FUJITSU Lifebook A544 AH544 T904 Battery detail

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On the whole , FUJITSU Lifebook A544 also has the biggest advantage is the strong and ultra- fine slim body, but its interface is fully equipped, mainstream hardware performance , longer battery life , even though the screen resolution is not reached full HD , but it can not hide the Lifebook A544 light in its class , and if you need a stable , easy to carry the office with a laptop , then FUJITSU Lifebook A544 will not let you down , but this was sent to test the engineering prototype is currently no offer, but commercial versions equipped with Intel Core i5-4200U, 128GB SSD 's with mechanical highly recommended , high cost.


After the screen was opened , this FUJITSU Lifebook A544 is an engineering prototype testing , using a 1366 × 768 resolution touch screen, while the domestic retail version is equipped with a matte non-touch screen version of the product , bare metal weight this test than this re- light 100g, reached 1.2kg, more convenient to carry out . FUJITSU Lifebook A544 with FUJITSU Lifebook A544 Battery simple design style throughout the whole , the keyboard surface looks particularly neat, dark chocolate with a backlit keyboard , and can withstand 30ml liquid spilled on the laptop keyboard 3 minutes , the user can still save the data on the laptop and key operation, the water in time for the user to set aside sufficient drying time .

CineBench R15 for film and television industry, software development , Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance . Tests include two , respectively, for the processor and graphics performance . The first test simply use the CPU to render a high precision 3D scene images on a single-processor single-threaded run only once, if the system has more than one processor core or multi -threaded , the first time use only one thread , the second run all the processor cores and threads. The second test is for the OpenGL graphics performance .

Interface , HP ProBook 645 with HP ProBook 645 Battery because the use of super-slim design, all does not offer VGA video output port and RJ45 network cable port . On the left side of the fuselage , followed by power jack , HDMI interface , USB3.0 interface, a speaker and a Noble safety lock . Right side of the body, followed by a speaker, a 3.5mm headset combo interface , a multi-card reader , and a USB3.0 interface.


Thanks to super- cooling system , FUJITSU Lifebook A544 pager test after 30 minutes after most of its surface area to feel the cool keyboard , but the keyboard at the top right there is a small range of heat accumulation, where the maximum temperature is about 40 ℃, using when you touch the warm feeling here will not affect the overall experience.


At the bottom of the fuselage , a higher temperature region Lifebook A544 focused on the outlet from the bottom of the temperature distribution of the above , the spiral accelerated temperature lower part of the intake port , turn over after the body can feel here with relatively strong suction airflow inwardly just AH544 with FUJITSU Lifebook AH544 Battery increased fan noise in the case of such a high load is slightly longer , but the normal routine , the machine load is generally not in a state that the peak has been issued the noise is not great.

Cooling hole design can be said that one of the highlights of this product , Omo body back vents design makes the machine run stability , improved. HP ProBook 645 of the outlet with the previous generation product designs, no design on both sides of the fuselage , but was placed in the rear of the fuselage . And uses a dual fan design to ensure that the internal body heat can be released quickly out to prevent heat accumulation . HP ProBook 645 as an ultra -pole of this product , in terms of portability , compared to the previous ProBook series with no small progress. Based on our actual measurements show a bare metal machine weighs 1.86kg, with adapter weighs only 2.13kg.

In addition, the power light was placed in front of the fuselage , even if the computer screen in the closed state, the user can understand their work. HP ProBook 645 WITH HP ProBook 645 G1 Battery interface in its class is considered a lot. Restricted by the thickness of the body , many of the products will be super thick VGA port and RJ45 network cable port discarded . Despite the lack of these two interfaces will indeed cause inconvenience to some users , but with the popularity of increasingly popular HDMI interface and WIFI wireless network , I think it also does not cause too much impact on our everyday applications .

We use Furmark pager software for FUJITSU Lifebook T904 Red Dragon limited edition carried limit testing , two heat-generating components Furmark machine CPU and graphics card will be full up and running , running 60 minutes after the temperature of the meeting to a height limit , in order to allow we can see the heat dissipation more intuitive each machine at run time , we also used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, the temperature of each position were observed warming situation .


Thanks to wide body , FUJITSU Lifebook T904 with FUJITSU Lifebook T904 Battery ultimate gaming notebook in the case of thermal testing has a very good temperature control performance in the keyboard area , in addition to the upper left outside temperature reached 50 ℃ , the entire keyboard and touchpad area temperatures are below 40 ℃ , the result will bring consumers really nice experience.

From the back of the case , the heat concentrated in the upper right portion Lifebook T904 , the maximum temperature reached 56.7 ° C , and the temperature is consistent with the region portion of the keyboard performance , i.e. continuous operation even if a large load of the user game , FUJITSU Lifebook T904 will not affect the use of the experience overheating occurs . In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded , the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test , compared with the previous version made ??a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version , in addition , MobileMark 2007 updated version of the software based on the number of users has also increased the software frequently used as a test load , such as : Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project , and so on .

PCMark 8 is the overall performance benchmarking software for Windows system, which provides a total of five test modes, namely home (Home) test creation (Creative) test work (Work) testing, storage (Storage) testing and application (Applications) test , as well as the first three tests optional battery test mode , the user can test the actual need to select the appropriate mode according to . Our test is optional battery test mode HOME mode.

HP ProBook 655 with HP ProBook 655 G1 Battery fuselage D surface using one design, if a user wants to open its underside , you need to remove the eight screws can. HP ProBook bottom surface 645 of the design can be considered remarkable. Two Feet design across the entire body , so stability is greatly enhanced, and effectively improve the contact area between the Ottomans and the table, users in the use of more stable and not prone to slipping.

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