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In the era after the ThinkPad, business notebook market competition due to various reasons has become increasingly fierce, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Sony and other manufacturers of several major battle for the market turns turbulent moment, compared to several other brands of products Dell's Latitude E series of the top commercial products have been relying on a strong hardware configuration and excellent stability, scalability and favored by business people, of which 14-inch E6520 is stable by virtue of design and high stability from the first choice for group purchasing.


DELL E6530 also chase with the Intel upgrade the pace of moving to a 32nm new Core Duo platform, we received this evaluation of the prototype is using the new Core i5 processor, the highest-performance Intel Core i5 540M, 3GB RAM, 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive, and professional class NVS 3100M graphics for business users with a very good application platform, while this product is adhering to the Latitude Z series has always been cost-effective style, so that the user's purchasing costs can be significantly reduced.


DELL E6530 uses a 15-inch mold, 336x246x25-29mm body size compared to some of the general 15-inch laptop is too large, but in the thickness control is quite good, and weight of 2.35kg and 2.76kg weight of single travel Weight capacity for an emphasis on protection business notebook, still more suitable to carry. Advantages: the look and feel stable atmosphere, with good protection, hardware configuration strong, excellent overall performance and screen performance, excellent power control, heating control the overall good.


From the overall appearance of the point of view, E6530 close to the overall appearance of the Latitude E6520, but in some details of the deal side with no small change. A side effect of using etching and metal wire drawing process, and the effect of the surface before the E6520 differ matte, metallic silver color with a white background with the DELL LOGO has a strong fashion sense, and in addition, E6530 A-side no other decoration, open the matte surface and its business position are very contrast. Metal cover for the screen material offers very good protection, we tested the results using the finger is pressing hard cover no subside, proving once again that the metal roof excellent protection, but for business users to that ability is excellent protection they need.


PACKARD BELL A32-H15 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 4800mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Color: Black


Open laptop, Latitude E6530 and C B-side surface design closer to the traditional style of Latitude E-Family products, whole body with black tone, wide-brimmed design of the screen frame it appears that the body is very large. In the center of the screen frame 200 is a high-speed megapixel camera, and microphone array was designed to both sides of the camera, microphone array interface with the camera's pickup spacing reached as much as 4cm with traditional products mono microphone position the microphone pickup port are arranged around the camera's position compared to 2-3mm, stereo microphone in this effect will be more excellent pickup


E6530 selected a 14.1-inch LED backlit screen size 16:10, with the most current notebook design with a suction fit than this E6530 is still adhere to the traditional lock-type closure, in this way although the opening and closing operation is relatively complicated, but the locking device to ensure that the notebook will not open on the move, thus increasing the overall protective.


Compared with the Latitude E6520, E6530 C-face with small changes, mainly in the right side of the power button next to the additional function keys do not turn the Internet. The keyboard is still using the traditional aspects of structural design, key surface with a black matte extinction process, have a relatively good feel, the input layout is also still using the trackpoint + touchpad dual input layout. E6530 touchpad area is relatively large, multi-touch capabilities, users can achieve multiple batter on the touch pad, zoom, rotate and scroll web pages and other functions.


In the function hotkeys in, E6530 still continues the tradition of previous products, the use of modular functions of some touch-function hotkey + hotkey combination, the number of hot keys can be a lot of features to help users quickly open and close function, convenient for business users. In the interface design, E6530 provides users with up to 3 USB2.0, 1 eSATA/USB2.0 hybrid interface, users can simultaneously connect four USB devices, while adding eSATA to business users can fully meet the data transmission speed requirements. Another E6530 also provides users with high-definition HDMI interface, convenient for work and recreation.


PACKARD BELL EasyNote MT85 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
A32-H15 H15L726 L072056


E6530 retains the IEEE1394 interface, while we see the E6530 is also equipped with ExpressCard 54 and SC smart card slot, full of business people's habits into account. As before, the Latitude E6530 is still the same series expansion provides a powerful ability to use removable drive design, the user remove the protective cover from the bottom of the fuselage can be seen after all the core components of E6530, a strong ability for users completely free to replace some of the core components to improve performance. Also E6530 on the bottom also provides a docking connector.

E6530 uses Intel Core i5 540M processor, this processor uses the latest 32nm process, clocked at 2.53GHz, Core frequency technology through an increase can be achieved after the 3.06GHz, while the value of this frequency is far beyond the current mainstream mobile processor, so the user can the performance of this product reported to expectations. Core i5 540M three-level cache is 3MB, dual-core processor supporting HT Technology and, four threads with dual-core processing power, thermal design power TDP 35W.


Chipsets, QM57 become a new Core Duo processor E6530 bearing a close partner, and HM55, like, QM57 chipset is codenamed Ibex Peak-M, with the previous mobile chipsets based on desktop chipsets, QM57 chipset is from Q57 chipset on the desktop. QM57 is the use of a single-chip architecture, the memory control unit (IMC) has been integrated in the processor, so it does not commonly known as the Northbridge MCH (Memory Controller Hub), only one platform control unit PCH (Platform Controller Hub) the burden of the past, single-chip commonly known as the PCI Express controller and Southbridge chips ICH (Input / Output controller hub) provides functionality, compared with two-chip architecture, single-chip power consumption and heat has become more an advantage, both to help the laptop more good heat dissipation or improve endurance capacity, is a good premise. While less of a chip, motherboard makers can design more compact, while the thin and light notebook, lightweight help. QM57 chipset can support up to six SATA 3Gbps ports (including eSATA), eight PCI-E 2.0 x1 port, 14 USB 2.0 ports, Hanksville GbE MAC Gigabit Ethernet Controller, Matrix Storage Matrix Storage Technology, High Definition Audio High Definition Audio, Management Engine Ignition Firmware technologies.


In graphics cards, nVIDIA's NVS 3100M E6530's independence has become a significant part of this, the output is displayed with the LG LCD, display area of ​​14.1 inches, the screen resolution of 1440x900 pixels. nVidia QUADRO 3100M graphics card is professional graphics series, using an advanced 40nm process, than the previous generation 55nm products at lower heat, the frequency is greater room for improvement. 3100M has 16 stream processors, floating point computing power reached 72GFlops. According to nVidia's official statistics, 3100M integrated 16 stream processors, frequency of 1470MHz, floating point computing power 7GFlops, Memory Interface 64-bit, can be used with 500MHz GDDR2 or 800MHz GDDR3, maximum capacity of 512MB. Support PureVideo HD, PhysX, CUDA, OpenCL, HybridPower, PCI-E 2.0, PowerMizer 8.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, HDCP technology, and 3100M also supports DX10.1.

In storage systems, we have received E6530 comes standard with 3GB DDR3 memory, the memory of the way with the use of a 2GB +1 GB with the way, for the general running 32bit operating system users, business users, such as memory capacity sufficient to meet current the vast majority of mainstream applications, and running some large-scale commercial software applications.


DELL Latitude E6530 Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 14.8V
Capacity: 97Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  422g
Property: 209.10 x 70.00 x 21.10 mm
Color: Dark Grey or Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
312-1163 312-1242 HCJWT


Fit machine:
DELL Latitude E5430 Series DELL Latitude E5530 Series DELL Latitude E6430 Series
DELL Latitude E6430 ATG Series DELL Latitude E6430 XFR Series DELL Latitude E6530 Series

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