DELL RU573 RW240 WK371 WK380 WP193 XR694 Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 85Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  430g
Size: 220.80 x 67.30 x 23.40 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
0CR693 0F965N 0F972N
0GW240 0GW241 0GW252
0HP277 0HP297 0RN873
0RU573 0RW240 0UK716
0WK371 0WK380 0WK381
0WK381V 0WP193 0X284G
0XR682 0XR693 0XR694
0XR697 312-0625 312-0626
312-0633 312-0634 312-0763
312-0844 312-0940 312-0941
451-10478 451-10533 451-10534
C601H CR693 D608H
G555N GP252 GP952
GW240 GW241 GW252
HP277 HP297 J399N
J414N J415N K450G
K450N M911G P505M
PD685 PP29L PP41L
RN873 RU573 RU583
RU586 RW240 UK716
WK371 WK379 WK380
WK381 WP193 X284G
XR682 XR693 XR694


Fit machine:
DELL Inspiron 1440

DELL Inspiron 1440n

DELL Inspiron 15 Series
DELL Inspiron 1525

DELL Inspiron 1526

DELL Inspiron 1545
DELL Inspiron 1750

DELL Inspiron 1750n

DLL Inspiron PP29L
DLL Inspiron PP42L

Notebook Purchase Tips 
    First, we should pay attention to is the original renovation of the bottom of the DELL Inspiron 15 notebook with  DELL RU573 Battery will be one marked with "This product is refurbished and contains used parts" of a small label (meaning that: This product has been renovated and includes used parts), as shown in Figure 1 shows, the left is a refurbished laptop, the little red circle at the bottom is the label for the repair of small labels, while the right is a brand new laptop, the above is not such a small label, the following the label for the amplification part, this is to identify the original IBM laptop repair, a very important sign, of course, some cunning businessmen will probably tear up the label, but the label even if the tear, he will leave in a DELL Inspiron 15 notebook (With 9cell DELL RW240 Battery) the corresponding traces, so if we choose a notebook found in the bottom of similar marks, we are completely justified in refusing to accept the laptop, because the new laptop is not likely to leave such traces

Another important identity is in the manual, as shown in Figure 2, in the repair manual on the notebook, has a similar mark on the left is laptop repair manuals, on the cover of the instructions on the repair, but the right is the whole new laptop specifications, there is no such indication on the cover, following the instructions for the enlarged part, please note that in several places circled above clearly indicate that the DELL Inspiron 1525 notebook (85Wh DELL WK371 Battery)contains used parts and 1 year warranty . Also in the notebook has a similar label on the box label, so we select the notebook and do not forget to check these places, if you find such labels, proof that the laptop was repaired machine.

The factory renovation of the above mentioned laptop because of its quality is relatively good enough, so the harm to consumers is still relatively small, while the other entirely by some underground workshop in the refurbished laptops, their quality can be to not guaranteed. Because it is their own business renovation, is now posing new DELL Inspiron 1526 (7200mAh DELL WK380 Battery)laptop for sale, of course, will not leave a mark in a notebook, so the methods mentioned above have no role for such notebooks, but we can follow the following methods to identify :

Method one: Check the surface of the notebook, and now the laptop in many places such as the keyboard, have

carried out near the matte treatment, these areas because of frequent contact with the body surface, a long time will make it smooth and shiny, this place is generally difficult refurbished, can be used as an important basis for us to judge.

Method Two: Check the screws DELL Inspiron 15(1525 1526)notebook(High capacity DELL WP193 Battery), usually acquired businesses will have some old laptop problems, and

businesses to carry out maintenance and refurbishment of laptop notebook computers must be demolished, this

will inevitably be left behind in a number of screws on the more obvious scratch, so if you screw this marks found on the laptop must have a problem.

Method three: Check the DELL Inspiron 1525/1526(DELL XR694 Battery) Laptop LCT display surface, whether the above observations are small signs of wear, because the LCT surface is thin, can not be polished, so the above is generally very difficult to remove the wear and tear.

Method four: Check the notebook surface, smell, Broken, the notebook will be just an industrial cleaning fluid smell, the taste is not very good news. The hand-refurbished notebook, due to the use of civilian cleaners, notebook above, there will be a faint scent, and the surface of the notebook feels there will be some creamy

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