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The previous business of the main colors are black around the entire body, giving a very serious feeling, it seems that the only way to be able to worthy of the business people children. With the development of business this seems to have a huge change in consumer notebook is not only as an office supplies to carry, which takes it as an ornament to look at, so the major manufacturers have to develop in this area.

The testing room for everyone to bring Fujitsu SH572 notebook, which uses a third-generation Intel Core i5-3210M processor, the HD4000 Core Graphics, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 750GB HDD hard drive. It's how we will do a detailed analysis.

Fujitsu SH572 part of the SH series of business notebooks, the SH771 mold is almost exactly the same, but somewhat different in color and texture. Fujitsu SH572 abandon the business of the rigid black calm style, but unique uses red roses as the main colors of the side A and C surface, while the roof is also used piano paint + Imprint Printing production process, so that the machine body great sense of technology also adds a touch of fashion elements. The only drawback is to paint the top cover still easy to fingerprint left in the above.


Intel Smart Response (SmartResponse), Intel Quick Start (RapidStart), Intel Smart Connect (SmartConnet) is one of several in different levels can work together to improve the response of the system technology. Together they form the Intel response technology. These technologies may not exist depending on the Intel chipset, BIOS, as well as special hardware requirements.

Intel RapidStart Quick Start technology ---- Rapid Start Technology (Quick Start technology) formerly is iFFS technologies, combined with the SSD hard drive, it can increase the speed of recovery dormant, making the recovery time to 5 to 6 seconds, dormancy when power consumption is equal to the basic 0, can be up to 30 days of dormancy, quick start on some systems and intelligent response to the combination, enhance system performance while saving energy consumption of the system in an idle state.

Intel SmartResponse smart response technology ---- a traditional mechanical hard disk with a solid state drive to work together. The technology enables the use of dynamic monitoring of files, data and applications, the frequent use of the contents of storage for quick access to a special partition on the SSD; will not be used to data files stored in the capacity of the traditional mechanical on the hard disk, thereby enhancing the overall storage performance.

Fujitsu SH572 with a 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook SH572 Battery , the best resolution of 1366 x 768, this resolution is no longer ordinary, but, but no problem for general use. The inadequacies of the screen for the mirror design, fluorescent environment the formation of more or less reflective, thus affecting the users visual comfort. Fujitsu SH572 control the thickness of the fuselage is quite good, from the comparison chart we can see that its thickness is thinner than a dollar coin, and body weight control is also very good, the machine weighs only 1.524kg. travel weight, but only 1.766kg, the portability greatly enhanced.


FUJITSU LifeBook S792 touchpad part of the design is very simple, bright silver border ferrite design, color and texture palm rest, more flexible manipulation, the moderate hardness of the left and right buttons, the key way is longer, there is no obvious the emergence of clicks. Part of the keyboard, FUJITSU LifeBook S792 full keyboard design with backlit, the keycap The area is very generous, and most popular sub-island design, large keycap can avoid mistakenly entered through the user operation the actual use of experience found the Fujitsu LifeBook S792 keyboard overall input than many mainstream notebook feel better and mistakenly entered the situation appears very small, and button keys with a shorter duration, moderate hardness of the keys, so even in the long time use does not appear obvious fatigue.

Business users, computer data security is essential. FUJITSU LifeBook S792 is a notebook fingerprint recognition technology with fingerprint recognition system as a means of identification based on biological characteristics, its biggest selling point is more secure than traditional password system is said to only 32.6 billion one crack the opportunity to . On a laptop with a fingerprint identification system, the user can be a finger to start the computer, login system, replace the password input, encrypted files, backup applications such as fingerprint information.

Founder middle on the screen, Fujitsu LifeBook S792 integrates a high-quality web camera, in the co-ordination of the the FUJITSU camera software, you can reach the 720P HD level, whether it is to respond to video conferencing or a daily video chat call without any problems. Business people often need remote video conferencing, FUJITSU LifeBook S792 particular, equipped with special technology for audio, so that the sound more clearly the effect is better.

FUJITSU LifeBook S792 provides users with a USB 2.0 ports, 1 eSATA (USB 2.0 Composite) interface, two USB3.0 interface, an HDMI interface, a VGA port, 1 RJ45 interface, more than one co- a reader and a set of headphones / microphone jack.

From the point of view of practical applications, these interfaces regardless of type or quantity are sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of business applications in practical applications. And thanks to 15.6 inches notebook body, allows the FUJITSU engineers have ample room to make reasonable arrangements the location of these interfaces, so we can see that between each interface arranged too compact, so it will not practical applications, the impact to the adjacent port.

Third-generation Ivy Bridge Intel platform Core i7-3612QM quad-core processors using 22nm process technology, clocked at 2.1GHz, the maximum speed up to 3.1GHz; integrated HD 4000 Display Core, power 35W, supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology for directed I / O virtualization technology, 4GWiMAX wireless technology.

In the display section, this FUJITSU LifeBook S792 uses a 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook S792 Battery dual graphics card configurations in real time through the driver automatically and seamlessly switch between the notebook integrated graphics and discrete graphics, both to extend notebook battery life, you can also ensure a high the smooth implementation of the performance of applications and do not need to restart or log off to take effect immediately.


Accompanied by the release of Intel's third generation of intelligent processors platform Ivy bridge, major PC makers in this late after the upgrade is even more looking forward to. The time has come to the end of June, in previous years thirty-four new high incidence of this year, was postponed until this time. But this did not affect the enthusiasm of the PC manufacturers, a variety of new models frequently published, and today we will introduce is the FUJITSU of a new model - Fujitsu LifeBook P702.

FUJITSU as a world-renowned manufacturers, I believe everyone is familiar with. Notebook slight contact friends should know that series, the series has a very strong competitive entertainment market as an important member of FUJITSU's not only beautiful, stylish and superior performance was outstanding in the ordinary course of gaming entertainment. therefore is subject to the consumers. The series can be called on the star products of FUJITSU.

For those who like entertaining friends, compared to 14-inch models, 15-inch screen can bring a better viewing and operating experience. Consumers consider their own needs, choose the right size and feel will be better. The launch of a new P702 and P702 is not much difference in appearance, only the body size differences.

Colorful shell is a very unique selling point in the LifeBook series of notebook, which has four core tone, cold and gray, shining blue, fashion orange and passion red. We received the machine uses a red appearance, although the roof using a composite material, brushed metal design looks very texture.

In addition to the central one round bright silver "FUJITSU" LOGO without any sign, is very simple. The silver side band adds a sense of fashion. The top cover back-end, design a snap, through him, you can remove the top cover color display, replaceable color covers colorful appearance Xpress. FUJITSU LifeBook P702 larger body size, adequate space, so the interface layout design should be able to ease, but the truth is also true, the LifeBook P702's interface is not only complete and relaxed layout, the actual use will not bring any inconvenience.


FUJITSU Lifebook P702 notebook mold with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook P702 Battery  without any change in the top and bottom shell are made of metal materials to build the roof and wire drawing process, on the one hand is to the solid body, the other hand, enhance the product quality feel more loose before a change of this product FUJITSU notebook "temperament" in his hand, immediately becomes a compact up - the texture is not far away from the FUJITSU. A shell above the bar Wireless LAN antenna area, which is typical FUJITSU style, with the middle of the Logo, one could make out its essence.

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