DELL Latitude E6420 E6520 Battery PK DELL Precision M4600 Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 97Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  485g
Color: Dark Grey


Compatible original Battery Code:
312-0748 312-0749 312-0822 312-0823 312-7414 312-7415
CP284 CP289 CP294 CP296 DFNCH F732H
FM332 FM335 FM338 FU571 G805H HW892
HW898 HW900 HW901 HW905 KY265 KY285
KY477 NM631 PT434 W0X4F X855G XX327
XX334 XX337 YP459 YP463


DELL Latitude E6420 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Latitude E6420 Series(All)
DELL Latitude E6520 Series(All)
DELL Precision M4600 Series(All)


DELL’s line of Latitude came on the scene in 2008 with a new unibody design that shocked writers across the tech blogosphere. These laptops were built in a single-piece case, meaning that everything including the battery was sealed inside. However, rather than being seen as a blunder and ruining the line, the trend actually caught on, and spread to other Latitude models, and eventually into other company systems, such as the Dell Adamo.


out of the box - showed me how to determine the JS is not a new machine?
Many users buy books when friends do not like demolition machines have closed, mainly worried about experience repairing machines or dealer manipulated, replacement DELL Latitude E6520 Battery. But in fact, there is no demolition had closed the books often encounter, such as only on a few days of the prototype, such as the user has just seen the opening to other goods, etc., these machines have a problem does not mean that it is fully feel comfortable buying a machine. Those letters have to be properly installed inside the box does not open the books are not necessarily over, because a hair dryer to completely solve the seals on the packaging books

is this the new revolution in battery technology? Not necessarily. User replaceable batteries are still by and large the gold standard in notebook computers. Users tend to enjoy the ability to swap in a spare battery for longer computing on the road, or the ability to replace a dead or damaged battery by themselves at home. Many users don’t like the concept of having to send their computer back to the manufacturer or taking it to a designated repair shop to have their battery part replaced. It’s just plain more convenient to be able to swap your batteries out and in at your leisure.


when you buy DELL Precision M4600 Notebooks, buy a new machine wite 9cell DELL Precision M4600 Battery, but it does not mean that there is no seal on the well close the books must be the new machine, does not mean that demolition will not have to buy boxes of books. The key is to look at the books is not a new machine. Identification of the following and tell you that a few books are not new machine tips: see the screw. This is not to say it? Screws removed too? It was U-turn to go!

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