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DELL Inspiron 3737 17-inch mold , but the notebook as a super pole appears , its portability is also very good. Inspiron thickest position 14 is 21.53mm, the thinnest position is 20.60mm. Inspiron 3737 bare metal weight in weight and travel weight and were 1.74KG 2.13KG, this weight for a 17-inch notebook , be relatively thin , and when moving the portable aspect will not feel difficult.


DELL Fengrui Inspiron appearance with color metal matte material , sent to test this machine is champagne for the color DELL may gradually released . Its screen is 14 inches , although not equipped with the now popular touch screen, but the notebook's screen resolution is 1600 * 900 LED backlit screen , which can be demonstrated more clearly on the screen , higher brightness image , ideal for image display and Video Gallery . In the configuration , Inspiron configuration 14 has been regarded as a high-end , i7-4500U and GT 720 graphics card matched, fully meet the daily business office and gaming and entertainment needs. Inspiron more inclined to locate 14 students and office crowd , so in terms of appearance and performance , DELL Inspiron Design 14 is not very fancy , give us the feeling that "useful" , so if you intend to purchase a laptop case , DELL Inspiron 3737 may wish to look .


DELL Inspiron 3737 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3737 Battery as a more important product, its work is also well designed. More ahead in terms of notebook portability, or the appearance of the material . Cover with champagne metallic grinding process, only the middle of DELL 's LOGO, no other up . In a more rounded edge position over design on the screen material Inspiron 3737 using CNC technology, colored metal anode , magnesium alloy , the official claimed that never fade , we were unable to test whether long-term use will never fade , then by the time to prove it.


DELL uses the body back and cover the material is the same as the super pole appears , as traditional notebook hardware upgrades easy , you need to open the case before we can see the entire internal structure . Back design is very simple, just a notebook of information back and a set of stickers plastic vents , there is no else.

On the right side of the fuselage , can a USB3.0 interface and a USB2.0 interface , in addition to a rare mix of a DVD burner , and a headset microphone 2-in- 1 interface, and a notebook lock . Weight , the weight of the Inspiron 3737 is a stand-alone without battery 2.157kg, was not a particularly good results, but also to 3737 in the index to improve the comfort of the office a lot .


In the hardware configuration , this got this DELL Inspiron 3737 is equipped with 6cell DELL Inspiron 17-3737 Battery and a 22nm process technology Intel Core i7 4600M processor , equipped with Intel HM86 chipset, equipped with 1TB rpm hard drive, as well as high-speed single 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, graphics cards this model comes with a processor Intel HD 4600 graphics core with NVIDIA GT720M discrete graphics . Intel Core i7 4600M processor belongs to the new Haswell platform processor based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell, the initial frequency of 2.9Hz, can Turbo to 3.5GHz, shared L3 cache to 4MB.

In addition to Lenovo's senior speech, the establishment of the Digital Marketing Conference on concern a lot of details, such as Xudong repeatedly used "shocked" such a network hot words, and put on a uniform Bo eye. Yang is through micro-channel, this hottest product on the Internet to communicate with the team. I guess, if employees who photographed Xudong dress uniforms, and share the micro-channel, microblogging, bosses will be very happy.
Of course, the transition is not simple to Internet companies, the association in this area can only learn by doing. At a briefing I attended the new association, the market leader can talk about we can not ask the media to treat Apple products as reported in Lenovo products, but at least the volume of media can not lose millet. It will be appreciated if the association does not like free exposure millet, which really stuck paying money. I guess, the ultimate goal of Digital Marketing must be under the premise of not spending advertising, allowing the media to give maximum attention and coverage of new enthusiasm, and won numerous fans eagerly look forward to, which is marketing the high-end realm.
Hype and learn from the successful experience, this is the preferred method of Internet companies. Lenovo YOGA Tablet at the recent conference, "Jobs" actor Kutcher kneel so I was impressed that scene, this impression even far more than the conference itself, if the annual inventory of the IT industry, classic moments, this scene shortlisted great possibility. Although Yang later came forward to clarify the facts, but what is not too deep into the drama actor Yang has no concern, the key is to start into the drama of the association, this "small accident" and even forget the media scene Liu Qian performances away like crazy Find goes kneeling photos. ¬

Also in the configuration , LENOVO G410s Touch uses 4cell LENOVO G410s Touch Battery and a third-generation Core i5-3337U processor and Nvidia Geforce 720M graphics card, equipped with the latest Windows 8 system, and also with LENOVO of " vocal master " sound system, so the machine audio and video performance capabilities but also exciting .

Or this conference, because I arrived two hours earlier, was hit by the staff association recognized as a "fan group" members and distributed to the author considerations played an A4 paper, even the applause at the precise time to the timeline. Leader also specifically asked the author of the "fans", to remind us not to see Liu Qian Kutcher applauded after taking office screaming, Yang came to power, they also have to scream and applaud decibels must be the same! Of course, later the site screamed some unsatisfactory results, be prepaid Digital Marketing "first pen tuition." This conference took place at the National Convention Center, rice festival is also held here, do not know if that is not a coincidence.
Of course, in addition to the hype and fan the economy, the association for the internet marketing attempts to broad more. For example VIBE Z will take the form of pre-sale codes were robbed Z, whose executives have admitted that there is no correlation Internet marketing full attention before. In addition, the association is still to promote an Internet application, the application name is called eggplant fast pass. While Lenovo music store users has reached 70 million, the average daily load has exceeded 20 million, but an excellent Internet marketing needs to be emphasized individual products, to encourage a "hero" of the product. In simple terms eggplant fast transfer can be achieved without network transmission IOS, Android and Windows devices between the three systems, it is possible to create a small social circle, cultivate loyal fans.

Let us recall the songce LENOVO M5400 with LENOVO M5400 Battery hardware configuration , the machine uses Intel's fourth-generation Haswell platform processors i5-4200M processor , clocked at 2.5GHz, with 3MB cache , TDP 37W standard voltage integrated HD4600 graphics core . Single-channel 4GB memory , 500GB hard drive.


But the Internet is now emphasize "zero profit" play, which is a nightmare in terms of hardware vendors. Millet phone sold zero profit, you can make money through the router, mobile power, because the economy has been forming ¬ fans. However, this relies on deep plowing channels for Lenovo hardware vendors started, this ultimate Internet-style gameplay is obviously not suitable. In fact, aside Internet marketing aside, the contradictions in the era of the traditional channels of electricity providers already apparent, the same is true in the PC industry. For example the same models, configured exactly the same, but the manufacturer to electricity providers and channel Distribution of the product model name is different, to prevent emotional rebound channels, and feel the feeling of self-deception. Similarly, the association in order to deal with the arrival of the era of electricity providers, new pathways within the department established a wide range of resources combined with the electricity supplier. But if the internet marketing model, the new Lenovo sales channels became the main battlefield, rather than complement traditional channels, this also means that the association weakened own channel advantages.

Of course , LENOVO G510s Touch with 4cell LENOVO G510s Touch Battery cooling capacity to the author left a deep impression . With LENOVO unique " cool cool technology" , in my one-hour endurance test, the continuous operation of web , film, after the game , the palm rest is just warm it, did not feel hot.

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