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Mobile market in 2012 a "chaotic" before the phone wantonly growth, after a flat-screen gradually grow once the embattled movie plot is now caught in a notebook he was given, which really makes the laptop to make things difficult. Has entered in 2013, what will happen in 2013? A few days later is CES in a year, the focus seems to have adhesion CES2013.

Until then, let's look back on the case to look at the year of 2012 doomsday. In this year, notebook manufacturers have seemingly followed Intel go ultra-pole of the road, but the ordinary notebook as well as various flagship product is still the main notebook market. Competition cost-effective confrontation game, more Rush comprehensive strength.


Putting aside the phone and tablet PC laptop market impact of products for 2012, or receiving more attention. Grade fever of this game, such as aliens M14x, MSI GT60; There pursuit of the ultimate high-end notebook, such as the Sony Z13, Apple retina MacBook, Dell 17R with DELL Inspiron 3721 Battery; targeting the mainstream market entertainment notebook, such as Acer V5 series Yangtian M490; the last comprehensive quality notebook products, Lenovo Y400, Samsung Q470, the new HP dv6 and Shenzhou K590S.


Lately, I believe that the news will undoubtedly become a topic of concern about Intel Ivy Bridge generation of processors. With the third-generation 22nm Core processor core mystery opened, Asus will also launch the first time the N56 Audio level notebook products under the new platform. In fact, everyone ASUS N5 Series notebook is more familiar from N53 unique side waist design to the beautiful heavy solid N55, N56 and then to raise the overall can be described as a 15-inch models by a lot of theater-level user focus, and launched a new ASUS N56 appearance with people shines breakthrough design.


Configuration, this evaluation to get this Pavilion dv6 uses the IVB platform i7 quad-core processor, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 2GB GDDR5 memory, with a performance well worth the wait, which currently notebooks can be purchased in a number of channels, the price is still very attractive, at least has entered the mainstream consumer price is good news for students.


To greet the arrival of Ivy Bridge, DELL V2421 with DELL Vostro 2421 Battery should be regarded as a pre-empted the product, the N56 although we have received is an engineering prototype, but the models should be officially on sale with them is not much different. First broke the news about the hardware configuration, the aircraft equipped with the latest third-generation Core i7 3610QM quad-core processor, Core graphics for HD 4000 discrete graphics for Nvidia Geforce GT 630M, USB port comprehensive upgrade to 3.0 standard screen resolution reached a size of 1920 × 1080 Full HD.


The video experience is still N56 laptop's main features, can render a shocking sound performance force, especially using the world's top audio-visual brand B & O ICEPower certification of SonicMaster "bel canto masters" sound system with external subwoofer, making the bass part more thick and full, both appreciate the dynamic fast-paced music, or watch HD movies can be a stunning audio-visual experience. In addition, bundled woofer can bring the bass below 250Hz, the level more clear, more realistic sound.


Appearance DELL 17R with 65Wh DELL Inspiron 5721 Battery also bringing a new level of visual impact for everyone, especially the C-face design, N56 entire C surface using the advanced technology of CNC drill each of the holes of the keyboard keys power connector and I CNC process metal shell material / O ports carved, to ensure a comfortable keyboard keys and the port layout is neat. At the same time thanks to the superb quality workmanship, the whole thickness is reduced, fixed in 30mm. In addition to the above features, which deserves our attention? See the appearance of the next described in detail.


Intel Ivy Bridge platform officially released, means that the laptop into a new hardware cycle, synchronized with the cycle updated graphics, mobile graphics architecture based on 22nm technology NVIDIA Kepler (Kepler) has surfaced, no longer vest, but a real sense of innovation. The time to get a new HP Pavilion dv6 (7002TX) Notebook, with a new design of the mold and the new generation of processor and graphics platform, a new look after the dv6 pre-listed New hottest models.


From the positioning, the HP Pavilion swim boutique consumer series is HP's HDX Series price slightly below grade fever (Mainland unusual), but higher than the Pavilion g series has been HP dv series products can not only satisfied with the basic application, but the process of becoming a better, before we review the DELL Vostro 2521 Battery, Beats Audio sound system and heat dissipation Cool sense of new technologies, with some user-friendly features, to as dv series of value-added.Just got this laptop, the editor thought perhaps just a hardware upgrade, but in fact, the the dv6 appearance of small changes, changed the the dv6 mold and dv4 is not a small difference in the design style, giving feeling dv6 this is indeed more beautiful.

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