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Inspiron 5720 screen border designed matte texture, its screen border below also has the LCD to protect the seals and be used to further enhance the LCD screen saver shock absorbers, can play a very good protection for notebook displays. In addition, glare, haze surface display can also reduce the reflective screen on the display. Although most of the Dell laptop is turned to chocolate keyboard, but the Inspiron 5720 still maintaining the original design of the keyboard has a good experience. And 5720's keyboard is a spill-resistant keyboard to be able to withstand the liquid has been spilled, the erosion of the notebook's internal components.


Usually like the Inspiron such high-end business series notebooks will configure the TrackPoint, but 17 inches of the Inspiron 5720 does not provide the pointing stick. However, the use of its on-board touchpad feel relatively well, although small in size, but the touch smooth and accurate cursor positioning, separate touchpad buttons is comfortable to use. Compared with the audio and video entertainment notebook, the Inspiron 5720 keyboard shortcut set is relatively simple, provides only a mute button and volume control buttons. However, such a simple design than complex audio-visual shortcuts to it, especially in the meeting, quickly mute to avoid the embarrassment of the notebook suddenly audible.


The data is the most valuable asset, data loss and leakage often means the loss of property, and the results of the work destroyed. High-end business notebook usually adopt various methods to strengthen the protection of data, Dell Inspiron 5720 is no exception, it provides a fingerprint identification, non-contact smart card and password three log, to prevent the intrusion of third-party software to prevent any unauthorized access, which can effectively control the right to access the data user. Outside the smart card and fingerprint recognition, power-on password three barriers, the Dell Inspiron 5720 also support Intel AT technology (Intel Anti-Theft Technology), it is an anti-theft technology from Intel, the time when the notebook is lost through internal surveillance The measuring mechanism or the remote server is triggered to start, which is lost or stolen laptop lock, making it completely unusable. Retrieve stolen notebook can also be easily re-activate the system.


GeForce GT 630M NVIDIA the ascendants Fermi Core product, listing the name of the GT 540M, unified end of last year changed its name to the GT 630M with 600M series graphics cards, using the 40nm manufacturing process, it is said there will be a 28nm TSMC new Core products, but to wait for a while the This card belongs to the level of products of the mainstream games.


Addition to the protection of outside intrusion, as a mobile terminal device, the situation there will inevitably fall, if not to take protective measures at the physical level, data from the mechanical hard drive is likely to be threatened. Dell Inspiron 5720 with a 6cell DELL Inspiron 5720 Battery in order to prevent the occurrence of this situation and take effective protective measures, with Dell to respond quickly to the free fall sensor and the Strike Zone, 13-75cm drop distance, when the monitor to a laptop land 12.7CM instantaneous Reset heads quickly to protect the hard drive; after falling, DELL Strike Zone hard drive shock damping pad can effectively reduce hard drive vibration, provides multiple protection for the hard disk to ensure the security of the data. For large corporations and government agencies as a high-end business notebook, the Dell Inspiron 5720 not only has excellent security and convenience for enterprises in the IT department management, the 5720 also supports Intel's vPro technology, available through Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), allows IT managers to remotely manage and repair computer of the intranet, thus saving the user time and computer maintenance costs.


Although the Inspiron 7720 with a slim compact, but its interface is set not reduced, the same as with most notebook offers three USB3.0 interface, an RJ45 network interface, HDMI interface and VGA interface, such a complete interface in similar notebook is relatively rare. Although the complete interface settings, interface layout, the left side of the fuselage provides two USB3.0 and HDMI interface layout is more compact, insert multiple devices easily influence each other.

USB shutdown charge function seems to have become the standard configuration of the notebook, Dell Inspiron 7720 also has this function, the left side of the fuselage with lightning standard USB3.0 interface, support the shutdown charge, we can not plug the power supply case using the notebook battery charge for the mobile digital products, especially the smart phone power consumption, and often no electricity, then you can take advantage of this feature of the notebook is its charge.


Dell Inspiron 7720 the bottom of the fuselage has a removable baffle, to open it, I can see, the Inspiron 7720 provides us with two memory slots, one half-height mini PCI-E slot and one full-height mSATA slot can be upgraded to a SSD mSATA interface.


As the body becomes more lightweight and slim, so the Dell Inspiron 7720 does not like the previous generation of 7520 as selected standard-voltage processors, but the low-power processor equipped with the new Core i7 3517UM four thread configuration HD4000 core graphics, 128GB SSD, 6GB of DDR3-1600 memory and Intel of N-2.23 thousand wireless card, with the HM77 chipset not only supports Intel WIDI 3.0 technology, and the whole performance is quite satisfactory.


CINEBENCH R10 CPU test project, purely using CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scenes images to test the processor core and multi-threaded processing capabilities. From the test results, the Inspiron 7720 equipped with a new generation of i7 - 3517UM the performance over the previous generation of low-power i7 2677M significantly improve performance with next-generation Core i5 3210M is quite, can provide strong processing capacity.

SYSmark 2007 tests focused on the operational capabilities of commercial software, thanks to strong hardware configuration, equipped with Intel's next-generation low-power processor, the 7720 with DELL Inspiron 7720 Battery has achieved a good score of 245 points in the current mainstream notebook in a higher level, to deal with complex business software, to provide efficient office applications experience. Of course, in addition to strong performance of the processor, the Dell Inspiron 7720 equipped with SATA 3.0 interface Star PM830 solid state drive on the machine performance improvements made tremendous contributions. View from above the AS-SSD test results, the Dell Inspiron 7720's disk performance is relatively good, with an average read speed of 465.42MB / s, 8 times the normal mechanical hard disk.


The ASUS G55VM randomly with the Nvidia 3D Vision glasses, players wear to experience realistic 3D stereo vision, especially in the run similar to "Call of Duty FPS first-person perspective game, a real visual experience can effectively enhance the sense of substitution and playability of the game.

Class skin Asus G55VM roof material, feel quite delicate, difficult to leave ugly traces of fingerprint. In addition to place the metal texture ASUS LOGO on the top cover, the bottom also printed ASUS ROG logo. In addition, the camera position in the top of the screen borders, we can see the identity of the 3D display, this machine has 3D stereoscopic display technology.


If you are a loyal gamers, believe that the professional game equipment must be essential, including keyboard, mouse, are commonly used equipment. For gaming notebook keyboard and touchpad is a little "extra". However, when a notebook is always carrying a long keyboard does give players caused some inconvenience. Laptop keyboard, though not suitable for professional level players, but do not feel and peripherals, keyboard, mouse, but as the most conventional entry text and simple manipulation tool, using up the most convenient.


ASUS G55VM chocolate keyboard design, the keys feel soft and moderate, from the bond process and exactly at the more suitable for everyday typing input use, sensitive sense of button feedback, and noise control is also quite good. The bottom of the keyboard with white backlight to facilitate the players in the night, low light environment.


The ASUS G55VM with a 8cell ASUS G55VM Battery above the keyboard, speaker grids and floor are sturdy solid metal material and the surface together with the wire drawing lines. Two keys of the upper-right corner of the keyboard are 3D enabled button and power button, the button design is very large, and very flexible, the bottom of the Press will release a white light.

The ASUS G75VM camera does not have the 3D display, but surrounded by a camera peripheral shape is very attract the eye, similar to the inverted triangle shape is unique. In addition, on both sides of the camera and screen border with buffer rubber pad, you can better protect the camera and screen to prevent wear and impact of repeated opening and closing the screen lid.


Assertive character players will love the ASUS G75VM keyboard design especially prominent, central huge red power switch button and surrounding touch shortcut keys, each tablet buttons below will be released from the red light of agonistic. The main keyboard area with chocolate - button, the button below with colorful glare lights, random software can control a variety of colors, it can not help but remind us of the aliens the Alienware.


The ASUS G75VM and Danish Dynaudio Tanner top 2.1 speakers, and precise positioning in the best position of the laptop speakers, more configuration of the professional theater level THX TruStudio Pro smart surround sound. The speaker placed in the top right corner of the keyboard left, the metal grid and the edge of the chrome-plated highlights the sharp shape of the bass unit and the bottom of the fuselage with each other, the overall release of a more full sound, the bass part of the sound quality is also more vigorous.


It is worth mentioning that the strong co-operation for ASUS G75VM keyboard and video game equipment, the leading brand SteelSeries specifically for gamers habits, specially designed keyboard and the keys, not only greatly improve the durability of the keyboard, even Windows function keys to move the right side of the keyboard when you're doing the game, the probability of inadvertently Windows function keys will be significantly reduced. Function keyboard has a greater Ctrl and Alt keys, and can support the operation of 10-key command. In addition, the edge of the keyboard also arranged for the touchpad disable button in order to prevent inadvertently phenomenon occurs.


Board the ASUS G75VM with 8cell ASUS G75VM Battery touch has also been carefully designed shape with the sharp shape of the whole very match, the surface of the touchpad use the male players really like the black, red, silver and three dynamic tone, while touch keys sharp corners and indicator lines, and fully reflects its distinctive feel. In addition, the notebook status indicators below the touchpad is easy for users to understand the operation.


The ASUS G75VM fuselage is thick, the left side of the distribution of 2 × USB 3.0 interface, multi-card reader slot, 1 x USB3.0 interface, an audio interface, the right body is scheduled for 2 × USB2 1.0 interface and DVD burner, the aircraft notebook cooling fan design in the fuselage rear and left, after the body can also carry part of the interface.

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