M17x R3 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 85Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  454g
Size: 231.20 x 90.90 x 24.70 mm 
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
0C852J 0F310J 312-0944
C852J F310J H134J


DELL F310J Battery Fit machine:
DELL Alienware M17x Series

DELL Alienware M17x R3 Series


Battery FAQ:

Q:If I remove the battery & run from a power source will it lengthen battery life?

Ar:Laptop batteries have finite life spans. Whether you use the power cord or remove the battery it will lengthen the

life of the battery.


Li-Ion DELL H134J battery lifespan is approximately 1,000 charge cycles, or 2-4 years under normal operating



Keeping the battery in a cool place can prolong its life but not in a period of extended storage. The Li-ion

battery should be stored at 40 percent rather than full-charge state.


The battery ages even if not used. For best results, keep the battery cool. In addition, store the battery at a 40

percent charge level. Never fully charge or discharge the battery before storage. The 40 percent charge assures a

stable condition even if self-discharge robs some of the battery's energy. Most battery manufacturers store Li-ion

batteries at 15°C (59°F) and at 40 percent charge.


Keeping a laptop battery on constant charge and never using it is not good for the DELL C852J battery. Run the battery

down and recharging it at least once every month.

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