DELL Latitude E6230 E6330 battery and ACER Aspire S5 battery

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Enter the 2012 notebook began to move in the direction of the light and thin, the shape of small stylish laptop more and more people are welcome. Dell notebooks are renowned for the excellent, stylish design favored by many users, today to introduce the Dell E6230 from Dell Ling Yue family is such a notebook. The Dell E6230 has the stylish appearance of a new generation of Latitude, low prices and, more importantly, the Dell E6230 is a 11-inch thin portable notebook, and supports 1080P HD movie player is a highly cost-effective all-round notebook computer.


Not only that, the Dell Latitude E6230 has four different styles of color, each with a unique - pink, brushed metal style with delicate floral texture peacock blue, vibrant tomato red and shiny strong sense of Yao Ishiguro, today we feel the unique charm of tomato red.


The body of the Dell Latitude E6230 is very compact, 11 inches almost notebook size, the bottom line, regardless of the size and thickness than the traditional notebook is more suitable to carry. With excellent design and clever mix of such a compact body also can accommodate the strong performance of the AMD platform, to meet the needs of users of multimedia and audio-visual entertainment.


Dell E6230 with a 13.3-inch 1366 × 768 pixel 16:9 LCD wide screen display is very good, clear picture and sharp design, when in actual use. The screen around the border using the mirror effect of treatment, the upper-left corner of the "Latitude" logo, giving a sense of elegance to fashion.


And Latitude series predecessors, the Dell Latitude E6230 with DELL Latitude E6230 Battery also features a unique body design. The whole body slightly forward, with a strong visual impact. The corners of the fuselage lines has also been smooth handling and contact feel very comfortable.

DELL laptop from the inception by the majority of business people of all ages, from launch to date, has been a symbol of quality and identity, and even the title of "Taiwan IBM, calm and dignified exterior design and fine outstanding work in the last ten years never changed. It is virtue, as always, excellent quality, the DELL brand in the laptop field, has achieved a good reputation, but also sought after by many business people.


Recently, we received a DELL Latitude E6330 notebook, the product uses the Intel Core i5-2410M processor and built-in core graphics with the program of business applications as a positioning portable notebook, and its products should not only take into account the product thin design while ensuring good cooling effect, so the hardware specifications still very powerful. In addition, the notebook still comes from the DELL factory in Japan, and a continuation of the mold design exquisite rigorous work.


Configuration, the machine uses a 12.1-inch 16:10 screen, on the interface is useless to incorporate the latest USB3.0 interface, but this will not affect the stable equilibrium of the performance of the aircraft as a business notebook, rich quick key and unique rolling skateboard to improve operational efficiency, hard disk protection and anti-drop splash keyboard provides a protective function, DELL Business laptop good heat dissipation and longer life time on the aircraft has also been inherited, it is clearly in need of a low-key and calm prepared trusted notebook users.


Black colors with the DELL Latitude E6330 in the calm, slightly tough, strong business atmosphere. The shell is made of composite materials production, the current mainstream of this usual and joined the piano baking. Roof with high hardness, with the palm of its extrusion in the actual test results did not significantly drop Shen, indicating that the machine top cover has a pretty good resistance to stress, can effectively screen for physical security provider to help. To ensure a lightweight, portable, rugged wear the same time, the machine net weight is only 1.4kg, with a crystal diamond black with a full professional fashion style.


A surface of the aircraft's middle DELL unlimited meaning of the symbols, like the other DELL laptop, top of, compared with the DELL logo, design style is more concise, but due to the material of the reflective element, so there is no lack of fashion sense. Display of the Latitude E6330 laptop with DELL Latitude E6330 Battery and 12.1-inch LED-backlit display, the best resolution of 1280X800, the top of the screen to provide a 2 million pixel camera.


ACER launched the Aspire series of ultra-pole of this Because of its exceptional quality and performance, has been subject to the majority of the concerns of consumers. However, since its introduction, the Aspire is still in the very competitive super markets have their own piece of heaven and earth, has a pretty good popularity and reputation. So ACER strike while the iron is hot to launch today we see this the Aspire S5 can say with most ultra-pole of the opponent and the Apple Air appalled trick, this trick in the end never in it? Today for your mystery.


From a configuration point of view, the ACER S5 overall or a very luxurious, the same pure SSD configuration, the same screen size. Before the S3, the biggest change from the processor and screen material. When you notice that the screen is configured with a column, no doubt can be bright blind Quinquela eye. In the end piece of the screen is amazing how much? In the end in addition to outside of the screen, ACER Aspire S3, there is no commendable, hear me slowly Road.


Is not a notebook can be called super-pole of this? Is not thin enough called super pole this? Her friends often have some questions. A year ago Intel ultra-pole of the concept of time seems to consciousness on the super pole had a particularly clear definition, only the requirements of various manufacturers make ultra-pole of this product needs to meet rapid response, thin and light weight, low voltage, low power consumption of the processor to some general concepts. Rich products, Intel has given the ultra-pole of this definition, as ultra-pole of this to meet the following five features:


Ultra-pole of this with the Avalokitesvara multi-tasking efficiency, meet all the demanding video and photo processing requirements, let you make 3D games in the big hero, very thin super-this allow you to share moments anytime, anywhere on the network.


ACER S5 with ACER Aspire S5 Battery uses the latest generation of Ivy Bridge platform i7-3517U low-voltage processor, the overall performance is very strong. It is commendable that the core of the integrated HD 4000 graphics card, the performance over the previous generation of HD 3000 upgrade more than 20%.


Intel ultra-pole, this also a phone, the thickness of a magazine, slim body but bears mainstream super pole before the full performance. According to Intel official material models the thickness of the fuselage 13 inches to meet less than or equal to 18mm, greater than equal to 14 inches pole this should be less than or equal to 21mm.

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