DELL Inspiron 5425 5525 Battery VS DELL Inspiron M421R M521R Battery

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As we all know, the processor is one of the most important components in the notebook, its speed of operation affects our daily experience, high-performance processor can complete our assigned tasks more quickly, lower CPU performance, processing power limited processing speed, making a lot of computing time, let us wait longer, reducing the efficiency of our work. Therefore, in order to keep pace with the development of the times, two of the world's largest notebook processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD each year CPU upgrade.


With a strong R & D capability in 2012, Intel introduced the world's first 22nm 3D transistor processor IvyBridge its performance compared with the previous generation Core i Series processors increase by 20% in the CPU core performance. Intel rival AMD released also in 2012 the second generation of the APU - Trinity Llano APU is nearly 20% of its performance than the previous generation, but it is the price of a new generation of Intel processors than configuration notebook cheap a lot of similarity with the price of the notebook equipped with the previous generation Core processor. Equipped with AMD processors at the same price notebook and configure the Intel processor notebook performance would have little gap? Today we test software with various professional mystery for everyone.


Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang Gate Yau Tang, the world's leading manufacturers of IT products and solutions, Dell announced the Inspiron the spirit more 14R notebook with DELL Inspiron M421R Battery based on AMD's new generation APU chip pioneered in the Chinese market. Dell Greater China consumer and SME Division Director Mr. Lin Hao, Miss Zhou Hongmei, vice president of sales of AMD China, international customers, Dell Chinese consumer and SME Division senior product manager, Mr. Hu Jianzhong AMD China market manager Liao Jinning The President participated in the conference.


The new Inspiron series notebook inherited Inspiron Ling Yue brand fashion show off, self-presentation and brand attributes of the mobile Internet at the same time, and a whole new generation of quad-core APU with dual-card Crossfire technology provides more powerful computing and video processing capabilities. Cold and gray, sparkling blue, passion red optional three-color appearance, the new Inspiron Ling Yue notebook especially for young students, the application needs of the young white-collar workers as well as film and video enthusiasts, colorful shell excitation user inspiration IT life easier happy.

The new Dell Inspiron 14R four status lights, a clear display of the operational status of the hard drive, wireless network, the battery, as well as the whole. The new Dell Inspiron 14R HDMI, VGA interface, multi-card reader for friends often use digital peripherals. Dell Inspiron 14R with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5425 Battery is this year's main push products, there are various types of front line version, Turbo, APU, give consumers the choice is quite rich, while optimizing cost control is a good sales strategy. Of course, Dell also has many other models to choose from, such as the XPS series, Vostro series

This comparison test, we chose a laptop equipped with second-generation Intel Core i3 2310M processor, Intel's previous generation SandyBridge use a very broad one, which uses the 32nm manufacturing process, integrated HD3000 core graphics card has two physical cores support Intel Hyper-Threading technology, not support Turbo 2.0. With the launch of Intel's next-generation processor, the notebook has equipped it down to three or four thousand.

For AMD, released last year, the first generation of mobile platform APU AMD in recent years, the best performance, and the Intel Core family of processors, or there is a gap, and a new generation Trinity APU performance than the previous generation With about 20% improvement in Llano, but its market strategy is still carried on a low-cost route, is now equipped with the AMD A8 APU notebook and configure the previous generation i3 notebook price closer to the AMD platform, we chose A8-4500M as The contrast of the object. A8-4500M has four physical cores, TDP of 35W, 32nm manufacturing process, with 4MB 2-level cache, clocked at 1.9GHz, fusion HD7640G graphics card with 256 Radeon cores, the AMD notebook backbone.


PCamrk a benchmarking software Futuremark released in 2007, and its processor's data encryption and decryption, compression, decompression, graphics, audio and video transcoding, text editing, page rendering, e-mail features, the processor Artificial Intelligence game test, contact creation and searching test; many test items based on high-definition video playback, graphics graphics, game testing, test results can reflect the overall performance of the whole machine's graphics performance. In such a test, the laptop equipped with a Core i3 2310M processor is still in a leading position.

Above all professional testing software-based test data, we can see that AMD new generation Trinity architecture A8 4500M processor performance is still lower than Intel's previous generation Core I3 2310M, but in the individual test items, A8 overtake phenomenon. But as for the overall., Equipped with Intel Core i3 2310M notebook performance stronger, especially in the SYSmark 2007 test of commercial software processing capabilities, the advantages of the Intel platform is very obvious.

Dell Inspiron 15R APU version with 48Wh DELL Inspiron M521R Battery is still walking a cost-effective route. We also see the replacement of the hardware platform has brought many changes to the 15R, APU dual-graphics Crossfire limited capacity. Since the appearance of the aircraft has not changed compared to the previous version, the appearance section describes as the accompanying text display, the following articles to test its performance and heat dissipation.

PCMark7 2011 Futuremark benchmark for the Windows 7 operating system launched a new generation of tools, it contains seven different test session consists of 25 independent workloads covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other day-to-day application of all aspects of the test results reflect the overall performance of the tested models. The final score from the above point of view, the results of this test and the test results PCmark Vantage.


Evaluation room for everyone to bring the DELL Inspiron 5525 notebook with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5525 Battery , this notebook is listed in the beginning of last month, and it uses the AMD Trinity APU A8-4500M processor, AMD Radeon HD 7670M + AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics card with at the same time with 4G memory and 500GB hard drive, As for the specific performance, we slowly.

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