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Dell Inspiron 14R as Dell a mainstream price-oriented, balanced performance of the product launch latest, and last year launched the 14R, a subtle change in the appearance of mold on adding something like Waves Maxx Audio and brushed metal body characteristics, such as selling points, the biggest change is the graphics upgrade to the GT 640M LE (memory capacity up to 2GB), and the first use of a low-power processor, upgrade to the latest Windows operating system, it is worth mentioning , the the new 14R overall thickness of 25mm - than the previous generation 14R to thin 4mm, could be a relatively comprehensive upgrade.
Dell Inspiron series of market positioning has been under the Dell XPS affordable price to win the recognition of the market, while the XPS series gradually began to transition to ultra-extreme emphasis on thin and light design, the Dell Inspiron 14R Turbo launched last year, will serve as the Audio entertainment products to fight against Y480 etc. opponents. While the ordinary version of the Inspiron 14R has always been one of the biggest selling product of Dell consumer products online, after a lapse of eight months, the new 14R through "minor repairs" upgrade, to further strengthen its market position.


Generation 14R with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3421 Battery gives the impression that the round circle of the brain, this new 14R is a change in this visual style, the curvature of the four corners of the upper and lower lid shortening, at the same time with the wedge-shaped body, caused visual sharp feeling, so this generation 14R design style should be more in line with the aesthetic of the mainstream domestic users. The author of this received the gray version, optional In addition to the new 14R there are three beautiful colors of red, pink, blue. The the Dell 14R significant change in addition to no longer using the classic shell shape, the material selected materials is the use of aluminum alloy wire drawing process, for some mainstream-priced notebook, the aluminum alloy metal is relatively "luxury" the fuselage material, this would also help to improve their competitiveness in the price on the market.


With the official release of Windows 8 system, the touch feature also allows the notebook are beginning to adopt a multi-touch screen, Windows 8 system has not yet launched, the Pacific notebook ASUS R500V channel for everyone. Evaluation, and today evaluation article protagonist - ASUS R500VJ, compared to before the biggest feature of the product is equipped with a support 10-point touch screen, ASUS R500VJ will bring more diverse use Windwos 8 system pre-installed on the premise way, let us to specifically look at.


ASUS R500VJ with 56Wh ASUS R500VJ Battery super pole this to maintain the use of the mold before, still full texture of the metal fuselage, meticulous compact assembly: sleek and minimalist color gives aesthetic feeling, while maintaining the fine work of the Japanese and Korean style The details of the design is to win the hearts of humane. Cover the use of aluminum alloy material, and at the same time be drawing process more strongly compared to the previous product texture, a little step backward is the top cover is not integration design (antenna area independent), so playing on the integrity of the control a certain discount.


Open the top cover, high-intensity touch screen panel package greeted transition in a plane instantly make the ASUS R500VJ has a touch function. 10:00 Touch this 13.3-inch screen supports the resolution of 1366 × 768, with some regret that it is not using IPS panel, the viewing angle is not great. The top and bottom of the screen design with rubber strips, buffer outside pressure, they do protect the front of the screen is not the C surface scratches, while observing the body part of meticulous detail, ASUS R500VJ commendable.


Portable ultra-extreme characteristics, is also an asset PACKARD BELL UM08A31 Battery is also true, to use you will not think it is harder to carry than a fashion magazine, and storage. Although some flagship ultra-extreme contrast, no advantage, but in the actual experience, relying on feeling the difference was not significant.


The the ASUS R500VJ and not because of the pursuit of the thin body to give up the comfort of the keyboard and intuitive human contact, though far from outstanding, but at least for a long time after typing will not feel uncomfortable in the habit of short key process. The surface of the ASUS R500VJ the C only a power button, shortcuts need to rely on the Fn function keys. Although not integrated design, ASUS R500VJ touchpad area is large enough, the multi-touch does not have any sense of uneasiness, two physical buttons also maintain a traditional way of operation, with the delicate matte surface, even if it is stained with perspiration fingers smooth glide.


I thought above the keyboard-intensive holes below the speaker, but the self-study observation only to find it is also a part of the cooling system, the machine work its task is into the wind. Another imperceptible detail the FUJITSU Lifebook SH530 with 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook SH530 Battery the C surface is not one of: keyboard area and the surrounding palm rest is metal material for glass fiber composite materials, by cost constraints are inevitable, but ASUS is still the greatest degree of maintenance of user comfort experience of interests, metal palm rest is very comfortable.


Use of brushed aluminum on the top cover, and included the Obscure gives a very low-key and restrained feeling, while not particularly boring, composite silver edging the top cover is very layering, but also wireless network signal channel. The bottom of the design is also very simple, is worth mentioning that the battery part, in order to balance the volume and body thickness of 65 watts when the battery capacity, the battery protruding portion of the fuselage "pad" up, this can ease hand typing fatigue. And ascendants 14R, as can be seen at the bottom of two symmetrical speaker, some cooling pane layout is also substantially the same.


In some detail, the appearance of the new 14R is trying to surface design philosophy of simplicity, C surface removed three high practical shortcuts, leaving only a power button, the fuselage is only three colors of black, gray, silver look solemn and simple generosity. The top part of the metal plating texture Logo is the center of gravity of the entire visual of the most attractive elements of the overall low-key appearance, characteristics of the family, many Dell laptops will see box outside the circle for DELL 14 with 65Wh DELL Inspiron 5421 Battery this the words to create a stern, forbidding space.


The arc is the most able to reflect the beauty of the place on the top cover, 14R brushed metal parts composite radians reconcile the role in visual form a "sandwich" between the superstructure and C surface black feeling four lights were side by side below the power supply, hard drive, caps lock and Wifi switch. Dell 14R abandoned sunken shaft instead of using the traditional style, may be related to the size of the battery, the maximum open angle can not reach 180 ° shaft is not the all-metal, the damping moderate shaft opened and closed with one hand no problem.

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