DELL Inspiron 3437 3537 Battery VS ACER Chromebook C720 Battery

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First introduced the DELL system setup tools, here we can very easily find problems is to set up a lot about computers. Dsektop Assist software, tools and utilities, including display Utility, eco Utility, hard disk protection, Password Utility, system Settings, function keys, and other functions. According to utility is our common split screen software, able to display the view options for custom, according to multiple applications at the same time.


DELL eco utility can control the power consumption of the computer, can be under the control of computer power consumption situation in our own hands, very practical. DELL eco utility peak power transfer function to transfer part of the growing electricity consumption to night, in order to balance the peak period of electricity demand.


Functionally , Inspiron 3437 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3437 Battery and a variety of different versions , we tested this price of 5699 yuan , is the Inspiron 3437 models in a higher position , it is equipped with a 15.5 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution, 10-point touch screen, provides a backlit keyboard , an NFC sensor bottom of the fuselage also set up an independent woofer, although 5,699 yuan is not cheap, but overall this price is acceptable .


DELL 3437 keyboard surface design continues the machine extremely simple characteristics, the back-mounted chocolate keyboard, the keyboard surface casing is integrally molded . However, use of the keyboard feel and , like most Japanese notebook , feel soft , the key process is shorter. It is commendable that , 3437 backlight is turned on, and the character keycap four weeks issued a mild white light illumination effect in play at the same time not too harsh.

DELL 3437 use fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U low-power CPU, not only combines the HD4400 graphics card, but also integrates PCH chip , simplifying board design , reducing the overall power consumption. Of course, as a home entertainment laptop , DELL 3437 also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card with 750GB large storage space , the whole performance of mainstream hardware performance features , more suitable for home entertainment use .


On the surface of the chassis and the keyboard is , Inspiron 3437 with DELL Inspiron 14 3437 Battery build using a metal material , feel very smooth , rounded edges and corners without scraping edge of the fuselage hand keyboard keyboard section just below the horizontal plane , the keyboard can be seen around vaguely around the pool orange decor. In the keyboard part , Inspiron 3437 continues the tradition DELL use chocolate keyboard , black casing with silver and white keycap stark contrast , just like the shape and style of the unity of the whole simple and bright , just a slight touch of its use lack of strength and resilience keycap key way too small, of course, this is a common problem chiclet keyboard .


To cope with the whole simple design style and Widnows 8 operation , Inspiron 3437 provides a larger integrated touchpad , its surface presents matte texture , slide your finger up in the above relatively smooth , the cursor moves quickly , but the touchpad greater efforts need to press the button will have a reaction , a little less experience . DELL Inspiron 3437 hardware configuration upgrade to the fourth generation of Intel Core i7-4702MQ quad-core eight thread processor, using the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card , 8GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive , the whole hardware quite powerful, can deal with the mainstream 3D games and home entertainment and video image processing capabilities .


For heat , in an environment at 25 ℃ , use AIDA64 System Stability Test pager half an hour later , DELL Inspiron 3437 center-left keyboard where there is a certain heat accumulation , where the maximum temperature of 45.5 ℃, feels will warm feeling . In the bottom of the fuselage , Inspiron 3437 exists near the small vents heat accumulation , but about 40 ℃ and the temperature is not high . So the whole , Inspiron 3437 body surface temperature is good , but in the long-running large 3D game, body surface temperatures will rise further . The battery usage time , we use the latest MobileMark 2012 DELL Inspiron 3537 with 65Wh DELL Inspiron 3537 Battery tested it MobileMark2007 than the previous generation of software running the upgrade, its test project closer to the user's real use of the environment nowadays .


DELL Inspiron 3437 notebook on the interface configuration is humanized, thin body is equipped with a standard RJ45 interface, this only in the Toshiba business super Z830 before, the details also reflected the DELL on mold design intentions. In addition, in the left side of the fuselage it also equipped with HDMI interface and two USB 3.0 interface, basic can meet the demand of the user's daily use. At the same time, as far as possible to meet the demand of all users in the use of, DELL Inspiron 3437 burning also comes with a DVD drive, but with fewer cd-rom utilization, believe that cancel the drive for more interface is what many consumers want to see.


DELL Inspiron 3537 notebook with DELL Inspiron 15 3537 Battery after the speaker in the fuselage side, will affect users in hearing, its range is not directly, give a person a kind of empty feeling, but seems to be the speaker sound cavity is enough big, more full of voice to make up for the inadequacy of position slightly.


Acer's mainstream notebook products in the market has been well-recognized , particularly in the main cost around $ 4,000 V, E Series AMD alone significantly notebook . I remember a few months ago has just released GCN architecture mobile GPU , we have tested a few machines, including Acer E1-451G, Y485P , etc. , the new Extreme quad-core A10, A8 APU plus HD 87xxM series alone significantly performance brought us a lot of surprises , the mainstream HD 8750M alone was observed that almost can GT740M GPU performance was flat , while the innovative application of new APU also give consumers a more affordable and convenient option .


In single CPU or alone significantly notebook , ACER C720 pull God Extreme Edition is undoubtedly the performance cap to make, especially 3 SSD Raid array is composed of significantly enhance the speed of operation and storage . Although ACER C720 body shell and not much innovation and change, but also because the market has gone through the test of time , this abrasive in the heat , work and other aspects are worthy of trust , but also in some extent also reduces development costs, the ultimate beneficiaries or consumers . In addition ACER C720 domineering appearance, as well as a keyboard for the game was born , but also for it to add luster !


Was deliberately creating lighting effects have been ACER keep returning to win the elements , ACER shape design with dazzling lights really make the machine looks very beautiful, when used in a dark environment is also very sense of technology , this time in 13 years new subsection mold , ACER in ACERLogo lamp based on adding two lights, just the right place and did not bring any unexpected feeling , breaking away from the monotony but instead let the housing element is more enriched.

Today we received a Chromebook from Acer 's new ultra-thin notebook C720 , C710 series compared to previous generations , the new product has thin 2,3 mm or so, and in the entertainment and gaming performance become more powerful . Edit the experience, specific experience as follows: Crossfire dual graphics , smooth entertainment experience . Acer C720 with 6cell ACER C720 Battery is equipped with the A10-5757M APU Extreme A top model in the series , and it is HD 8650G fusion core alone was compared with A10-5750M GPU frequency on a slight increase in the Acer C720 can be achieved AMD Radeon HD (8650G +8750 M) dual-card crossfire , the measured increase in graphics performance a lot smoother gaming experience .

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