DELL Inspiron 3420 3520 Battery and DELL Inspiron N5720 N7420 Battery

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With the current notebook market matures, we see more and more products have tended to be on the performance and characteristics of homogeneity, it can be said, they have basically the same performance at the same price of the product. In these circumstances, the performance of a notebook in ease of use as well as the appearance has also become a concern of many people to buy before. For most users, the prolonged use of the visual aspects of a product will have some fatigue. Today, we have to review this product just in appearance as well as ease of use has not performance, it is from the DELL Inspiron 14 (3420).


Applications, thanks to Intel's high-speed video synchronization technology able to greatly shorten the waiting time in the use of aircraft to edit and share video. In addition, the machine also supports Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) feature, wireless card on the laptop and the TV receiver end, without any direct connection premise, on television 720p and 1080p full HD video. The aircraft have SRS audio only through the two speakers can create a broader three-dimensional sound field effect. Plus HDMI1.4 HD interface, we believe that the users can use the machine to get a good experience in the audiovisual.


Inspiron 14 with 9cell DELL Inspiron 3420 Battery is the DELL 2012 new products, in terms of core hardware used by intel latest second-generation Core i3 2310M processor and the latest generation of AMD discrete graphics HD 6630M combinations, this independent graphics card with 1GB of memory capacity, and can provide strong enough support for the players during the game. Latest Core i3 2310M with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, you can take advantage of special hardware instructions to reduce the CPU idle time and improve the operating efficiency of the CPU, it effectively enhance the processing of multi-tasking, multi-threaded task performance. Thanks to intelligent switching technology use, the machine can also work according to the severity of the load between the discrete graphics processor and comes with Core Graphics dynamic switching, which guarantee that the aircraft in graphics processing strong ability to achieve a low load state to reduce power consumption, making it a good balance in terms of performance and power saving.


I3 2310M processor machine the use of second-generation Core i series processor intel launched today just positioning the product of the entry-level applications, but its performance is still sufficient to meet the vast majority of people in the day-to-day application of the required application demand, coupled with the performance graphics and high specification storage components such as hard drives and memory, comprehensive level of aircraft test showed very other people satisfied. In addition to application performance, 3420 also has good endurance and achieved good results in body temperature control, you can see from the image above, even under high load conditions the maximum temperature of the surface of the keyboard also did not reach 38 degrees Celsius, which shows that the aircraft will not be in the day-to-day use users feel the phenomenon which affects the body overheating.


Inspiron 7420 with 6cell DELL Inspiron N7420 Battery interface layout and 5420 is exactly the same, it provides a 34mm EC card slot, multi-card reader, 12.5mm DVD burner optical drive, RJ45, mini DP, VGA, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 × 2 (which The yellow rear interface has shut down charging function, the left eSATA USB 2.0), 1394, SmartCard card slot.


PCMark Vantage as a software that can measure the performance of the whole, the total score as well as sub-item scores are instructive significance, this 3420 total score of 6137 points in the test results in the current commercially available products in the middle level. From the subkey scores can see, thanks to aircraft used HD 6630 graphics card has good performance in audio and video entertainment, as well as games, the aircraft can provide excellent support for users.


In addition to better performance, the aircraft features or appearance to give the user a great degree of freedom. Information from the official website you can see the addition to a red, blue, black and tri-color optional fuselage, new 14 also provides users with 10 models available replaceable color covers, let us take a look which the true capacity of the four models of color covers and beauties to enjoy it.


This DELL Insprion 15 with DELL Inspiron 3520 Battery of the shell using a plastic material aspects in design and materials, the surface of the top cover standard processing class piano, while the surface also supplemented Imprint Printing effects processing the class brushed metal stripes to enhance the overall sense of fashion. Although the part of the top cover is made of plastic material and have the shedding this feature not still in terms of hardness showed a higher level, the actual test his suitability pressure fingers only appear smaller magnitude drop Shen, indicating that the aircraft roof have a certain resistance to stress. The screen frame part of the B side of the aircraft using the common class piano processing characteristics of the screen frame to use this type of approach has a beautiful but also easily contaminated with fingerprints. In addition, the machine uses a glossy screen, may form an overall reflective light environment in line with this screen borders, causing inconvenience for users to watch.


 Keyboard layout this DELL Insprion 14 (3420) chose the popular chocolate keyboard design, and commonly added to the top of the keyboard shortcuts. The effective utilization of proceeds of C surface space, 14 laptop keyboard layout program, with more than 90% of the full-size keys back to power moderate, user fatigue is not easy in a long time operation. Total aircraft the interface provides a USB 2.0 interface, two USB3.0 ports, one eSATA (USB2.0 multiplexing) interface, an HDMI interface, a VGA port, an RJ-45 (cable) interface, an audio output jack, a microphone input jack, as well as more than one card reader. From the point of view of practical application, these interfaces, regardless of the type or number, are sufficient in practical applications to meet the needs of most users daily use.


Due to 3520 and N5720 with 48Wh DELL Inspiron N5720 Battery similar, 3520 in the thickness and weight, and the N5720 is not much difference, however, has a small difference adapter. Since the N5720 i7-3820QM processor maximum TDP of 45W the NVIDIA Quadro K2000M largest TDP compared to 55W, which both add up to TDP has reached 100W, so as to ensure the performance of the machine to be able to do the biggest play, Inspiron N5720 is equipped with a a power of 170W adapter, it's The volume also basically the equivalent of two 3520 90W adapter.

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