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Google Glasses birth heralded the era of Wearable Technologies, and many manufacturers seem to have already set up a special team to carry out research and development wearable devices. Recently, DELL said the company recently started product design into a wearable device projects, the aim is to find new market opportunities to make up for the decline in traditional PC sales. DELL chairman Johnny Shih annual shareholders' meeting in New Taipei City, said: "Wearable Device Development is a new field, it is also crucial because this new market has unlimited potential."


DELL wearable device development is still at an early stage, Shih said: "The key challenge is how DELL wearable technology equipment in leading and products become mainstream after stay ahead." He added: "We believe that wearable Equipment bright future. DELL should seize every opportunity to introduce innovative products, so we want to enter the field of wearable. Shih also told shareholders, DELL Latitude E3440 Battery wearable devices will be combined PC technology and biotechnology, may be equipped with flexible display screen, voice-controlled user interface.


DELL is the world's fifth-largest PC business, it will follow Google, Apple entered the field of wearable devices. Beginning of the year, Acer, Sony, Samsung Electronics have begun to develop smart watches. In addition, DELL also said consolidated revenue for the quarter decreased 10% from the previous quarter, mainly because of April and May notebooks, tablet shipments less than expected. DELL Latitude E3540 notebook shipments this quarter is expected to 4.23 million units, originally estimated at 4.8 million units shipped 2.7 million flat-panel sets, previously estimated 2.8 million units.


Although DELL Latitude E3440 both the appearance and configuration, compared to last year's Envy 4 and not much change, but adding a touch screen or brought us some fresh experience. This tablet PC with a similar mode of operation increases the ease of use and interactive experience. In addition, excellent workmanship and quality is also a continuation of the previous generation's overall style. Excellent keyboard input to ensure a good typing experience, the text is undoubtedly a great worker advantage, while, Beats Audio to join also to ensure a good aspect of daily entertainment experience.cessor; two is the use of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics provide users with professional graphics processing capabilities; Third W530 uses a color correction with Xrite The color gamut of 95% of full HD LCD display; Fourth, although not a professional with parity ECC memory, but large-capacity high-speed memory to become W530 comes standard, and supports RAID technology, high-rpm hard drive capacity; Five is for professional users of computing and graphics workstation platforms, W530 has extensive ISV certification. Although the ThinkPad W530 is not perfect, but powerful performance, user-friendly design, security and stability, professional graphics processing specialists for nothing.


Now we can answer the question of the beginning of this article, at least to have five mobile workstation features. First, have a high-performance processor, the test machine W530 with Intel Core i7 quad-core eight thread proFor the overall performance of the system comes with Windows 8 we used scoring system for testing. In fact, from the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has joined the scoring system of its own products, according to the product hardware configuration, for a full range of testing, the conclusion that this product is the various sub-item scores. Their final score to lowest score one for the standard. DELL Latitude E3540 with 6cell DELL Latitude E3540 Battery overall system score of 4.8 points, the score is quite satisfactory. We can see from the score, the highest score is the processor with 6.9 points, so performance has shown good; graphics score is lower, at 5.3 points, showing that indeed is an integrated graphics with short board. In addition, the system hard disk sub-scores score is not high, showing that hybrid hard drive performance improvement with a single gap remains between SSDs.


As a result of solid-state hard drive and Windows8 operating system, boot speed can be said to be very fast, from pressing the power button to enter the system interface seven or eight seconds. Notebook is equipped with a 3200mAh capacity battery. I try to broadcast a 30-minute high-definition movies, records revealed a total of 17% of the electricity consumed. Thereby estimated using three hours should be no problem, but this is the high-load operation, if a simple text entry, then the time will be longer. Everyday life seen a movie to relax under their own is also essential, Here I come to play a 1080P movies, try this ultra-extreme high-definition movies analytical abilities. Tested playback is very smooth, no Caton phenomenon, from watching high-definition video did not respond to the pressure, so those entangled in graphics performance friends can breathe, but thanks to Beats audio, sound quality is great, three-dimensional strong audio performance was satisfactory.


As with the previous generation Latitude E3540 biggest difference, touch operation test this is essential. DELL Latitude E6440 ATG  using a 9cell DELL Latitude E6440 ATG Battery and support 10-point touch IPS display, here we come to experience through practical operating experience how.We use the built-in Internet Explorer 10 Internet browser experience, web browsing is very good, whether it is web browsing or zooming are very smooth. In addition to the screen directly with your fingers to zoom in, you can also double-click the screen or toucDELL ad to zoom through web pages. In summary, the ten-point touch design is still very smooth to use, but because of the design of a non-deformed human wrist takes a long time hanging in midair, laptop screen is substantially parallel with the body, need to lift a finger to fit a certain angle will be prone to fatigue, not suitable for long touch-screen operation.

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