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Blink of an eye ASUS X series has evolved from the X44 to the latest X45U series the past two years since the change of the "X" has not been a big, metal body, a rich interface, classic exterior design. Of course, that tasteless GF410M 610M significant independence, and most users criticized the heat problem. However, because of its advantages is indeed enough, so these issues it would not can not be accepted. Earlier this year we saw at the show a whole new X45U Until recently, the testing room to get a real machine, this time a small X is indeed changed, but these changes worthwhile left for you to evaluate.


Sometimes some changes are not the most appropriate, but will let some of the shortcomings more obvious. X45U GT630M (similar GT540M) graphics card, heat the situation will not be more serious in the mold no major changes in circumstances? Here we take a step by step for everyone to answer.


ASUS X45U the overall style has not changed, still some light violet color, is still a brushed metal cover, body shape and almost identical to the previous generation ASUS A45. The metal roof on the silver-white Lenovo product logo embellishment, coupled with the gray side looks simple and very engaging. In fact, this non-metallic side of the main function is to reduce the impact of the metal casing of the internal antenna signal.


ASUS X45U side A, C, the surface of metal materials, if you are familiar with the ASUS A45/A55, you will find that their design style is very similar, the same metal wire drawing. The whole production process is a very good job in the same level of product performance is outstanding, especially the location of the corner joints is excessive and very clean, the strength of first-tier suppliers should be affirmed.


ASUS X45U Battery and screen, 14 inch LED backlit screen, the screen ratio of 16:9, a maximum resolution of 1366x768. This specification is the moment the mainstream, are the majority of notebook products. Another top of the screen with a camera can be used to ASUS features face recognition, chat, and other purposes.


The whole appearance does not change, so the thickness of the fuselage also reduced, is still between 31.4mm. The 2.126kg the weight and A45 flat, thickness and weight can not now intel pushing the super pole compared to this, but very good performance in the conventional 14-inch notebook.

Diablo 3 release of the world who love the game who are passionate, it seems that everyone wants first time experience this is Blizzard bounced bounced then bounced the classic game. Now the game out, play what has become a very real problem. Want to buy a bed of roses laptop is not easy, configuration, appearance, price, among other factors within the context of the consumer to consider, in the end without a high performance laptop?


The testing room for everyone to bring the latest ASUS X55U notebook, it uses Intel's latest generation of IVB platform i7-3610QM processor, it comes with the new Kepler architecture GT650M 2G DDR3 discrete graphics, 64GB SSD SSD is equipped with makes a lot of game understanding appetizing. From the configuration point of view is now available in most of the game can be the perfect response, The whole machine in the end performance, the next on the specific analysis.


ASUS X55U type of configuration is more complete in the interface area, interface design on the left side of the fuselage, where we can see the power connector, cooling holes, VGA interface, RJ45 Ethernet interface, HDMI interface, two USB 3.0 interface , while the right side compared with the headset microphone jack, two USB 2.0 interface and DVD burner. For everyday use, this interface is equipped with enough.


ASUS X55U A-side, as always, using HP Imprint technique, however compared with the previous product, X55U roof pattern to make a certain change, which can also be seen ASUS gradually change the static situation in the past, but this The design makes the durability is very good, but also very easy to take care of.


ASUS X55U with a 6cell ASUS X55U battery and 15.6-inch LED display, the best resolution of 1366 x 768 This size is just the standard configuration of the gaming notebook, the game can get very good breadth of the horizon. Above the display also has a 1.3 megapixel front camera for video chat experience will be quite good.


Taiwan computer manufacturer GATEWAY laptop production capacity has reached a new level, the GATEWAY has claimed that they have successfully developed the world's first carbon fiber notebook LT40, the weight of light, called most of the 11.6-inch notebook device.


It is understood that the GATEWAY LT40 is a full carbon fiber notebook, this material makes a 11.6-inch LT40 weighs only 975 grams, so the weight is thin-known for the Apple MacBook Air can only strange enough.

GATEWAY LT40 notebook will be powered by an Ivy Bridge processor with a 128GB solid-state hard drive, two USB 3.0 interface, support for Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Price range $ 999 to $ 1,299.


Specifications section, this thin natural products meet Intel Ultrabook the specification. GATEWAY applied in the LT40 just lifted Ivy Bridge ULV processor. Compared to 4GB of dual channel DDR3-1600 memory (onboard can not be replaced), motherboard chipset for Intel's latest HM77, compared to the SSD 128GB SATA 6Gbps mSATA type DATA provided.


Somewhat regrettable that the GATEWAY screen is 11.6 inches / resolution 1366 * 768 and ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A's Full HD IPS panel worse. In addition, the native interface provided by a USB to 3.0,1 one USB 2.0, Mini-DisplayPort output, MicroSD card reader and audio input / output interface. The network portion of the integrated Gigabit the adaptive wired network card, 802.11 b / g / n Wireless WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 functionality.

GATEWAY today officially released the previous notice for the "sixth element" of the world's lightest notebook LT40. Not surprisingly, the GATEWAY LT40 battery and body as a whole are carbon fiber materials, weighs just 975g, the overall size of 297 * 192 * 3-16.5mm.


In the Taipei computer show, AMD launched the latest E-series accelerated processing unit (APU) platform. Subsequently, we had an exclusive interview on AMD client Global Business Notebook Product Director Kevin Lensing. This interview, Kevin Lensing Trinity platform with the media in-depth communication.


The latest E-series accelerated APU launched aimed at Intel's ultra-pole of this, talking about compared to the ultra-pole of this advantage, Kevin Lensing mentioned: "We will emphasize multimedia and entertainment part of our battery life is long, and have better graphics capabilities, it was like HP, they had already published a ultra-thin notebook computer equipped with our products, they have been stated, that the battery life is indeed more than that Intel's a long. "

When was asked notebook when fanless operation, said Kevin Lensing: without a fan? Ultrathin or Ultrabook processor power consumption are probably 15-17 watts. If you do a 13-inch laptop, fan, processor power consumption of only 5-6 watts, but to do the 5-6 watt processors are often performance bad, consumers are not satisfied, so future performance can be continuously improved, then upgraded to a 6-watt processor, then the performance of consumers satisfaction, we will see more fan models. Subsequently, the editor asked when processor power consumption to less than 6 watts and can guarantee the performance, Lensing, Kevin did not give a definite time, I believe that to achieve this desire to take a very long period of time.


"In terms of OEM partners, before 13 great 12 related we have the co-operation", when it comes to cooperation with the OEM, Kevin the Lensing case it comes. In addition, Kevin Lensing, said: We currently have a hands-on display, the HP and two Samsung, but you will see we now have hands-on display, the HP and two Samsung, but you will see many other models for OEM manufacturers to do a little bit longer needed by these ultra-thin computer. Our strategy is to let the market on free competition, but Intel is not the same, because they are thin and light computer to set their own specifications, but the specifications are relatively narrow, and they are for relatively high-priced market. We are hoping to make more OEMs to use the products of our home, and then the more the design of the better, but such a child can reach the mainstream price on the market. Christmas, before Christmas, we will see more AMD Ultrathin products on the market.


Senior figures in answer to a question, Kevin Lensing are very cautious, relatively more official terms, but we learned some useful information, such as the number of co-operation with the OEM manufacturers, Ultrathin future development planning. Contend with the product, in fact very Physiognomy as an Intel Ultra Ultrathin indeed has its advantages, coupled with the support of the OEM manufacturers, I believe that the Ultrathin follow-up of the development will be more good.


DELL E6320 is equipped with a 30Wh DELL WJ383 Battery, we use MOBILEMARK simulation users in the office environment under high load, the battery usage time, competing with the GTX-level high-end graphics and do not support two graphics, more than four hours of battery life for notebook The time is very good, but in actual use, it may be shorter than this time.


The world's second-largest and Asia's largest IT professional exhibition - Computex Taipei is about 5 to 9 June 2012 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Hall, Museum and the Taipei International Convention Center The grand exhibition, the exhibitors this year hit a new high of number of firms, the number of stalls and international buyers number.

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