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Here, mind you also need to netizens? Because this time we bring this new FUJITSU flagship model S-Series notebooks, the previous generation and changes in appearance, it is likely not immediately think of its predecessors when we first saw.

If we have the impression, should not forget FUJITSU for the first time last year launched the first generation of its flagship 13-inch S-Series, 16mm and 1.3kg, this data results at that time has broken the Apple Macbook Air portable results. If these are still fresh in my memory, that you should be an absolute FUJITSU laptop Smecta "control.

FUJITSU laptop 3,5,7,9 four series product line planning, the S-Series high-end flagship product of the highest positions of power, positioning, set of ultra-thin body, high performance and cutting-edge technology in a. This series is mainly for the excellent high-end business elite, and are willing to pay additional for the unique design of the product user groups.

This time we got the LifeBook S762, a 15-inch, released in the same period the FUJITSU9 Department of second-generation notebook LifeBook S762 LifeBook S762, a total of three models, the LifeBook S762 used is 13 inches, a full range of models ultra-narrow frame screen design. The screen brightness up to 400nit, with the largest viewing angle of 170 °. With backlight pebble keyboard, support for multi-point gestures 3D image touch touchpad.

FUJITSULifeBook S762 whole body to 100% magnesium aluminum alloy, and aerodynamic design. Product-oriented business people, so the appearance of the coloring aspects of the use of dark lines, revealed a trace of gorgeous low-key sense. The unique feature of the machine design is attached to Asians in the side of the fuselage, China and the United States curve style unique aesthetic needs, under the metal process to create a perfect body lines highlight the S Series notebook details of the workmanship superb.

FUJITSULifeBook S762 notebook uses 15-inch anti-glare display and 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook S762 Battery , the best resolution of 1600 × 900 pixel ratio screen allows the user to see the wider picture images, especially in the query page information, enjoy the HD picture film, production Excel spreadsheet, the user perspective larger. The same resolution, the font is 7% larger than the 14-inch notebook.


Today's society, all kinds of pressure so that ought to put aside concerns about the courageous battles of young people without the slightest sense of security, excessive pursuit of stability, job, life in the daily step by step, becoming a kind of spiritual bondage, mechanical life way in the constantly repeated, and buried the heart of the dream seems to have been afraid to go to mention.

While still young, this time a go, now, when? Perhaps 50 years later, you think of now, they will regret that at this time submissive. Being the case, it brave Huochuziji, live youthful vitality. The Lifebook SH7 to accompany your journey will be more colorful.

Lifebook's subversion of the Lifebook SH series notebook is a classic into a number of elements of fashion, red appearance, more people feel shines, the Lifebook series to attract the young people of all ages. In Ivybridge platform release, the latest Lifebook models has been released today and we take a taste of this style of the Lifebook SH762.

13 inches of body, make up the gap between the 12-inch and 14 inch models, portable, vision, operating experience and performance to the greatest degree of balance, while the aircraft black and red two-tone appearance, but also to the pursuit of fashion young business people have more choices.

The whole thickness of 14.27mm, weight is only 1.9kg, very proud of this result for a 15-inch notebook is more portable to carry around. At the same time, humane self-induced backlit keyboard is a good design, the heavy workload of the business users often have to deal with various matters in the night, backlit keyboard can assist users to improve the efficiency of office work.

Performance experience is also very important, FUJITSULifeBook SH762 Ultra Low Voltage + SSD SSD combination, not only meet the performance requirements of fast processing, and the help of the SSD, the boot process takes only 9.8 seconds to complete, rapid Sleep Recovery is also just 1.4 seconds. Overall, the exterior design of FUJITSULifeBook S762 and FUJITSU Lifebook SH762 Battery is indeed under the feet of the work and do in terms of ease of use is nuanced. However, personally prefer the high score screen and narrow frame design.


EasyNote is PACKARD BELL-oriented small and medium-sized business users launched a business PC series, The EasyNote series includes two types of PC notebooks and desktops. The EasyNote desktop computer is a small and medium-sized enterprises favored PC series, not only because of its good performance, but also has a good quality assurance. Notebook, The EasyNote TE Series and B Series. Among them, The EasyNote TE Series EasyNote series launched last year, the main low-cost and pragmatic features of the series of models, design is more calm, the price is more lower.

The EasyNote the TE series notebook is even more fashion, some of the thinner and lighter. The EasyNote TE Series primarily for white-collar workers entering the workplace, and SME users, the series fashion, the pursuit of pragmatic performance. The main colors and the calm gray and Lafite red two colors, silver shell model is very suitable for men to choose, and red for fashionable girls buy. 2012 the PACKARD BELL EasyNote also introduced a a TE notebook, the notebook is still with the calm gray and Lafite red two colors shell, the shell material of magnesium alloy metal design. Configuration, powered by the Intel Ivy, Bridge platform Core i3-3310M processor, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M discrete graphics card with 2GB memory.

The PACKARD BELLEasyNote TE Series notebook designs, and more emphasis on fashion. TE still inherit the design style of the previous generation TS metal body, top cover supported by wire drawing style decor, look more tough and the atmosphere, to better reflect today's youth to a courageous, stubborn character. EasyNoteTE design with KINK ID design concept, the brushed metal shell only fully demonstrated the unique charm of the metal material, to avoid the drawbacks of other treatment process is easy to leave fingerprints, and more than ordinary casing of the notebook ruggedness. In order to meet the needs of different users, EasyNoteTE calm gray and Lafite red two colors shell. The silver-gray for men users to buy, but also better fit with masculinity. Rafi red is more suitable for the female user applications, metal and red design, to better reflect the beauty of female wisdom.

EasyNoteTE 14-inch LED HD screen, 1366x768 screen resolution, screen model was the LG LGD033F. Border of the screen using a mirror technology look more stylish. Cushion at the border of the screen using a design style, full wrap around the corners of the screen to play a protective role on the screen. The top of the screen has 720p HD camera and built-in microphone, available daily online video or Web conferencing applications.

EasyNote TE speaker design and the TS changes, EasyNote TE and PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE Battery Sound Design significantly more delicate fashion, the more the feeling of sports car lights. Sound Design of novel fashion, but also highlights the C surface minimalist design style. Above the keyboard in addition to design sound, the left has also designed a switch button, a key to restore the system button, the right design of the switch case, the number keys to switch the hard disk status and APS hard drive protection indicator identifies. It is noteworthy that the lights are on in part to the bottom of the filter before the TS design some differences in the audio.

PACKARD BELL laptop as an international one of the top ten brands, it has excellent quality, design innovation, beautiful design and quality service has won its leading position in the business arena. In recent years, in order to better meet the consumer market, PACKARD BELL laptop also launched a series of popular all-round notebook.

Published in the April 13, 2012 PACKARD BELL laptop computers youth Colorful Series The EasyNote TS strong an upgraded version of EasyNote TSX62 notebook, it hit [play] '"concept of the" youth is a young consumer-oriented products. The exterior design simple and stylish, with a lilac-type move black, red heat three fashion color selection, full of youthful vigor, elegant and user-friendly design with Japanese notebook unique.

The young upstart The EasyNote the TSX62 laptop almost continue the basis of all the design advantages of the TS, also perfectly integrated into the unique PACKARD BELL Carpenter (TAKUMI) design concept, in the appearance and configuration of a powerful upgrade. The editor receives songce a purple PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook, it is a 14-inch notebooks, ultra-brilliant HD LED-backlit display, 16:9 aspect ratio, the best resolution of 1366 * 768, the display is crisp and clear. Equipped with Intel's second generation of the Cool Core i3 2350M dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 5400RPM 640GB hard drive is also equipped with a 2 Gigabytes of memory, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M discrete graphics, and let the machine run ability is very strong, you can fully meet your work , learning, entertainment and a full range of needs. Let us now more detailed look, look at the the EasyNote TSX62 notebook given to this youth Infusion what a unique place worthy of our attention.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook Tongshen engineering plastics to create roof for the lilac skin texture of the material, the center supported by the metal texture PACKARD BELLLogo, simple and elegant. Class skin coating is exposed to the stain, requiring users to frequently clean up in order to maintain the appearance. Open the top cover of the PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook, you can see the B-side of the screen border with a black design, with a mirror effect, and purple C surface with very stylish.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 battery and bottom of the notebook design with two removable baffle, and then the left side of the baffle to upgrade the hard drive; the right side of the baffle can be a memory upgrade as well as the main radiator fans and other cleaning operation, The operation is very convenient. In addition this machine comes with 2G of memory, if you feel small, then coupled with a memory upgrade. PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook uses a new "island style" anti-leakage keyboard, using a fully enclosed design, accidental spills damage to the machine's worries swept away, and hardware to provide the best security.

The keyboard is excellent design touch its key way to set a reasonable distance between the keycap has widened, which not only makes long typing does not feel tired, but also greatly reduce the misuse when the input rate. And the black keys with white characters with a more reasonable, full of freshness and vitality. In addition, the F keys above are marked with the identification of the function keys. PACKARD BELL EasyNote TSX62 notebook touchpad with a seamlessly integrated floating-point positioning intelligent granular touchpad, compared with other size-fits-smooth touch pad not only feel comfortable, it also supports mouse wheel and flip up and down to achieve a The trackpad intelligence.

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