FUJITSU Lifebook E752 S752 Battery VS FUJITSU Lifebook E782 S782 battery

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Fujitsu E752 machine at the bottom of the black, also used the materials of engineering plastics, but the materials used here is relatively roof is obviously to be thick, it also provides a good ability to protect the main hardware to the inside of the fuselage. The surface of the design a lot of heat barriers, these barriers processing is also very fine, give the whole internal heat to bring a great help. In fact, from the bottom of the local processing point of view, but also once again proved that Fujitsu craftsmanship.

In addition, Fujitsu E752 not only in the selected materials is very solid, but also relatively good weight control. Fujitsu E752 a weight measurement and found that the whole weight with battery is 2.471Kg, the weight and the weight of the current 14-inch mainstream notebook is quite traveling with (machine + battery + power adapter) weight 2.820Kg. On the whole, Fujitsu E752 15.6-inch notebook, considered relatively light, of course, carry out or have a certain weight.

This the latest Intel Core i5 450M dual-core processors based on 32nm production process, the core code Arrandate, clocked at 2.40GHz, shared L3 cache is 3MB. Open the Turbo Boost, a single core clock speed up to 2.66GHz, and supports the synchronization Hyper-Threading Technology, it is a dual-core, four thread. In addition to the instruction set support the previous generation of processors supported by, but also supports the new SSE4.2 instruction set, which gives us a faster rate when dealing with text documents.

In addition, thanks to the 32nm processors share the L3 cache, improve computational efficiency and data hit rate, but also shorten the waiting time for daily processing tasks. , 32nm processor also uses the DMI bus and integrated PCI-E bus, making the processor itself is only just and PCH chip on the motherboard part of a small amount of data exchange will be able to achieve operating, so that the data delay greatly reduced, but also reduce the we need to wait a specified running time.


Fujitsu E752 with FUJITSU Lifebook E752 Battery addition to the renewal of exquisite craftsmanship, the configuration has also been a new change. EVEREST software testing, we can see that Fujitsu E752 Intel Core i5 450M dual-core processor and HM55 chipset motherboard, in which the processor also integrates a 45nm graphics core. Also comes standard with a 2 × 2GB DDRIII-1333 memory, loaded with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550v discrete graphics card, Hitachi 320GB 5400RPM SATA-II hard drive, DVD burner, and the Atheros AR9285 wireless card. In addition, pre-installed 32bit Windows 7 Home Basic Home Basic Edition operating system.

CINEBENCH is rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen test simply use the CPU to run only once, in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, for the first time using only one thread, the second run using all the processor cores and threads. Last processor's single-, dual-core test scores were 2708 and 6254. Core i5 located in the high-end notebook market, while this series of processors are Intel, given the reputation of "Smart Diamond Man", the dual-core, four thread can provide plenty of computing power for everyday applications, another with Intel Turbo Boost technology that can better meet our response to the image / video production, large-scale program / software, digital entertainment.


Unique ergonomic independent rolling skateboard design do it all themselves, when not connected to the mouse, users usually browse the Web using the touch pad operation is not very flexible, especially during the zoom image to view e-mail document and the operation of the thumb, and this feature to the problems encountered above, by a finger can be done easily.

The saying goes, success depends on details for a business notebook, the screen axis of the pros and cons to a large extent determines the machine's work quality, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 uses a traditional hinged shaft design, one-handed opening and closing the screen lid completely not a problem, the shaft damping force control is excellent, thanks to the superior shaft of the machine screen the maximum opening angle exceeds 180 °, can be adapted to different complex operating environment.

Look at the layout of the interface in the right side of the fuselage, from left to right are 34mm Express Card expansion slots, DVD burner bit and RJ-11 telephone line interface, up and down near the shaft next to two placed side by side to support the shutdown charge USB2.0 interface, do not know whether to follow the example of the Thinkpad, the actual use, insert two USB devices at the same time, we found that this design will bring some small trouble to the usual operating.


Body Interface Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 and FUJITSU Lifebook S752 Battery also consider a more balanced, the left side near the end shaft arrangements notebook power adapter, right-definition HDMI output port and the common RJ-45 Ethernet interface, it is worth mentioning is that this USB3.0 interface, also joined the notebook, usually transfer data files to improve processing speed, wireless LAN switch in the right side of USB3.0 interface.

The VGA interface is still the office up to the video output port, taking into account the interference problem between the Cable, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752 placed in the rear fuselage been carefully considered. Audio interface and multi-card reader are placed in the lower right corner of the location of the body C face, the benefits of this design is that the user to intuitively and quickly connected to the action of the memory card and audio interface. Audio interface just above the notebook status indicators were marked with a power indicator, charge indicator, and two battery status indicator.


After continuous running 3Dmark Vantage 1 hour, we use thermal analyzer to detect the C surface of Fujitsu E782 and D surface temperature, the thermal effect is not too good, keyboard surface temperature, although there is no one place concentrated heat, but the overall temperature are close to 40 ° C, if the ambient temperature is higher, then the experience will be relatively poor. Fujitsu E782 fever situation, we still expect that, using such a configuration, the cooling performance can be evaluated for the medium. Or in the hot summer is approaching with a cooling fan base is more practical.

Cinebench R10 test the single-threaded and multi-core CPU, multi-threaded data computing power, by rendering high-definition pictures to complete the test. I7-3612QM performance than a higher frequency 3610QM weaker, multi-core rendering 19,407 points compared to the 21426 3610QM the weaker by about 10%. However, two of which are currently the most powerful mobile platform products, if the performance is similar, cheaper some would be more appropriate. NVIDIA released this year, next-generation graphics core of Kepler is now the mainstream products in mobile platforms 640M, 650M, 660M. While the 630M, 620M, 610M although the same as the 6 Series, in fact, the core products of last generation. 640M LE 640M emasculated version. GeForce GT 640M LE based on the latest Kepler architecture, with up to 384 CUDA cores, core frequency, memory frequency is very low, similar to the actual performance and GT630M.

Actually 3Dmark06 test results also confirmed the performance of the GeForce GT 640M LE score of 9054 points in the 1366x768 resolution, this achievement with the SNB i5 + GT630M of 8972 was essentially flat, again far some of the previous generation GT540M essentially similar. 3DMark Vantage is the industry's first specifically based on Microsoft's DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and give full play to the multiple graphics cards, the advantages of multi-core processors, which includes two graphical test items, two processor test items, six characteristics of test items, but also added the specialized test of artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration. 3DMark Vantage GPU part of the score for 5376 is currently full GT640M difference of about 1000 points, which means that the graphics performance than GT640M weak 20%.

Previous Fujitsu is known as "black", mainly because of Fujitsu's product configuration to go the route of the Golden Mean Business. Recently, Fujitsu released new show the tendency of high-performance, versatile product that LIFEBOOK E782 and FUJITSU Lifebook E782 Battery is one of the intel IVB architecture quad-core processors + GT640M LE performance configuration. Although the official offer for 7999 yuan, but the actual market price of less than 6000 yuan, the price is good. However, using GT650M then sincerity would be better. Intel Core i7-3612QM is the market's first IVB architecture processor, intel has not released the i5 and i3 dual-core products, so now most of the IVB processor of the notebook on the market this one. i7-3610QM clocked at 2.1GHz, the Core frequency is 3.1GHz, with 6MB L3 cache, support for quad-core eight-threading technology. In addition, the processor also integrates the HD4000 core graphics.

3DMark11 is a pure DX11 Benchmark, all new features based on native DX11 engine, making full use of DX11 API, including the surface subdivision, the Compute Shader, multi-threaded. NVIDIA PhysX to abandon the closed switch to open source Bullet professional physical library. Futuremark 3DMark11 test focused on real-time use DX11 API to update and rendering complex game world, to get a composite score by six different testing session to judge the benchmark level of performance of a PC system. P stalls in 1465, achievements and GT635M similar. PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment system to the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether it is in the hands of the professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, can be a thorough understanding of PCMark Vantage, which maximize performance. The test can be divided into the following three parts: a processor test, graphics, test, hard disk test.


As a result of skin-like paint coating, the S782 wrist rest and touchpad feel very good, is not easy to leave unsightly fingerprints. Touchpad design, if not very concerned about a friend of Fujitsu notebooks, will certainly have this touchpad feel strange, in fact, the S782's touchpad design in Fujitsu notebooks, it's the most important characteristics through a circular touch area and touch pad, the mouse wheel to leave, so as to achieve a more precise manipulation between left and right TouchPad also designed fingerprint reader, which is the common business notebook safety equipment.

The appearance of color is available for a wide selection of quality is the most trusted performance to play the big game is the ability to run; the problem is the laptop new products are not cheap, look at the same level with the configuration of the notebook computer has been reduced to 1100 dollar below, Fujitsu is staggering so that he was selling for 1200 yuan, want to come or have enough confidence in the quality of their products, "Japanese origin" may be able to cause the eyebrows of a handful of people, but the final selling price in China is "pass", the performance , processors, graphics cards, the brand I am afraid also.


Fujitsu S782 with 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook S782 Battery and keyboard design is distinctive, and a lot of new elements into one. The entire C-side panel with a skin-like paint coating, soft and delicate touch, and feel comfortable than ordinary matte surface or paint surface. As a whole are mainly black, the style has become more calm in the business of this atmosphere, the class of skin texture also makes quite a sense of quality as a whole.

As a business notebook, the interface layout and configuration must be reasonable and complete, this S782 in these two areas as far as possible to do the best. The left side of the fuselage, S782 to provide users with a variety of common interfaces, including the power jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI high-definition interface, a USB 2.0 interface, a USB 3.0 interface and a set of audio jack. Set their eyes on the network port of the rear fuselage design is very good, which makes close to the client desktop space is very clean.

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