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Speaking of Alienware, I think I am afraid that all gamers have heard of: cool and aggressive design, the top internal configuration, the luxury lighting effects, the ultimate performance. In 2009, Alienware successfully landed on the Chinese market, this year, in order to meet the tastes of children of domestic players, Dell launched a new the Alienware M14x, and replacing the original 15-inch models.


M15x and M17x domineering exposed to small and lean and the M11x is Alienware always stand in the forefront of the personality beneath the surface of the rebellious strong matchless heritage, the price worth the aura, it is doomed to become a small some people have the "artifact." Yes! In the world of notebook computers has long been represented by the "Alienware" beyond the nature of product attributes, it seems to have truly become a flesh and blood extraterrestrial life


From the standard configuration, the new Alienware M14x R1 with Sandy Bridge platform Core i7-2720QM or i7-2820QM quad-core processor, equipped with 3GB of DDR3 memory capacity of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M discrete graphics, and use a 2 × 4GB DDR3 dual-channel memory, for a total of 8GB, this match to be called the top level of the current 14-inch notebook. While the retail price, the aircraft lower version at 13,999 yuan, the high version at 16,999 yuan, but also doomed the M14x only a handful of people, "top toy".


However, although your "alien" as "artifact", but always make people feel less than perfect. M11x, though they have enough potential to become ultra-portable gaming laptop leader, but the limitations of screen size in visual experience, a departure from the original intention of the gaming laptop; M15x and M17x edge is too bright, bulky and thick The weight is always hard to let go. Therefore, the introduction of 14-inch M14x seems, is imperative, because a consumer notebook product line, missing 14-inch mainstream size, then, no matter how strong, can not be perfect, unable to meet the needs of different users.


DELL Alienware M14x R1 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 63Wh / 8Cell
Weight:  354g 
Color: Dark Grey


This evaluation is comprehensive Quest for the M14x Alienware family members, although there is no substantial change in appearance, but its hardware configuration, but with the SNB platform to achieve a significantly improved second-generation Smart Core i7-2820QM quad-core 8-threaded high-performance processor with the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M the top alone, this is definitely a strong combination nowadays rare. So, how the actual performance? What are the details is worth our attention? Here we are through this evaluation, to take you into a tour opened a 14-inch Alienware M14x true.


"Alienware" the word, to the Alienware product itself, always all the time, burst out everywhere domineering. Emotion and strong body lines, selection of materials of the partial metal texture, elegant color scheme, and even some of the details of the carefully crafted, showing Alienware's distinctive. Of course, with some chasing surface vanity products under savor, you will find it, who embodies the kind of tension, it will make your blood surging, it will make you unable to stop.

We get evaluation machine is equipped with a Core i7-2820QM quad-core processors, high-equipped version of the Alienware M14x R2. As for the machine details of the work, how machine performance, the performance of the actual game, I will answer below.Alienware M14x offers a stealth black and the red color appearance of the nebula, the evaluation of the prototype Nebula Red version, the fuselage roof and sides of the red, the remaining parts of compared with black, more introverted. The aircraft fuselage to create composite materials, the overall hardness and class skin soft touch coating on the surface covered with very delicate touch. However, such a surface coating is more easily contaminated by perspiration, sweaty palms friends usually use even more attention to machine maintenance and cleaning.


DELL Alienware M14x R2 notebook body interface is more abundant, power connector was placed in the bottom of the fuselage rear shaft; the left side of the fuselage from the back followed by VGA video output, HDMI, mini Displayport, to support the charge off USB 2.0 interface, a set of audio inputs and outputs, as well as a card reader slot; the right side of the fuselage for security keyhole, RJ45 cable interface, two USB3.0, as well as slot-loading drive. This layout is a relatively reasonable, basic will not produce the phenomenon of "Crash" spacing is too small, but also facilitate a multi-screen output.


DELL Alienware M14x R2 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
8P6X6 P06T PT6V8 T7YJR


Open the bottom cover of the fuselage, we found in the left rear of the notebook, the Alienware M14x only provide a cooling fan and the processor core, memory, high-heat components at the rear of the fuselage. Cold air to enter from the rear and two cooling holes flowing through the memory, processor, graphics card, take the heat and in the left rear discharge.

Same time, we also found in other parts of the body and does not provide any of the ventilation window or cold air into the mouth, we look at the notebook's hard drive and wireless card heat generated doubts. As for how the whole cooling in the end, I will answer below.


The DELL Alienware M14x R3 gives the biggest feeling is thick, smooth to the touch of the aircraft shell, interface, the layout is also more reasonable. However, close to the bare metal of 3 kg weight, not everyone can tolerate, it appears that the alien is destined to only be "heavy" fire weapon for gamers. Dell Alienware M14x 14-inch glossy LED screen, higher resolution, 1600 × 900 level, the screen is very delicate, and is equally suitable for viewing standard 720P and 1080P video. In addition, the aircraft on both sides of the screen with a damping rubber to protect the screen from damage.


Bottom of the fuselage personalized metal nameplate, you can add your own name engraved on it. However, only the Dell official lettering service, if you are to buy the machines from the hands of dealers, then temporarily not be able to enjoy this service.Weighing We found that the Alienware M14x even bare metal weighs nearly three kilograms, weighing about a mainstream 14-inch notebook, poor portability.


DELL Alienware M14x R3 Battery Fit machine:
DELL Alienware M14x Series(All)
DELL Alienware M14x R1 Series DELL Alienware M14x R2 Series DELL Alienware M14x R3 Series   


Alienware M14x half sunken shaft screen, the maximum opening angle of 136 °, with a good screen perspective, and can basically meet the needs of users.

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