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Recently, DELL Latitude expected to release a new game of this, there are listed the same E6440, E5440, E6540 and E5540 This four games of this are based on performance as a selling point, which is 17 inches E5540 design, in addition to E6540 than the other three are 1920 × 1080 high-definition screen. And this time the flagship model is E6440, which is the new Latitude protagonist of this game.


New DELL "Latitude" appearance of this game compared to the previous generation of products and not much change, but the A side LOGO will be a little change, mainly hardware configuration upgrade, more like the first generation of "Latitude" upgraded version of the product . In the hardware configuration, listed at the beginning of the new "Latitude" Haswell platform with Intel i7 4700 quad-core processor, 2GB GDDR5 video memory NVIDIA GTX 765M graphics card, and 120GB Samsung SSD solid state drive capacity with 1TB mechanical hard combination.


DELL Latitude E6440 with 9cell DELL Latitude E6440 Battery will be placed in college this summer has just begun, I hope during this time of the centralized marketing game, and also uses a limited number of models, the other day ZOL also conducted a buy activities in 22 hours within 100 units sold, and still have a lot of friends in consultation with this game when they can be held again this buy activity, we can see that the enthusiasm for this product.


Well, Latitude E6440's performance in the end how to do? Prior to this we have the old and new Latitude simple analytical performance differences, mainly graphics and processor performance gap. Just look at the value or not well expressed strong where the new configuration in the end, so today we are actually test machine gaming performance, through an intuitive frames to determine the performance of the new Latitude levels.


In the test game performance, first it said that the new Latitude back some of the changes in this game. As mentioned before the exposure of information, TOSHIBA Satellite C75 with TOSHIBA Satellite C75 Battery a new packaging design, solid black background plus "Latitude" style, spectator, or can, it would be the first to try new packaging it. There is a change out of the roof outside, E6440 also one of the most iconic changes that the palm rest area configuration tables stickers. "Latitude" the word first appeared in this configuration table, it appears that regarded the formation of a product line.


In the AS SSD test, we see that this 120GB SSD solid state hard drive read and write speeds respectively, read 502.47 MB ​​/ sec and write 124.63 MB / sec results, and 4K random read speed of 26.73 MB / sec overall performance is quite good, compared to traditional mechanical hard disk upgrade is very obvious, especially in 4K random read speed for the program is loaded, the system is running, etc. great speed.


E5440 with DELL Latitude E5440 Battery a good continuation of the previous generation Latitude style of this game, the aircraft is equipped with Samsung 120GB 840 SSD solid state drive. To facilitate testing its performance, we choose AS SSD Benchmark SSD test specifically for this software designed. SSD can test out the sustained read and write performance, including 4KB small file transfer performance, and so, the results display can be divided into two types, one is the MB / s in the form, and the other one is the IOPS form.


Then this GTX 765M discrete graphics performance in the end what happened? In the performance of this card is revealed, we first recall the last generation "Latitude" is equipped with GTX 660M performance. In 3DMark Vantage to run sub-test results, GTX 660M GPU got 38,138 points, compared to GT 650M is actually a 10% increase in performance.


Since the "Satellite" is a game of this, then the game is obviously we are most concerned about the performance, in which the card is basically decided the game performance. Prior to this, Satellite game will come with Nvidia GTX 660M graphics card, which is the first batch of "Kepler" architecture processors, but now "Latitude" With the upgrade, this time the TOSHIBA Satellite C75D equipped with TOSHIBA Satellite C75D Battery and the latest NVIDIA GTX 765M graphics card, and is equipped with 2GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics memory.


New "Latitude" is equipped with GTX 765M discrete graphics is also "Kepler" architecture core, but the performance has significantly improved. With 2GB DDR5 dedicated video memory GTX 765M graphics cards in 3DMark Vantage test, GPU part got 56443 points. Thus, the new "Latitude" compared to the previous generation of graphics performance by at least 50%. In addition, the test GTX 675M 3DMark 11 score of P4342 even beyond the previous generation GTX 675MX, performance is among the best.


"Crysis 3" high hardware requirements, so many are ashamed desktop graphics card, let alone a laptop alone, full-height set to run the game for now almost impossible. Certainly not the highest settings smooth running game can be considered qualified for laptop users, can play enough, do not care so much about the so-called higher picture quality. This game is very much into the masterpiece of light and shadow effects, especially in handling a wide range of global scene lights, light probe, complex lighting systems, and lighting and particle system rendering the scene played out with excellent performance, for example: the breakthrough battle, the effect of the sun through the mask, as well as the ground of blasting explosive effect is very dazzling. Test results show that, GTX 765M discrete graphics in this resolution and game settings to maintain more than 90% of the game time is not Caton, shows that although the performance of the GTX 765M mobile platform has been very good, but the face of island crisis such game is still very laborious.


According to CAPCOM confirms this as not a sequel series, but set in a parallel world of independent works, will focus on the story of a young man Dante unfold. "DmC: Devil May Cry," the story takes place in a kingdom of the devil called Limbo, Limbo Limbo belongs, is composed by the evil can reflect the reality of parallel worlds. In this environment, all materials are constantly crashing, trying to destroy destroy between Dante. Powerful demon who can arbitrarily but Dingla into Limbo, and then make it into a fierce battle among. Screenshots from the game experience and performance frames not difficult to find, "Devil May Cry 5" game configuration requirements is not too high, but at the highest configuration GTX 765M can run smoothly at 70 or so, it can be said This game is no pressure for the Latitude E5540 and DELL Latitude E5540 Battery.

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