High capacity DELL KP405 JN039 HX198 FW301 DU128 Battery

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Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 85Wh / 7200mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  465g
Size: 271.00 x 60.05 x 38.00 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
312-0566 312-0567 312-0739 451-10473 451-10474 451-10528
CR036 DU128 FW301 FW302 HX198 JN039 JY316 KP405 NT340
NT349 NX511 PP25l PU556 PU559 PU563 TT344 TT483 TT485
TX826 UM225 UM226 UM230 WR047 WR050 WR053    


Fit machine:
DELL Inspiron 13 Series
DELL Inspiron 1318 Series
DELL XPS 1330 Series
DELL XPS M1330 Series
DELL XPS M1350 Series


Saving DELL laptop batteries introduced with the new method
Usually after the DELL KP405 battery is full, the indicator light turns off when charging, the battery charge is not into power, then you then plug the power plug to recharge the battery in the face of what use it? From the battery can be seen on the status of the battery has not charged, the other to teach you a simple method to determine the battery has no ongoing charge when the battery will have a fever phenomenon, when one hour after the battery is full (power do not pull the plug), you go to try the battery to see if the battery still hot? The results must be cold, because the battery is not charging and discharging state certainly does not heat. Notebook manufacturers are recommended at the factory for new DELL JN039 battery 10 hours or more. This sentence may be some users have a false view of the first, the author's view is that this should be taken into account that some notebook manufacturers a new user in the new battery charge time and can not fully

grasp the skills, simply charge them directly ten hours, so this should be the business of expediency.

    Second, the argument 2: external power supply is disconnecting the battery?
    Point 1: Use an external power supply when the DELL HX198 battery removed.
    Point 2: Use an external power supply without removing the battery.
    Survey Results: Most students in the use of an external power source, have the battery removed, only a few use an external power supply when the battery is placed above, this handful of students are used by several international famous brands.

    Proposed method: in fact the DELL FW301 battery is removed, the conflict focused on the use of external power supply when the battery is charged to the issue. You know, the battery charge and discharge is directly related to life, the general lithium battery charge and discharge times set is fixed, the charge number only 400-600 times, specially modified products, but 800 times, each time the battery to charge a step forward to retirement. The first view is simply afraid to use power, the battery will be charged on the above, not only increase the number of charge cycles, and could lead to overcharging. The second view is that a fully charged battery on the computer, in the use of an external power supply will not be charged. In fact, both sides have their right side, but also the wrong place. It is only the views expressed by individuals, is not very comprehensive survey by the author, and now many notebook manufacturers are taking into account

the vulnerability of the DELL DU128 battery, and battery products added protection technology, and thus the corresponding different brand laptop batteries


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