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Some time ago, Intel released a new 22nm Ivy, Bridge processor mobile platform processor was released only i7 3610QM i7 3612QM these two. In terms of performance, the performance of these two processors are quite good, but taking into account the price, many consumers are back.


In accordance with the previous years, the process of the mobile platform processor mid-range products the most popular, such as the product of the times last year SNB Core i5 processors, its price is the most prominent. Then the enter IVB era, so cost-effective for the characteristics of the product in the end could continue the scenery of the former?


DELL Vostro 3360 series notebook has always been outstanding value for money products, IVB platform version of the new upgrades we have related to the evaluation, but then the model is equipped with the i7 3610QM processor, performance is very good, the price is relatively high .


This evaluation, the DELL Vostro 3360 are different, the aircraft is equipped with the 22nm Core i5 processors, under the premise of guaranteeing the performance, the price is more fit to the average consumer's budget request. In addition, i5, version 3360 and i7 versions for other hardware configuration is basically the same, also equipped with NVIDIA's latest core code-named "Kepler" 28nm process graphics the GT 640M.


In the evaluation of the DELL Vostro 3360 with a high capacity DELL Vostro 3360 Battery uses the latest 22 nm Intel Core i5 3210M processor, which is the new Ivy Bridge platform. Equipped with the Intel HM77 chipset, configured with the 750GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive, and 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz speed memory, the configuration is quite good. In the graphics, the models with a strong performance 2GB DDR3 memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M discrete graphics, comes with the processor Intel HD 4000 Core Graphics composed of two graphics function.

Understanding of the professional evaluation of the editor is often by virtue of his understanding of the technology, coupled with short-term contact. Among the users in the forum are the feelings after purchasing the product to write a longer run, the professional may be better than professional editing, but cordial extent believe that is the closest with friends. Here we refer to the User Forum on the Dell Vostro 3460 comparison test to readers.


Dell Vostro 3460 listed for some time, but all of its graphics card also lacks the concept in the end 640M graphics card how strong, this mainstream graphics card is not able to meet the need for play, I take a look at this from a technical point of view graphics so what skill.


Dell Ling more new Vostro 3460 notebook products as a market for entertainment, in addition to good performance in terms of body design, has a good performance in the entertainment performance support. The model configuration, the most worthy of attention is using the latest Kepler framework of discrete graphics - the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card using 28nm process technology, with 2GB of DDR3 memory capacity, 128bit memory interface, 384 stream processors.


W pass the 3DMark Vantage graphics performance to assess, and ultimately the GPU portion of 28058 points, although there is still a gap between the GT 650M with the same product line, but the performance has surpassed the previous generation of the GT 555M.Thus, the discrete graphics of the new structure does have a quite outstanding performance, the more mainstream-class mobile graphics notebooks this year GT 640M should be will shine, will also be one of the mainstream notebook of choice for graphics options to deal with before the vast most 3D games, there will be a smoother running experience.To give a more intuitive understanding of this new Vostro 3460 graphics performance,


This the DELL 3460 with DELL Vostro 3460 Battery average thickness of 26-29 mm, and weighs only 1.89 kg. 13.3-inch body size is a perfect blend of high-performance 14 inches and 12 inches of the advantages of portability, price, due to the metal body, the price is slightly higher, but this does not affect the majority of my friends on this beautiful small this favorite. I personally think that this DELL Vostro 3360 notebook is ideal for entering the workplace friends.

DELL laptop has always been high cost and high quality service to win the trust of consumers, and the DELL to break the technology barriers "concept is closely related. March 28, 2012, DELL laptop computer in Beijing announced across the board changed its name, the full line of products will be divided into a series of S (Slim / Super), M (Moblility) series, the series of V (victory) and (Essencaity) series. S series ultra-pole in this series, M-series ultra-thin all-round series, V series for practical performance of this series, for the value of E, Tesco.


DELL Vostro 3560 located in the practical performance of this mainly for the crowd of fashion design and strong performance have requested. 3360 Series Shadow Black, champagne gold, two colors, appearance, 14-inch, 15 inch, 17-inch models in three dimensions. As DELL3350G continuation models, both from the aspect of cost, or have some improved design.


The editor received songce dell 3560 notebook DELL latest products, it uses a glossy top cover of the champagne gold, combining engineering resins with piano paint process, the overall showing a style of simple and stylish atmosphere. Hardware with the Intel Core i5-2450M processor, clocked at 2.50GHz, 2GB of memory, 5400 RPM 500GB hard drive is also equipped with 1GB of video memory, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M discrete graphics, so that the machine the ability to run very well, to give you bring amazing entertainment experience.


The DELL Vostro 3560 as DELL3350G series continuation of the goods in appearance with a new and fascinating fashion design. The smooth rounded curve sketched out a DELL style fashion style, the DELL Vostro 3560 fully demonstrated in appearance a clean, elegant, stylish charm of machine A side for the champagne gold, and engineering resins with piano paint materials, the overall feeling than 3350G more stylish, but also relatively easy to leave a fingerprint traces.


Silver "DELL" Logo publicity amplifier is still being designed in the A side of the center of the location, echo each other with champagne gold body color to highlight the taste. Open the superstructure of the DELL Vostro 3560 laptop with a, DELL Vostro 3560 Battery you can see the front of the screen border with a black design, with a mirror effect, and gold C-face with a very stylish design.

14-inch notebook gives a heavy, bulky, inconvenient to move the impression. A friend who bought 14-inch notebook is placed at home to replace the more bulky desktop computers. Today, the world's leading PC manufacturing brand DELL Group launched a new 14-inch super this-Vostro Time-Line Latitude E6430s notebook computers. This is an epoch-notebook products, a product that the body thickness of only 20 mm travel and weighs only 2.3 kg.


Notebook DELL Latitude E6430s (hereinafter referred to as the DELL Latitude E6430s) in the configuration using the Intel Core i7-2637M low-voltage dual-thread processor on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant, 4GB of DDR3-generation high-speed memory, 256GB solid state drive. DELL designer notebook 20 mm thin the body with integrated DVD burner, and based on the new Kepler architecture NVIDIA GeForce GT640M discrete graphics.


Recently, this 14-inch super-this notebook DELL Latitude E6430s came Winnie-the-line notebook Channel, below please with Xiaobian together through a variety of tests to uncover its mysterious veil.


DELL Latitude E6430s notebook is a flagship portable, high performance, long battery life products, the skin tones to sedate black, body lines simple and neat, top part of the aluminum alloy material, supplemented by fine brushed finish in difficult to lifetime fingerprint traces played a good non-slip. The center of the fuselage roof addition to the iconic "acer" logo, no other decoration, as a whole gives a feeling of maturity.


DELL Latitude E6430s notebook with a 9cell DELL Latitude E6430s Battery is used at the bottom of a plastic material, body strength, while a significant reduction in body weight. In addition, from the image above you can clearly see the memory slots of the bottom of the fuselage, cooling fans and hard disk is close to the design of a large number of thermal windows, and body design of corners protruding Rounded non-slip pad, when the user notebook flat on the desktop can be body set up a certain height, provides a good air intake duct for notebook cooling.


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