Good Tips of ASUS M9 W7 Battery

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     As can be seen from the above notebook power system including power detection part, the protection part, charging part, in addition, there are systems management component. The so-called ASUS M9 Battery system management component is more battery management. A notebook can take a few batteries, these batteries have a public address, of course, if the a battery of a battery, there is less to manage, and unfortunately, in fact, all notebook batteries are a common address, this problem has : notebook that I do not care what you in the end gave me the battery power supply, you only have electricity, please give me power. Certain number of cells working together to manage, but the laptop did not want to control, so they come out a battery system management component. In fact, this is not just notebook computers, digital cameras and other portable products have this situation. Would like to know the details can be found in standard "Battery System Manager Specification".
     The above four parts of the work does not rely on notebook computers, notebook computers we use are all aware, if not the boot, as usual rechargeable batteries, then even the BIOS did not run it. Usually we have a notebook computer software (such as BatteryMon) to test ASUS W7 Battery  is good or bad, in fact, just check the battery laptop itself, it does not test the action. This tends to confuse beginners, because fundamentally, the user, it is best to open a software I can see the laptop battery from the above test results good or bad. 
      Laptop batteries on four basic criteria: "System Management Bus Specification", "Smart Battery Data Specification", "Smart Battery Charger Specification", "Battery System Manager Specification". As for the "Smart Battery Selector Specification", it "Battery System Manager Specification" almost. These four standards are actually embodied in specific products, it is recommended to beginners and specific products are combined, such as BQ2060A the Datasheet is essentially a concentrated expression of the first three criteria, in fact, BQ Series Datasheet charge management chip is the concentrated expression of the latter two criteria.

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