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Last year when Intel to bring many OEM manufacturers introduced the concept of ultra-extreme, many people believe that this is the time to rest on our laurels action of the mobile PC industry into the twilight years, the concept is much larger than the actual significance, because from the characteristics of the original product. body thickness less than a certain value, to be configured solid-state hard drive, and the low-voltage version of the processor, it seems that we are familiar with the ultra-thin notebook no difference.


Now a year later, when more and more people to accept the concept of ultra-extreme, we find out that it is also not the same. First of all, from the forward-looking, some PC makers to have a different attitude in this ultra-extreme, touch screen, plug-in keyboard, slider styling As previously Intel certain executives said that over most of this is definitely not thin notebook variants, thin only its primary form, and now it seems really so.


FUJITSU Quattro Q702 series with 8cell FUJITSU Quattro Q702 Battery is not the first models equipped with discrete graphics over most of this, but objectively speaking, FUJITSU Quattro series is definitely the most entertainment performance over most of this, so to solve the long plagued consumers in the end choose the thin or election performance problems. In addition to the comprehensive performance of different, FUJITSU Quattro series Another unique place is pricing.

For any new concept for the new technology, the measure of the standard of success is clearly recognition of the extent of the market for ultra-extreme, after the baptism of the market this year, consumers have begun to slowly come to accept this new concept, addition to the increasingly friendly price, do not lose performance practice is also a very important factor.

Intel introduced the concept of ultra-extreme one, over most of this to their own advantage has been hoping to rebuild the high-end PC market, the majority of this ultra-extreme unconventional production process and the choice of materials, the cost has been high, so that the mass consumption difficult to really recognized. But for the price, only mainstream ultra-pole of the half FUJITSU over most of this is, in six months time listed, the maximum contribution is to let us know, cheap over most of this can also have a qualified and stable performance. This time FUJITSU super pole of the comprehensive hardware upgrades, we will review today FUJITSU Stylistic Q702 has been equipped with the latest Ivy Bridge family of processors.


FUJITSU over most of this is only 14 inches, the previous generation Quattro Q702 series, IVB platform named Stylistic Q702 with 8cell FUJITSU Stylistic Q702 Battery, behind the figures represent the level of the processor, such as FUJITSU Stylistic Q702 notebook uses Intel Core i5-3317U processing devices. Hardware configuration changed, but the mold before the Quattro Q702 series there is no difference between the simple appearance of the all-black look more mature, and do not need to re-mold to increase costs, cost savings can reduce product prices.


Around the topic over most of this cost-effective, we have discussed many times, over most of this fact does not want their expensive luxury can be linked to that, after all, this is a universal tools to the mass consumer products, such As a manufacturer necessary cost control efforts.


If you want to buy a stylish distinctive personality notebook, then select TOSHIBA must be true. With excellent industrial design, unique color palette and stunning visual effects in many notebooks, TOSHIBA walk in the forefront of the notebook fashion circles, the who reject mediocrity pursuit of individual users provides a very rich product, test today TOSHIBAVAIO Ctellite P845t is TOSHIBA new generation of portable business notebook.


The the TOSHIBA Ctellite P845t series with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite P845t Battery positioning business users, the main fashion portable, is it C-Series and S Series notebook upgrade products last year, powered by a new generation of Intel the IVB platform for processor, the overall design continues the previous hexagonal shell edge design, dark gray the center of the roof surface printed disclose a kingly big golden VAIO LOGO, simple and stylish.


Roof material, TOSHIBA Ctellite P845t use less carbon fiber in the notes, but for TOSHIBA, carbon fiber in its high-end notebook series frequently used, it is the greatest benefits compared with ordinary ABS plastic and metal materials is that we can reduce the weight of the body at the same time to ensure adequate strength, but the high cost of carbon fiber material, so now only the high-end notebook use, TOSHIBA Ctellite P845t only carbon fiber body cap, the keyboard surface and fuselage underside made of aluminum alloy.


Familiar with Lenovo products, users generally will know Lenovo Yang days divided into V and B series notebook is formed, and their own ThinkPad will not conflict, these two series are growth-oriented small and medium enterprises, and the ThinkPad T, W to guard the high-end commercial the V Series Yangtian pay more attention to the application of the business functions and X series, B series in order to achieve low-cost, and this Yang-day series Adds a new comer M series, we profiled equipped with Ivy Bridge platform M490 the first Yangtian new M series.


Cinebench R10 is a common processor performance computing software, its test is divided into two parts, the first will run a single-core single-threaded, the second is to run the entire core and thread to render a high-resolution pictures. From the test results, Intel Core i7-3612QM multicore test score about 19,266 points, a strong performance. 3Dmark 06 based on the DX9 the test environment, the most common 3D graphics test software on a mobile platform. Under the the software default 1280x768 resolution, LENOVO M490 score 10194 points, able to cope with the office during the 3D application and common games.


PCMark 7 includes seven different test session, by a total of 25 individual workloads covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other day-to-day PC all aspects of the application. PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment has changed compared to became DX10, various test software was upgrading, more in line with the current use of the user's environment and habits. SYSMark Series software data through the computer to come true, appropriate application software and simulate real user on the computer's operating performance. It is capable of using scientific methods and the wide range of findings attributed to an application mode, and a combination of test software concept to evaluate the performance of a system.

Lenovo official website, the M Series Yangtian page is very bright, fire red "M" is designed to become a full horn shape of the vibrant, so the positioning of the M-series has been very obvious, students entering the workplace the young audience of the M-series, get this notebook, I very strongly that this is indeed a very young product.


This time we get our hands on the M490 with 6cell LENOVO M490 Battery have a full black body, Lenovo also offers to us the other two colors of passionate red and gray edge, in terms of price, Lenovo M Series is likely to be a surprise, because it is positioned in the V and B series between the final market price is 4,000 yuan, or even lower, for such an appearance of younger, configuration mainstreaming, popular prices for quality commercial new notebook should be very attractive 's. Appearance, we see KINK ID design style of the of this Yangtian classic series has been handed down. KINK ID design of this comes from the movement into the dynamic yet stable, while in the dynamic, tough, simple and original style based on the increase in the arc corner design.

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