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On the release of the new 21 Inspiron summer, 05 in 2012, DELL has officially launched the Inspiron 5520, 15.3 inches, 14R series flagship model as a DELL laptop, has been erected in the ultimate thin and light products, the industry benchmark. The campaign is targeting high-end business crowd, the masterpiece for the design concept, making 15R series has become a leading product in the DELL laptop. 2012 is the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Inspiron brand, the Z series is being introduced Inspiron fifth anniversary of the Collector's Edition, collector's edition cover with a black streamer panel axis border engraved commemorative text, custom sales.


Inspiron 15R series products due to the positioning of high-end business, so the appearance of a cool color-based, the previous generation of the Inspiron 5520 is a matte material, the feel of a performance superior. The Inspiron 5520 is replaced by a streamer of black panel, the underside with brown and slightly brushed metal style, the aircraft surface material is a bit similar to a piano baking even more elegant and beautiful light refraction. But still can not avoid the emergence of fingerprinting.


Although the appearance of change is not great, but the Inspiron 15R is still a very good pass ultra-thin design concepts, not only adhering to the DELL consistent craftsmanship, but also do a very good balance between portability and performance, ingenuity The multi-function docking stations to increase the scalability of the notebook, and for the machine to provide a richer interface types, built-in discrete graphics in the base design ideas is also fully reflected DELL spirit of innovation. External discrete graphics will not only enhance the overall graphics capabilities, but also a good solution to the cooling of discrete graphics, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.


DELL Inspiron 5520 still has a stunning top-level process design, no matter how the angle of display, we are willing to treat it as a beautiful work of art. As the leader in the business notebook, naturally has the qualities to be proud of, the Inspiron 5520 the top and bottom are made of high-cost carbon fiber, aluminum unibody keyboard and palm rest, a unique hexagonal shape of shell side and hidden type bottom bracket design. In addition, the aircraft has a high portability, you can come up with the proud achievements of the screen thickness of 5 mm and 1.15 kg weight and ultra-pole Physiognomy comparable.


We get the version of this collection for the fifth anniversary of the Inspiron 5520 15.3 in., overall performance is also not a small improvement, in addition to the streamer black panel with engraved text below with to read the review article, take a look at the whole New DELL15R series with DELL Inspiron 5520 Battery will give us what the ultimate characteristics?


Shape the shape of a notebook, especially in the highlights of this feature "thin" when the thickness of each lower 1mm will relate to a lot of problems, but also to encounter no small difficulty. But DELL designers seem to draw the line more as handy, and can even do come in handy proportions. Of course, the ability to have such confidence emboldened, the most confident are derived from the Inspiron Z-ultimate thin and light design experience.


How can what material in the notebook products the best? The answer is no doubt that carbon fiber, higher than the hardness of the metal, the quality is very light, while the cooling performance is also very good. Can be said that the use of carbon fiber material is the DELL the Inspiron 5520 the most proud of, not only can effectively protect the fragile screen, and reduce the whole weight they are more effective.


DELLInspiron 5520 still uses a standard 15.1-inch 16:9 wide LED backlight LCD screen, the best resolution of 1600 × 900, the surface of the matte effect and a wide viewing angle panel, the actual screen display is outstanding color reproduction accuracy high, colorful and high-definition display image, people look natural color, fine quality. The stars above comparison chart, we can see DELLInspiron 5520 in the viewing angle is also very prominent.


Hexagonal shell edge design has become the most representative of DELL high-end thin and light notebook design elements, not only highlight the sharp sense of the whole machine, and the side looks, the body will show more light perception. DELLInspiron 5520 the leading edge, trailing edge and border locations have adopted such a shape. The observation of the corner joints of the machine, found just the right combination of parts of the details of the deal, these meticulous polishing the the DELL craft a very good interpretation.


Inspiron 15R series laptop body the biggest highlight of the ultimate slim compared to the market mainstream super pole this product, the thickness of the body of the Inspiron 5520 has been controlled at less than 20mm, to the super pole the provisions of, and even The parameters of the specifications of many ultra-pole can not be done. After the actual measurement of electronic calipers, we can see the machine screen thickness less than 5mm, and the whole thickness of 15.98mm, less than the height of a dollar coin.


Thanks to the help of carbon fiber material, making the machine the overall thickness of effective control. In addition, we have the whole weight measured by electronic scales weighing the DELL Inspiron 5520 has of bare metal weight of 1.155kg and 1.454kg travel weight. If these two results on the ultra-pole of this team in comparison, is enough to show off.


Featherweight 1.1kg body and 17R series products with 2 60Wh DELL Inspiron 7520 Battery of the previous generation did not change much, but almost, so that the data has reached the ultimate laptop, the Inspiron 5520, but with the same level of ultra-extreme the contrast control is still very good. But more importantly, the price of this super pole will be more affordable.


Slim screen cover is opened, the entire keyboard surface in the eyes, followed the classic design of the Inspiron 15R series from the point of view the overall layout, in addition to the wireless network card physical switch cancel the previous generation product, the upper right corner arranged Assist, WEB and Inspiron three touch shortcut keys, power button and keyboard status indicator of the position has not changed, and this is exactly the same design style people feel at home.

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