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CINEBENCH is the Maxon company introduced a cross-platform test system, it uses Cinema 4D special effects for film and television industry software engine to test the CPU and GPU. CINEBENCH R10 in the CPU test section, we use the 3D scene rendering a high-precision screen to test the processing capability of the processor multi-threaded processing.

Thanks to the strong performance of the processor, achieved 284 points SYSmark2007 the GX60 office-based application testing, the results have been fully efficient to deal with some complex applications such as graphics, text processing, to meet different types of needs of the user.


Vantage test for overall performance PCMark05 to this MSI MSI GX60 notebook for virtue equipped with the latest Intel i7-3610QM quad-core processor and 128GB SSD high-end configuration, the overall score reached 14 651 points, the overall performance is also very prominent, the user can use this product for complex graphics, and video files processor.


As the configuration of the game of a high-end entertainment notebook, the MSI GX60 configured NVIDIA more high-end GTX 670M discrete graphics, game performance is strong, although not the latest Kepler framework, but the graphics performance is sufficient to medium quality smooth operation of the present all major large-scale 3D games. Here is a comparison of a new generation of NV, GTX level 6 Series graphics card specifications. 3Dmark is the futuremark a designed to measure the graphics performance of the software, graphics benchmarks, we selected based on the DX10 3Dmark VANTAGE test.


3Dmark Vantage, GPU test based on the DX10, this GT70 with GTX 670M E mode somehow divided into 37137, which GPU score of 48631 in the current notebook graphics at a high level, can high quality The smooth operation of all major large-scale 3D games.


In the actual testing of the game, the gaming performance of this MSI GX60 also performed well, there is no pressure to run some large mainstream 3D games in medium quality, and the frames are more than 60fps. The performance of the GTX 670M significant independence of this product in the actual game performance is still very good, and now all the major 3D games run smoothly in medium quality, as is now the fiery Battlefield 3 "," mission summon 8 "up ??and running is no pressure, can also reach more than 30 in the highest quality to ensure a smooth experience of the players throughout the game. Then we also sent a more detailed game graphics performance for this product test.

MSI GX60  configure high-end, with a large capacity battery 87Wh MSI GX60 Battery, equipped with a more energy-efficient IVB processor, coupled with smart graphics capabilities, 2007 test mobilemark, this product has 278min (4 hours and 38 minutes) life results, if the user after a power outage to continue playing the game, life time is expected in about three hours.


In the middle of the front of the fuselage design of the MSI CR41 card reader slot and built-in speakers, from the performance of the reader's ease of use and the speakers sound performance of the MSI CR41 can only say that is the general. Let's look at the MSI CR41 bottom of the fuselage panel at the bottom of the distribution of the number of vents, and can be easily disassembled, easy for users to upgrade the hard drive and memory.


MSI CR41 The cheapest Intel i7 Core, second-generation graphics notebook more than 600 U.S. dollars of the price, but the appearance of the overall design is quite brisk, rather than rely solely on the i7 processor to attract consumers . But in the details, the MSI CR41 or with other brands compared to similarly priced models there is some discrepancy, for example, the wireless card is only one signal line (usually two), and the confusion caused by the driver version compatibility issues.


Intel's second generation of the cheapest i7 Core Graphics Notebook the MSI CR41-i7BD1, biggest thing is undoubtedly equipped with Intel's second generation Core i7 - 2630QM powerful processors, we take a look at the performance of the MSI CR41 .


MSI CR41-i7BD1 using the Intel HM65 chip group, equipped with the Intel second generation of cool Core i7 --2630QM processor, Samsung's 5400 switch to the 320GB hard drive and 2GB of fresh core (Goldenmars) a single memory, graphics card is is using the integrated Intel Core i7 processing on the Intel Graphic HD 3000 Core Graphics. MSI CR41 in the Windows Experience Index score of 4.8, the processor score 7.4, memory 5.5, gaming graphics 6.1 hard drive score of 5.9, there is no obvious short board.


PCMark 05 and PCMark Vantage tests, the MSI CR41 with MSI CR41 battery and score for 7605 (the PCMark 05) and 5 978 (PCMark Vantage). From a specific score, the Intel Core i7-2630QM processor has become the biggest highlight of the score of the hard disk and memory performance, only the lowest item score on the game. MSI CR41 is not to locate a gaming notebook, daily office, entertainment applications are able to easily deal with.


Let's look at the MSI CR41 single performance test results. The second-generation Intel Core i7-2630QM processor using 32nm engineering system arts, with a 6MB L3 cache, eight threads, Quad-Core clocked at 2.0GHz, through Turbo Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.9GHz, the maximum thermal power of 45W. In the wPrime computing test, i7-2630QM processor, 32M and 1024M test time of 10.998 seconds and 351.408 seconds, computational speed than the average Intel Core i5 processor upgrade more than doubled.

Can see from the illustration of the above test results, the machine run Street Fighter 4 so that entry-3D games, with nearly 30FPS screen performance. And experience a little bit more complex games such as Resident Evil 5, Need for Speed ??14, 1280 * 720 so-resolution frames basic 25fps or so, but take into account the game and did not fully open, or will increase the effect have a certain impact, the aircraft in the face of this game Lost Planet 2 will not be able to smoothly cope with the new Core Graphics has improved, but the face of large-scale 3D games still need significant independence to cope with .


A lot of players like to contrast two product performance, whose graphics card to run games faster. Desktop-class products from NVIDIA's GTX580 has become the most powerful graphics card in until the single-chip performance. In mobile products, NVIDIA does not update like a desktop-class products as fast, the only addition to the previous generations GTX 485M GTX555M in support HD6970M occupy the highest point of the embarrassing situation. Fortunately, recent NVIDIA accelerated the pace, to market mobile products is another heavy head-GTX, 560M. GTX, 560M NVIDIA notebook graphics of the highest standard.


Of course, this article is not to tell you about the graphics card, but to introduce the latest NVIDIA graphics notebook. RaBook brand addition to the committed professional graphics platform design, but also committed to high performance, high configuration, high-quality notebook computer build. The MSI-side entertainment market-oriented entertainment market CX61 notebook positioning, but still using the GTX, 560M graphics look overbearing. So, GTX, 560M graphics F630 specifically how powerful, is it higher than the other mainstream entertainment notebook?

Back to the product itself, MSI CR61 hardware and MSI CR61 Battery configuration to meet part of the mainstream applications such as high-definition video, low load or is not a problem of 3D gaming, home entertainment applications such as the products currently on the market status quo as well as our daily actual test product For users who demand office applications, Internet, multimedia players and low-intensity 3D gaming applications based perspective, this product is equipped with hardware performance or to meet the needs of most users.


MSI CX61 with glossy widescreen 15.6-inch 16:9 high brightness specifications, screen the introduction of the narrow design, the visual range is very wide, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, display a more delicate. Tests, we found that the actual opening and closing test CX61 screen roof damping force. The top of the screen built-in 2 million pixel high-definition camera, with the left side of the pinhole microphone fully meet the daily video recording as well as online communications.


MSI CX61 keyboard is designed for full-size, and provide an independent numeric keypad to facilitate digital input operation. The design of the keyboard, select the "chocolate" style more popular nowadays, and the keys back to the intensity of softening type. Key process design is relatively modest, matte processing of the keycap is more comfortable in use, key noise suppression good. In addition, the top of the keyboard also provides the necessary multimedia shortcut keys.


Specifications thanks to 15.6 inches, the MSI CX61 palm rest area is relatively large, the actual trial, the hand of the male user to operate feel good, especially regular users who play games, a large palm rest design comfort doubled. About key design, metallic paint treatment, the operation feel very comfortable and the key-way medium. In the expansion, the CX61 is equipped with a powerful and rich interface. Type can be said is in line like the previous desktop, in addition to HDMI, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, e-SATA, USB 2.0, also joined the latest USB3.0 interface speed transmission of data on fast, a great convenience to the user.


CX61 uses Intel i5 2520M processor with 2.9GHz clock speed of 2 core, 4 thread, using 32-nanometer manufacturing process, TDP thermal design power of 35W. Graphics cards, CX61 equipped with high-end models of NVIDIA mobile GPU GTX, 560M. The GTX 560M has 192 stream processors, 24 raster units, 1.5GB GDDR5 memory, the core frequency of 814MHz memory frequency of 2.5GHz, Memory Interface 192bit.


SYSMark 2007 is a test focused on the notebook office applications software, the the CX61 with a high quality 6cell 4400mAh MSI CX61 Battery overall score of 199, including 3D modeling graphics with the highest score was 215, and also simulate user Internet learning scores a minimum of 177. In the PCMark Vantage test, the the CX61 overall score of 8720. In the score, we can learn CX61 scores higher, which benefited from the structure of the SNB, the message the highest score 10550, while the lowest scores HDD hard disk fraction also reached the 4241.


In addition, the CX61 is also equipped with two Samsung 2GB of DDR3 1333 memory, Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM SATA II interface hard disk, from the perspective of the overall configuration, in addition to the highest standard graphics, other configurations are more mainstream. However, such a configuration, the birth of a problem. Side of the processor with high-end graphics cards will not affect the overall performance, or such combination will bring the overall performance?

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