High capacity ASUS M9J M9V W7E W7J Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  472
Size: 204.31 x 68.61 x 20.51 mm
Color: Black or White

ASUS M9J Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NDQ1B2000 70-NHQ2B1000M 90-NDQ1B1000
90-NDQ1B2000 90-NDT1B1000Z 90-NDT1B2000Z
90-NHQ1B1000 90-NHQ2B1000 90-NHQ2B2000
A32-M9 A32-M9J A32-W7
A33-M9 A33-M9J A33-W7


Fit machine:
ASUS M9 Series(All)
ASUS W7 Series(All)


Buy ASUS notebook tricks scan
    No way, despite the recent steady decline as the price of ASUS notebook, consumer ASUS M9V Battery on the market for sale is indeed very hot, but unscrupulous profiteers will find ways to reap huge profits by Kengpian consumers. Thus laptop is indeed a certain extent, the taste of traps, may be caught accidentally. For example, typical, with parallel to impersonate licensed, or renovation or repair of machinery used to sell the new machine. May want to have every pair of eyes to the average consumer to buy a laptop in 2006, want them to be perfectly safe to buy anti-cheat, but also more difficult.
     How to do it? Let the Festival the following trick for some notebooks to buy consumer brief scan, you want to buy some inspiration and help. Because of space, let a number of specific products, for example:ASUS W7E Battery.
"Give you a pair of eyes: great books to buy Scan tricks" one: carefully check the specifications, beware of the new machine turning waste machine
    Because the current brand of notebook computer market is very complex, so for ordinary consumers, the real size of the notebook computer for some serious check, compare, and it is very important.
     A considerable period of time, perhaps because the Spring Festival of the bar, we meet, often for some words of blessing and intoxicated, and some consumers may be too good, actually earn your money with those ASUS W7J Battery too much fooling around.

    In fact, this part of the consumer know where to holidays, greeted with homemade asked to let you be "slaughtered" deal is off, it has long been the usual sales tactics JS, so those who have had experience in this area consumers suddenly businesses due to the excessive enthusiasm alert.

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