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To work with office and graphics applications, quickly access the Internet, play some games and watch movies in HD will allow a 15.6-inch Laptop Hp Pavilion g6-1102er, based at the 2-core processor, AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile N660 3.0 GHz and a discrete graphics card Radeon HD 6470M. With HDMI connectors, you can connect your laptop to a projector or TV and watch movies on the big screen. Wi-Fi adapter supports data transfer standard 802.11n will plunge into the world of high-speed Internet browsing, built-in Altec Lansing speakers will enjoy high quality sound, and ergonomic input devices create comfortable conditions for work. Laptop Hp Pavilion g6-1102er in a beautiful shiny silver case like users a modern design, functionality and democratic price.


HP is not so long ago released a universal series of mobile computers with a common letter G in their name. "The first pancake" turned out to be if not a success, but not without flaws. The second-generation G-series - it is an attempt to correct the deficiencies. How well it came from the manufacturer, we will check on the example of a laptop HP Pavilion G6-1058er.


The device is packaged in a box for the manufacturer of the traditional black. At the top of the box has a handle for easy transport, and inside you can find the following:

• Notebook (2050);
• 6-cell battery pack (320 g);
• power adapter + power cord for it (520 g);
• documentation package;
• Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide.


Nothing extra, just a bundle everything you need for work.

In this model is sold with a pre-factory way of Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit, RUS). Disk for system recovery in the bundle, but there are instructions detailing how to do it with a special partition on the hard disk on which is stored and a full copy of the entire software environment notebook. Familiar with the established proprietary software can be in the article "Software Review MediaSmart from HP".


The laptop is based on the platform, Sandy Bridge. At the heart of the device is a processor Core i5-2410M. This dual-core CPU, each core is clocked at 2300 MHz, and Turbo Boost mode operating frequency increases to 2900 MHz. First-level cache is 2 x 32 KB (instruction) / 2 x 32 KB (data), the second-level cache - 2 x 256 KB cache in the third level - 3 MB (shared by all cores). Maximum termopaket - 35W. The processor supports technologies such as Advanced Vector Extensions, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep, Idle State, Execute Disable Bit, Intel 64 Architecture, as well as Intel Virtualization (VT-x / VT-d). In Core i5-2410M is guided by an expanded set of SIMD-instructions: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE 4.1, SSE 4.2, AES instructions.


HP 2000t Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 8800mAh / 12Cell
Weight:  412g
Size: 205.02 x 53.02 x 43.02 mm
Color: Black


Now finish up with the theory and see how the show itself processor compared to other products from Intel and AMD:

The processor of the new series in all the tests strongly to get ahead, leaving no chance of any competitor, no previous generation of processors Intel. The new microarchitecture Sandy Bridge demonstrates excellent performance.

The amount of RAM the laptop HP Pavilion G6-1058er is 4 GB. This is the only bar - Samsung M471B5273DH0-CH9.

4 GB is enough for a laptop with a stock of such class, and 64-bit OS can use all the RAM without any restrictions. If necessary, 4 GB expandable to 8 GB - so much is the maximum possible for the built-in CPU memory controller. The manufacturer has provided easy access to slots SO-DIMM - enough to unscrew a few screws and remove the cover on the bottom of the hull. Having a second free slot allows you to increase RAM without too much difficulty.

Video HP Pavilion G6-1058er is a hybrid graphics: integrated into the processor adapter Intel GMA HD 3000 discrete solution AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6470M.


Mobile processors are equipped with Sandy Bridge generation of a new integrated graphics Intel GMA HD 3000. Applying the first-generation processor Core i integrate graphics core under a common cover from the processor chip, Intel got rid of most "bottlenecks": a slow bus communication between the graphics card and video memory. In addition, the card may borrow part of the computing resources of the processor again at the expense of integration. Intel GMA HD 3000 has 12 actuators, and the core frequency is 650 MHz (mode TurboBoost it increases up to 1100 MHz).

The new graphics engine is capable to cope with almost any modern game. It is clear that talking about high resolutions and maximum settings for vykruchennyh not talking, but medium settings will be quite capable. As for the video, the Intel GMA HD 3000 "in the teeth" any video formats.


Graphic core Radeon HD 6470 - an entry-level graphics card, which is a faster version of Radeon HD 6370. Accordingly, using the already familiar chip Park, built according to 40-nm process technology. The number of stream processors has doubled, now they are 160 units (32 five-nuclei). The frequency of the kernel directly left on the value of 750 MHz. The video chip is connected to the local memory 64-bit bus. Used 1024 MB of its own video memory DDR3 (900 MHz), and using Hyper Memory technology, this volume can be increased up to 2789 MB from RAM. The adapter supports DirectX 11, Shader 5.0 and OpenGL 3.2. Mobility Radeon HD 6470 uses Avivo HD video technology and UVD (Unified Video Decoder) third generation.


Built manipulator has undergone major changes. The manufacturer has got rid of the "errors" called ClickPad. The new touchpad also located in the same plane as the workspace, but now it is quite usual traditional touchpad with dedicated "mouse" buttons. To improve cursor positioning manipulator surface is rough. The touchpad buttons are moderately soft, easy to press with a barely audible click. To use the touchpad HP Pavilion G6-1058er proved to be very convenient. If desired, you can disable it by double clicking on the deepening of the upper left corner. If the touchpad is disabled, then above it the orange light.


The laptop was very noisy. Especially the sound of a rotating fan is noticeable when running today's most demanding games, it takes just a few minutes. The maximum rotating blades blovera noise overlay sound boiling kettle. When the system is idle and working with documents laptop almost hear the rustling of the blades can be seen only blovera in complete silence. The lattice heat is on the left side of the laptop, and this location is most comfortable to work with. For clarity, show the temperature component of the program provided a screenshot of CPUID Hardware Monitor. This utility runs all the tests and recorded the temperature level in various regimes of the laptop.


HP 2000z Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
586006-321  586006-361 586028-341
588178-141 593553-001 GSTNN-Q62C
MU09  NBP6A174 NBP6A174B1 
NBP6A175  NBP6A175B1 WD548AA 
WD548AA#ABB WD549AA  etc


Potential gaming graphics card is small, so that will have to try that to find the fine line of balance between the graphics settings a comfortable amount of FPS.


Switching between the adapters performed in the usual way - through the right click on the desktop and selecting "Configure switchable graphics" in the context menu. Switching occurs in hardware, not software, as in the nVidia Optimus, which has several disadvantages: when switching the display adapters "blinking" and switching itself requires close all running applications graphically.


Estimates of the built-in diagnostic system, Windows 7, proved to be rather scattered, from 5.3 (graphics) to 7.2 (RAM):

The main body material HP Pavilion G6-1058er was chosen glossy plastic. Partially conceal the prints, which are attracted to such material as a magnet, is designed to smoky-gray cover. The display unit itself is attached to the bottom of a pair of small remote loops. No clamps halves apparatus in the closed position there.


The interior of HP Pavilion G6-1058er repeats the look and feel. The working area is made of the same plastic as the lid. Of all the extra buttons laptop has only a small narrow elongated key power.


Built-in speaker system, traditionally for the series, represented by products of the company Altec Lansing. Dynamics hidden in the front end of the bottom, so the sound of them will be sent directly to the user. The sound quality is very good brand of acoustics, but nothing prevents to connect headphones or external good, better sound system. Unfortunately, the built-in connector S / PDIF is not, so for audio output in the "figure" will have to use port HDMI.

One of the few dull elements of the model HP Pavilion G6-1058er is framing the screen in the upper part of which is built-in webcam with a maximum resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The image quality obtained with the device is very good. Orbital camera, so you have to personally adjust the angle to cover the desired angle. When active, the camera with her small white LED lights.


As is always the case with the manufacturer, the indicators HP Pavilion G6-1058er are not arranged in one block, and are scattered throughout the body. Most of them are concentrated on the side. So in order to rate the state of the system will look almost under the laptop. Worth noting that in the previous generation of the series producer paid a thumbnail with a breakdown of the indicators to almost the very bottom, which was extremely uncomfortable. The updated G-series designations are placed next to the LED indicators themselves.


The housing base is made of dark plastic mat, at first glance a very high quality. Across the bottom are cut holes for air. Manufacturer all of the major components such as RAM, adapter Wi-Fi, hard drive, etc., placed in a common compartment.


Enclosure HP Pavilion G6-1058er looks very strong, the work surface and cover to push hard enough, but possible. In general, about the body of the aircraft we can say that he is really good - and design and build quality. The laptop is standing safely on the table on four rubber feet and tries to tip over backward even when maximally folded cover (opening angle of 130 degrees).


HP Pavilion g6z Battery Fit machine:
HP 2000 Series  HP 2000t Series HP 2000z Series
HP Pavilion g6 Series  HP Pavilion g6s Series HP Pavilion g6t Series
HP Pavilion g6x Series  HP Pavilion g6z Series


In the G-series uses a completely different input device than ever before. Because of the lack of additional keys and multimedia oriented machine laptop keyboard has a few critical changes. First, it is applied repeatedly inverting the values ​​of the number keys F1-F12 (in addition also Insert). Now when you press the block in the priority of execution are just extras. Therefore, to close or rename the file to be added to each pressing Fn. The situation here is twofold - people who are accustomed to the keyboard shortcuts will not be able to live with it, and those who are more interested in multimedia facilities - will be appreciated, because these keys are made precisely control volume and playback. But those who can not adapt to this innovation, may be in the BIOS to change the priority of the keys, returning the usual mode of operation.


HP has decided that digital block on this laptop is not needed. At the same time gone digital block, put on the block letter keys, and working with pressed Num Lock. This is not very critical, but here's the next move, HP will cause strain, perhaps, of any.


Compared with the previous series had disappeared functional block keys on the left side of the keyboard. He is very disturbed in their work. HP's engineers listened to common sense and got rid of him.


Very pleased that HP does not alter their usual big arrow keys and the whole quality of the keyboard on top. The keys do not play, the surface does not bend even under heavy pressure.



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