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Compact and stylish netbook Samsung NP100NZC-A01RU, functioning on the basis of processor Intel Atom N2100 c clock frequency of 1.33 GHz, Created to not part with it for a minute. Moreover, apart from the performance deserves respect, it is different and more unique design, all components of which are working to ensure that the laptop was maximum mobility.


Bright turquoise body has high durability and reliability: the outside can withstand the force action of up to 1000 kg! But that's not all: the netbook is not afraid of water, so the sudden onset of rain will not spoil it. NP100NZC weighs just over a kilogram, but the main thing is not the point: the body is equipped with a handle that the nomination of the loops makes Samsung NP100NZC-A01RU in an elegant bag, which convenient to carry without a case or bag. A netbook is a perfect solution for students and children, as well as for all active people who are not accustomed to sit in one place.


Wherever you are and whatever did, netbook NP100NZC-A01RU with 7800mAh SAMSUNG NP100NZC Battery will also entertain with no loss of time wasted: thanks capacious battery and smart technology Samsung, which allows use of energy cost, battery life is up to 10 on a single charge! A Fast Start feature allows just two seconds after opening the lid to get started!


Latitude Series Dell's high-end home notebook, the series of products has been excellent workmanship and strong performance to win the support of the fans at home and abroad. I introduce today is targeted at audio and video entertainment and a new generation of Latitude series of classic continuation XT3 "flagship Latitude XT3 notebook.


I got this new upgrade Latitude XT3 notebook using the the IVB platform i7-3612QM processor, 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive standard, graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card. From the configuration point of view, Latitude XT3 laptop upgrade the processor and graphics card, work is also a lot more refined than its predecessor. New IVB platform Core i7-3612QM processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M discrete graphics with this new Latitude XT3 have a stronger competitive.


The new Dell Latitude XT3 with 9cell DELL H6T9R Battery strong metallic flavor, body cap with a magnesium alloy material, excellent workmanship. In addition, the surface of the silver-gray luster, simple and stylish. Roof in addition to simple and stylish, sturdy degree is also very strong, no significant deformation beat top cover protection is very good on the screen.

SAMSUNG's a new i5 Core Graphics Notebook specific models: 100NZC. It uses Intel Ivy Bridge platform Core i5-3210M dual-core processor, with 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive, and built-in DVD burner, specifications, it is quite satisfactory.


As can be seen from naming SAMSUNG 100NZC notebook is a 14-inch model. Although its price is very low, but to provide a higher-quality aluminum alloy top cover, greater hardness The 100N has better compression performance, you do not have to worry about the laptop screen is damaged squeezed. In addition, the machine top cover with a brushed effects processing titanium gray color so that it looks more tough and handsome.


The notebook side B of SAMSUNG 100NZC screen bezel, black composite material intolerant program, usually need to pay attention to avoid contact with hard objects. The palmrest and gray, with a black roof near chocolate keyboard, not really fashion, but also be able to accept. 100N netbook with 6cell SAMSUNG 100NZC Battery equipped with 10-inch glossy screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, more natural color transitions, display mainstream.


Flip the fuselage, we take a look at the back of the fuselage of the Dell Latitude XT3 Judging from the picture, this machine provides users with not a lot of thermal windows. The whole bottom of the enclosed silicon material, this material has good heat effect, while protecting the thermal performance, and also avoid skin burns. In addition, this machine uses a rear heat, thermal windows in the fuselage after the Founder central near the hinge. The interface of the fuselage, Latitude XT3 is a XT3.6-inch notebook, but not interface with very rich. In addition, the interface too much distribution in the left side of the fuselage, the left side of the interface more closely distributed.


Latitude XT3 with interface, while small, but the mainstream market is embodied interface on this machine can be seen from both sides of the fuselage. Left from back to front order power connector, RI-45 network interface, HDMI HD output interface, Mini DisplayPort interface, 3 USB3.0 interface; right side of the two audio output interface, and card reader interface. Dell Latitude XT3  thermal windows in the fuselage after the Founder central location. D surface using a one-piece design, thermal windows is not a lot. Only the upper and lower edge position lengthened widened near inlets, to provide a large number of cold air exchange to keep the machine cool.


Game testing session, first let us DX9 games pioneer "Street Fighter 4", the latest masterpiece as the classic fighting game, the picture jumped from traditional 2D to 2.5D, People, facial expressions, and even scenes portray the very place, Therefore, the computer configuration also put forward higher requirements. Quality settings aspects vertical sync is off, the rest of the default. Been tested, the Dell Latitude XT3 laptop at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 resolution received a score of 84.10, the game runs very smooth. After we test a "Super Street Fighter, the game is also based on DX9, received a score of 31.451, Dell Latitude XT3 notebook has been tested at the resolution of 1920 × 1080 resolution, the game up and running smoothly.


After measurement, the Dell Latitude XT3 notebook bare metal weight of 2.7 kg (including battery), the travel weight of 3.125 kg (with battery, power adapter), this weight fairly well for a XT3.6 inch models have some portability, but is not suitable for long-term business user.

As the latest product of the Dell Latitude series, the new Latitude XT3with 6cell DELL RV8MP Battery abandoned the original Latitude series heavy body, losing Apple MacBook design style, the whole thickness of substantial decline, the body becomes more slim. The aircraft thinnest at 24.56mm, the thickest 24.94mm. So this notebook portability.


SAMSUNG 100NZC notebook body size of 343 × 240 × 30.36 ~ 33.10mm, weighs about 2.15Kg with battery bare metal with power adapter weighs about 2.565Kg portability in general, shoulder or shoulders computers used to carry the package can .


SAMSUNG 100NZC notebook interface is mainly distributed in the fuselage sides, the left side of power cable, VGA video output, HDMI HD output, and a high-speed USB3.0 interface; right order headset / microphone, two USB2.0 and a DVD burner. The reader was arranged in the left side of the front of the fuselage.


SAMSUNG 100N netbook with 6cell SAMSUNG 100N Battery is equipped with a black full-size chocolate keyboard keycap matte treatment, feel better. Use key way, efforts are relatively modest, no more rigid feel, or feel more comfortable.

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