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The preloaded Windows 8 operating system, Asus touch-type family of ultra-extreme With 15.6 inches VivoBook S550 arrival has been growing plump up. The large size is more open, intuitive touch-screen vision hobby is indeed a good choice for audio and video. Appearance, the body style of simple color, silky feel of metal wire drawing process, the plus side of the wedge shape of the iconic inherit VivoBook this young ultra-extreme elements of the series.


Rectangular power button is placed in the upper left of the keyboard, open the release of the white light. Also see at the bottom of the right side of the shaft familiar SonicMaster sound certification vocal master the actual putting sound performance more than the mainstream models, more full and rich sound quality, the listener maximum sound original appearance can play audio and video.


The queen-size ultra-pole of the Asus VivoBook S550 with 4cell ASUS S550C Battery affiliated VivoBook S series, and is currently the largest size a touch of this. Last year, accompanied by the release Windows 8 operating system, the Asus advantage of the opportunity to create a new VivoBook touch this series, which the highly cost VivoBook S200 and S400, caused quite a stir in the industry, but also by the attention like touch operation user.


Are named from the product point of view, this ultra-extreme and released before VivoBook S200 and S400 have the touch. Different, VivoBook S550 has a greater touch screen, 5mm high sensitivity touch diameter also ensures that the smooth response of the user in a variety of the use environment. In addition, DVD drive, discrete graphics and audio and video effects is the aircraft's main selling points, compared to 14-inch models, higher product hardware performance can further meet the needs of user groups use of audio and video entertainment.


Now we will take a look at its interface has. The new the T431 WITH 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T431 Battery interface with fairly complete, no problem at all in response to the user's day-to-day use, However, the main interface is concentrated on the left side of the fuselage, should use may slightly compact.
Fuselage the interface mostly on the left, have a notebook lock, an HDMI port, an RJ-45 Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports and a microphone / headphone combo interface. The right side of the fuselage interface is relatively simple, only a USB 2.0 interface and a DVD burner. In fact, in many ways looks new P55V interface only, you do not carefully scrutinize it will not find it in the C and D surface convergence a multi-card reader interface.

Asus VivoBook S550 high version with 15.6-inch capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch screen resolution of 1366 x 768; equipped with Intel Core i7-3517U processor, Intel HM76 motherboard chipset, Intel Core HD 4000 graphics and discrete graphics GT 635M; 2 × 4GB DDR31600MHz memory, 24GB SSD +1 TB 5400RPM HDD hybrid hard drive, 1280 × 720 resolution camera, Bluetooth 3.0 module; preinstalled Windows 8 system.


Cover the surface of the metal aluminum hairline brush left us with a first impression, Asus VivoBook S550 upper dark gray coating, low-key appearance the first time looked a bit calm. The roof outside Yimapingchuan addition to chrome brands LOGO, basically did not increase too many decorative elements. Feel remains VivoBook S Series usual soft and delicate, and the arc-shaped edge position excessive handling its grip feel more comfortable when the body carry out. Speaking of the touch screen, S550 with 4cell ASUS S550CA Battery overall reaction and positioning are quite good, use the Tablet PC is not much difference, viewed on-screen real-time news, check the weather conditions, brush microblogging with your fingers can be completed with ease. In addition, the window drag, two-finger zoom, pull the hidden menu such action, ease of operation directly on the screen is far more than a touchpad.


Fluency in order to ensure timely screen response speed, Asus VivoBook S500 also optimized 50ms delay to respond to further improve on the standards prescribed in Microsoft, the screen can reach 30ms more rapid finger movement feedback. Sensitivity also improved in the Microsoft standard touch panel contact diameter of 9mm on further reduce the reach 6mm finger hits the actual manipulation of the slide is more sensitive. Portability ASUS ultra-pole to come to pay more attention to the characteristics of the product line, from this S550 body is not difficult to see the future, even as 15.6 inches Weight mainframe generally will control about 3 kg. Through the actual test, the weight of the aircraft with a battery 2.583kg, and coupled with the adapter after the whole weight of 2.915kg, compared to the traditional 15.6-inch notebook weight dropped significantly, but the shoulder cross-packet carrying shoulder or will bear no small weight.


TOSHIBA U900 and TOSHIBA Satellite U900 Battery is a model for commercial ultra-extreme, compared to traditional notebook previous Latutude Series E6430, X7821 body thickness significantly been reduced, weight control in less than 2.5kg, and both to overall durability, scalability and security.


When we found the familiar Windows system with keyboard appear on the Tablet PC, the first question presumably will be "I can do with it. Obviously, Microsoft and his partner were given a satisfactory answer. Unlike previous iPad and Android tablet, the introduction of the Windows operating system and keyboard dock for Tablet PC to get rid of the hat of the a "clumsy Office": not only the text entry easier, the built-in Office software so that we can use the Tablet PC Make Excel tables and PPT. Moreover, as long as it is running Windows 8 Tablet PC, you can seamlessly compatible with a variety of software on the PC using habits - the Almighty tablet also belong to the x86 architecture. Windows 8's new interface "Microsoft Design Style" also brought us a fun touch is not inferior to iOS and Android systems. Office connected to the keyboard and mouse, simply bring the screen when they go out, touch with the mouse and keyboard operation the Windows 8/RT root ties help, harmony and unity together.

Asus VivoBook S550 uses 4cell ASUS S550CM Battery and the the back mounted seamlessly points Island keyboard, compared with the traditional notebook chocolate keyboard, What is the difference between particle point of view there is not, but the internal structure is not identical. Keyboard key contacts through hundreds of solder joints fixed, even if sometimes percussion keyboard too much force will not easily become loose, bringing consumers a stable input experience. Glance, the Asus S550 keyboard layout is very refreshing, keycap design of the full-size, but does not have a backlight function. Keyboard backplane by silver-gray drawing lines as a background, the light refracted sensory effect is very fashionable. The machine uses sunken shaft damping force is slightly larger, but can provide adequate support.

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