Genuine 4400mAh /6 Cell Laptop Battery MSI CX600 CX700

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  Laptop natural and ultimately want to move, so notebook hard drive performance in the shock than the desktop hard drive is much better, many notebook MSI CX600 Battery manufacturers also adopted the protective pad and reinforced bracket to reduce the impact of the hard disk may be. But this does not mean that you can read and write in the state holding the laptop on moving casually, as in the hard disk does not work when intense mobile computers, and to gently. Therefore, those who transport violent bumps also bored of watching movies, playing games a family of notebook computers and other sorts of stuff so in asking for trouble.
MSI CX700 Battery do not support the PEC. The time when the discovery interface, PEC test box, and confirm whether to support PEC. 
 In fact, any laptop battery scrap, mainly inside the batteries is damaged, if they can move their hands, the replacement of batteries, so basically for the cost of the battery directly in half. Here's a look at the whole process for the core right.Personally, I think, for use in notebook computers in the "use of one month after the full charge-discharge should be a" major role approach is to fix these registers should be properly value, making the battery charge control and battery nominal capacity consistent the actual situation

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