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We test the Gateway NS30. It is a 13.3-inch notebook from the impression professional. Small and robust, offering a great deal of autonomy, but some defects may make it unattractive

Gateway is to commercialize the NS series notebooks. These products Spartans, versatile and very durable, designed for professionals and small businesses. The NS30 model is assembled in rigid plastic. It is very solid, but does not give much to the aesthetics.

Gateway NS30 is assembled entirely in plastic. The model we tested has a dark brown with metallic purple reflections. The color monochrome is broken only by the manufacturer's logo.

The interior is just as essential. A matte black plastic frame around the monitor, under which are the main panel. Above the keyboard are three buttons: power, open Wi-Fi and DVD.

The keyboard is matte black plastic. The design is not very convincing, but the flat keys are well made, and a rigid support is especially excellent. Unfortunately it is not perfect, as we shall see later.

The lower part houses the touchpad, which also includes a fingerprint reader - to indicate the guidance of this computer. The area poggiapalmi takes the material and the color of the cover.

The Port I / O are well distributed. We have 3 USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, EasyPort connector to attach a port replicator (guardian of a docking station), DVD burner, and LAN port. On the front side are placed a multi-card reader and headphone and microphone jacks.

The supplied battery raises the laptop in the back. In this way the computer is slightly tilted, and ergonomics gains. The aesthetic impact is probably not the best, but those who work long hours with the computer on a table should be less concerned about the health of their wrists.

GATEWAY NS30 battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V or 14.8V
Capacity: 6000mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  352g
Size: 273.90 x 47.20 x 37.50 mm
Color: Black


Screen 13.3 "LED backlit no surprises. The static analysis shows features common to all the other screens we've seen recently. The opaque covering, however, gives an added value for those looking for a suitable computer at work, even if watching films is a bit 'less exciting.

This computer has shown a sample from the point of view of autonomy. Considering all the values ​​you would expect more than six hours of battery life. If the battery ruined a bit oversized 'aesthetics, certainly helps to make this notebook more attractive for those who travel a lot. For short trips you could leave the power supply at home, which is still small and light. The model on the market will probably have a smaller 4cell battery.

From the point of view of the temperature is not as rosy scenario. Gateway NS30 tends to heat up a bit 'too much left in the area, both on poggiapalmi that the keyboard. On the left side there is also the main slot for the expulsion of hot air: as we have already said this design is the most common, but we are not sure that is the best possible. Gateway NS30, in any case certainly does not become hot: we could call 'a bit' more than lukewarm. "

Even the bottom of the laptop gets hotter than we would like. However you can use this computer resting on your lap without too many worries.


GATEWAY NS30I battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AS09B35 AS09B56 AS09B58
AS10I5E BT.00805.016F LC.BTP00.036 LC.BTP00.037


The professional calling of this Gateway is seen by its appearance and its budget. It is certainly suitable for those seeking a lighter to work with computers every day. From this point of view seems very solid, and we believe that it is ready to withstand the treatments less delicate.

It is clearly a no-frills computers, designed to handle web, spreadsheets, text documents, email and the like. The hardware platform gives you the power to do everything easily, and it is difficult to find to lag, but it brings out of context for which it was born.

Just considering the professional approach, but there are a couple of key issues that could lead to better gateway group. Not just a fingerprint reader, a hard drive with shock protection, or a TPM module for transforming a notebook into a valuable tool. They are all important elements, but not if those standards are questionable.

The first flaw concerns the multitouch touchpad, much too small. It is very reactive, and offers the ability to zoom or scroll with two fingers with the exceptional Chiral Motion - probably even better than the two-finger scrolling. However, the available space is short and the fingers are a bit '"tied."

As for the keyboard, could be better. Although the support is solid and durable, these keys are a bit 'too soft. We note also a slight background when you press the center. This is not a defect very pronounced, but for a professional portable this defect has a greater weight.


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