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Practical experience, the author found that, Dell Inspiron 15R enough to make us worry. The use of carbon fiber material so that it weighs only 12.5-inch 1.52kg. If you bother to compare with conventional tablet, then, of course, this figure looks a little "terror", but on the Win8 distortion products, is considered a relatively lightweight, at least I will be in your hand when it did not feel very heavy: I play in deformation over several products, by weight, ascending, then it is enough to be discharged into the top three.


Enjoy the video and game after a while, I immediately began surfing the web, brush paste it, forums and microblogging. Sure enough, or the operation of this approximation text saving, about half an hour to just let power becomes less about 10%.


Of course, if you are traveling in, the Inspiron 15R with DELL Inspiron 15R-5537 Battery or try not to use it as a tablet, after holding it for a long time, then he will be in for trouble. However, if you are lying in bed or on the sofa, it is good enough to play "Tablet PC" this role. Whether surfing the web, or playing downloaded Windows 8 store various types of games, or watch movies also, it brings feelings are good enough.


We can see from the screenshot, 16:9 aspect ratio, 12.5-inch screen is used to display web pages, the font is very clear. But the lateral view of the time, because the sake of high resolution (1920 × 1080), would be on both sides of the blank page will feel somewhat too much, but some people may feel slightly noticeable small font, but we can magnify the page properly, so its ability to adapt our browsing habits. If it is used in the longitudinal, the website does not leave a white border situation exists.


Inspiron 15R with DELL Inspiron 5537 Battery of this screen, the sense of touch can be summed up in two words: Perfect. Not only a finger sliding quite smoothly, and the response is very sensitive, especially when zooming in on the pages, the performance was very prominent, entirely "size from the heart": With two fingers kneading, web pages also followed widen and narrow. Moreover, I was playing a 2D strategy game found, thanks to the Inspiron 15R Full HD resolution display, the game screen effect is quite delicate, even into the largest and no rough. However, because the resolution is not very individual game match, so just in the middle of the screen occupies a small area.


In fact, for this Dell Ultrabook, the use of it to play Windows 8 application store those games would be overkill, after all, it is the one with the Intel Core i7 processor, performance is naturally difficult too picky.


Said earlier, Inspiron 17R use 65Wh DELL Inspiron 17R-5737 Battery of carbon fiber, the maximum guarantee of its lightweight, but also in the grip feel very comfortable when you do not have a cold feeling like metal. But at the same time, it is also a sacrifice on the other hand, it is the heat.


Do not panic, here is the use of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy comparison, after all, to be on the cooling capacity, it is obvious to the top of several metals. If compared with the traditional laptop cooling words, Inspiron 15R obviously want to win them. While testing, I found that CPU under full load, Inspiron 15R-D surface will feel the heat, but we actually use, especially to use it as a tablet computer time, CPU high load situation can be minimal, and therefore only In holding it for a long time to play the game, will feel palm filled out heat.


Need to mention one, Dell Inspiron 17R with DELL Inspiron 5737 Battery in tablet mode, and can not by simultaneously pressing the Windows HOME button and volume "-" key shots. If you wish to capture screen content, it can only turn it into a notebook form then. Moreover, in the notebook mode, the screen is always fixed horizontal. If you turn it into a tablet form used in the longitudinal, and then open the top cover Press the key combination Fn + Printscreen screenshot, then, is nothing but the interception effect when used horizontally.


Then I found that electricity consumption has indeed been significantly reduced, the same three sections of the video has finished playing, power but from 92% into a 88% only. Taking into account the notebook mode to play the big game may increase power consumption rate, so I also switched to a laptop form, go to the "Torch Light 2". Monster cut about 15 minutes later, back to the desktop, battery power and 73%.


If the Dell Inspiron 14R with DELL Inspiron 14R-5437 Battery as a Tablet PC to use it, it is undoubtedly considered qualified. If out of 100 points, then I might as it marked 85 points, a "good" score. As for the reason? Because it is not too heavy, because it is comfortable, because it's very sensitive touch screen response, because it is absolutely outstanding Internet experience, but also because it can rightly heat.


After a series of operations, I roughly estimate, If you look at a movie, then a 120 minutes of movie playback is finished, the remaining battery may also around 25% -30%; if it is to play games in a notebook form, Almost one minute consumes 1% electricity; while if only used for Internet browsing or text entry a class action, then stays on as possible nearly five hours. However, if it is doped with a variety of operating phase, then, I think, to spend three hours, it should still be no big problem, right.

Intel Ultrabook proposed the concept of "super pole" is one way to realize the long life; And thanks to ultra-low-power ARM-based processor, the Tablet PC has been known for lasting endurance. The deformation of the two products integrated together - such as the author in the hands of this Dell Inspiron 15R - and perhaps can not be used with conventional tablet in time relative to compete, but no doubt, think of it as super this, then it's life is still quite satisfactory. And appropriate to adjust some system options, such as turning off Bluetooth, reduce screen brightness, but also extend the life time can achieve the purpose.


Although there is no lack endurance test software, such Powermark, such as MobileMark, but the software is given only as a reference value, after all, and some slightly rational. Want to know life, most convenient and most practical way to fit, or through actual use to evaluate. For example, let's use it to look at web pages, look at the video, play games, and then observe it at a certain time in an operation carried out, consume much power.


Although this seems a bit less precise, but after all very practical. For example, the author in charge 99% of the time to start a "toss": Keep WiFi on, Bluetooth is turned on, turn off automatic photographic, screen brightness 100% and 30% of the volume, power plan selected "high performance."


Have to say, "high performance" power plan really can greatly improve the speed of consumption, three sections total duration about 10 minutes after 1080P HD video playback, electricity actually fell about 93%. However, when we use when no external power supply when not like I so choose "high performance", they usually choose "balanced" option.

Changed a bit in the power plan, the author continued endurance test, of course, means the first use of high-definition video. You need to say is that when the power plan from the "high performance" to "balance", the screen's maximum brightness also will darken - are raised to 100%. Perhaps this is also true Dell purposely set, is to extend the life time.

Life, this property both for Ultrabook or tablet PC, it is not overlooked. Over most of the general claim 6 hours, tablets generally claim 8 hours, both ultra-pole of this tablet PC is able to adhere to the Dell Inspiron 14R with 6cell 65Wh DELL Inspiron 5437 Battery how many hours?

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