Good news ASUS B43S B53S Battery Is Coming

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The basic technology is well known, there is a lack of operating experience and hence system design data with

some of the newer developments which also hampers their adoption. At the same time patents for these different

chemistries tend to be held by rival companies undertaking competitive developments with no signs of industry

standardisation or adoption of a common product.


ASUS B43S Battery Detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.2V or 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  344g
Size: 271.12 X 47.81 X 21.83 mm
Color: Black


Battery malfunction during the warranty period is seldom a factory defect; driving habits are the culprits. A manufacturer of German-made starter batteries stated that factory defects account for only 5 to 7 percent of warranty claims. The battery remains a weak link, and is evident when reviewing the ADAC 2008 report for the year 2007. The study examines the breakdowns of 1.95 million vehicles six years old or less, and Table 1 provides the reasons.


ASUS B53S Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NXM1B2200Z 90-NYX1B1000Y A31-B53 A32-N82 A42-N82 K52L681 


Lithium-Ion batteries are rated for a certain number of full charge/discharge cycles (eg 540). This means that if you use the notebooks until the battery is flat each time before recharging them, they will only last for 400 charges. The battery may not even last this long if it is also subjected to warm temperatures during those 19 months (eg charging with the AC placed under the battery compartment). To alleviate this behaviour, try to avoid fully discharging the batteries - for instance, always connect the AC adaptor between lessons, even if it will only be for 20 minutes and use the notebooks with the adaptor whenever it is practical.


Fit machine:
ASUS B43S Series(All) 
ASUS B53S Series(All) 


Due to the superior safety characteristics of phosphates over current Lithium-ion Cobalt cells, batteries may be

designed using larger cells and potentially with a reduced reliance upon additional safety devices.

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