DELL Precision M3800 M4800 M6800 Battery review

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Interface dust also need to pay attention: in fact, for each electronic originals dust are very formidable enemy for some thoughtful CMA port on the machine design rubber jacket, usually do not use that time can be used to Port hooded since invading enemies. For those who are not models of these devices, it can only rely on users pay more attention to cleaning up.


In the dry climate of the northern winter, using laptop also need to pay attention to static electricity problem: If you are found to undress crackling sound, then touch the laptop at a good idea to wash your hands to avoid static electricity is passed to the laptop. In addition, the winter is best not to U disk, MP3 and other electronic products on the jacket or sweater going round in these places static electricity is very large, not only easy to damage your U disk, MP3 and other equipment, but also easy to damage your notebook interface.


DELL Precision M3800 fuselage D surface with 9cell DELL Precision M3800 Battery and one piece design that is increasingly popular in recent years. D surface central body, set up a large area of ??the air inlet, in order to maintain proper cooling to provide a guarantee. SAMSUNG R408L body saw a lot of R408's shadow, but overall, R408L still there are many things to admire in place. Keyboard, touchpad still has a good experience. A large inlet of the design to ensure a good cooling effect.


Incorrect insertion mode is caused by damage to the notebook interface is the culprit: Plug action must be stable and fixed. Which is stable when the plug connector prohibited Luanyao, so not only will cause the connector is loose, but if it is pin connector may also cause breakage; while fixing bolt is mainly for the purpose of interfaces, such as serial and parallel and VGA interface, if fixed is not strong, in use, is likely to occur loose interface burn hazard.


DELL Precision M3800 with DELL Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation Battery in the fuselage interface, good performance. Fuselage on the left there is a button to set the Restore button, heat vent, RJ45 network interface, HDMI interface, USB3.0 interface. The right side is provided with a power connector, two USB2.0 interface, headphone & microphone jack, multi-card reader. On the whole, SAMSUNG R408L in the interface layout is more reasonable, but the lack of VGA interface, connect the projector will be slightly inconvenient aspects. SAMSUNG R408L uses a set of four batteries in series 32Wh lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. Although the battery capacity is slightly lacking, but with Intel's new Haswell processors in the endurance of the upgrade, SAMSUNG R408L insufficient battery capacity has also been filled.

Interface pin damage is generally due to excessive force when inserting or pick the wrong equipment is causing, so the access device interface is the best time to see the first match, if the access process feel significant resistance, you need to look bent pins, leaving the pin to avoid further bending fracture. If the pin has been significantly bent, you can shutdown state tweezers to set right, remember to first shut down, otherwise a short circuit may cause pin interface circuit burned.



Even living in the same quarters of the students, the preferences of the notebook is also sometimes very different, some people like big-screen high-profile game of this, some people like thin portable ultra-extreme, therefore, and nothing is suitable for notebook All groups of students, but also for the pursuit of individual young people, to buy the same this is a pretty boring thing. We still have to ask his heart, this is exactly the buy back what to do with the? Do not stick to their own identity, but from the application point of view to choose a real need.


The so-called "multi-cover" is actually a kind of helpless protection measures: There are already some notebook manufacturers to notebook design of the interface protection device, usually do when you can cover up; But most notebook interface is exposed, this time you need to do some necessary corrosion protection, the easiest way is painted a little car wax on the surface, to be done after that a good rust inhibitor; should be noted that the wax can only be applied to the surface of the metal part of the interface, Do not apply to the interface pins above; Of course, if you can find a dedicated interface protective cover better.


DELL Precision M4800 using 9cell DELL Precision M4800 Battery and a fourth-generation Core i5 - 4200U low-power processor, based on Haswell platform, equipped with AMD Radeon HD 8570M discrete graphics, 4GB memory and 500GB mechanical hard, let's look at it with Master Lu's basic configuration information. From CPU-Z test, we can see the Core i5-4200U processor's basic information, the processor is Intel's fourth-generation processor, based on Haswell platform, using 22nm 3D transistor technology, initially clocked at 1.6GHz, shared three cache 3MB, the overall TDP of 15W, the power consumption can be said to control the performance is very good.


Let's look at the processor performance, Celeron 1007U and A6-1450 is a low-power processor, clocked difference 0.1GHz, Celeron 1007U slightly higher, but the dual-core, while the A6-1450 has four cores. However, through the actual test, the performance Celeron 1007U more prominent, especially in single-core performance is far more than A6-1450, although the number of Core A6-1450 has some advantages, but the overall performance is more Celeron 1007U performance Excellent.


DELL Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation is also equipped with DELL Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation Battery and a 2G memory AMD Radeon HD 8570M discrete graphics. The card is based on 28nm process technology, with 320 stream processors, 2GB DDR3 memory, 64bit memory interface. Equipped with discrete graphics also improves the machine's graphics processing power and audio-visual entertainment experience. From the machine's configuration information, in addition to weaker processor performance, the rest are nowadays mainstream configuration, specifically how the performance, we then will run points directly tested.


DELL Precision M6800  in appearance will certainly attract the attention of many consumers, the white coat, giving a very simple, stylish feel. On the hardware side, using the latest Haswell platform processors + HD8750M graphics card, or show us a very good performance, to meet domestic demand for consumer acceptance discrete graphics. In addition, the high cost price of 4,999 yuan, will give attention to slim consumers left a very deep impression.

But the more slim Ultrabook, the thought with a six-cell battery is not so easy, we have some of the 13 to 14 inches Ultrabook disassembled see, even more than two-thirds of the interior spaces are used to place the battery, its capacity was barely able to reach 50 Wh, while those ultimate thin and light ultra-pole and 11-inch ultrabook , the battery capacity is often only about 97 Wh DELL Precision M6800 Battery.


This compact notebook mainly for those who commute daily to carry books, or often travel to a variety of office and meeting place for users, they are usually less than 1.3 kg (lightest carbon fiber models only 770 grams), placed inside the package almost feel the burden, but also can be easily stuffed into a small bag, ladies handbag, or even a briefcase. They only downside is that the screen is relatively small, if the words used on the desktop, prolonged viewing eyes will be more tired, the solution is actually very simple, long-term placement in an external monitor desk, came to the company will be able to enjoy a connection big-screen experience, leaving the company will be able to take off when a small home.


Usually what we call the students, are those affordable price, the screen 14 inches or so, with a mainstream dual-core processor and midrange graphics card models, they are also known as the all-around this is to spend the least money what living are capable, both for learning, but also for entertainment. Such mass too large number of products to each other and there is no essential difference between, so well done recommended. If you really do not need anything special, it is within the budget to pick a big brand, but it looked pleasing to the eye on the line


DELL Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation Battery with 9cell DELL Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation Battery gave me the most impressive thing is its appearance, white color plus tough body lines, the whole look is very handsome. And because the body is very thin, so it is also very portable aspect, when both light and go out without losing face.

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