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For a subnotebook is a laptop with small screen (up to 14 inches). The Medion Akoya S2210 has a 12.1 inch display, which offers a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. In addition to a dual-core processor from Intel (frequency: two gigahertz) will provide three gigabytes of RAM for speed. Your data takes on a 320-gigabyte hard drive. The graphics chip is also from Intel, it is sufficient for standard jobs, but for complex 3D games are not suitable.


The facilities also include a DVD burner, WiFi, a memory card reader and three USB and one Firewire port. The operating system is "Windows Vista Home Premium" installed, as are the other software subnotebook about the office suite "Microsoft Works 9.0,"


MEDION BTY-S25 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  295g
Size: 281.68 x 48.00 x 35.30 mm


Already on 17 November completed the Sub-Notebook Medion Akoya S2210, the display cases in the southern Aldi stores. The rush for the Akoya S2210 was either extremely high or extremely mau, unlike the comeback within four weeks is difficult to explain. Various insider says that it is more like the latter, but maybe that was a month before Christmas is just too far away and the desperation of men wandering in their search for a suitable gift for the loved one just is not deep enough.


Turning briefly to the visual details: The butterfly consists of 300 genuine Swarovski crystals, making the notebook more expensive estimated at least € 50, but also sparkling. With this there is again a matching handbag. However, Aldi sells Medion Akoya S2210 now only in black, white and pink colors of the November remain unmentioned in this time of the notice. The technical details:


Check-up: The inside story of the Aldi Medion Akoya S2210 notebook
Aldis Womanizer sprayed only sex-And-The-City-charm or it also has power under the hood? The answer is off the front: YES - set for application-purpose. Move quickly edit a few documents on the train while away with a nice movie time or on holiday its new digital images and temporarily store ever presort, it makes the hardware (3 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive, Intel GMA X3100 graphics) around the Two-core Pentium T3200 2GHz always enough. But much more can the small 12.1 "display and its keyboard equivalent to no. Extensive office work, image editing or games overwhelm the super-mobile Medion Akoya S2210, however, quickly - the price for the truck-gallant aspect.

Facilities: The Medion Akoya S2210 offers more than just glamorous rhinestone

In addition to his Ness Send the Medion Akoya S2210 were particularly impressed by his outgoing personality. Get connected e.g. a VGA monitor, FireWire, with three USB 2.0 devices, an RJ45 Gbit network, a microphone, an audio source and a digital audio device via S / PDIF. Photos can be played via an SD / MMC / MS card reader and you go online via Wi-Fi in b, g, or n-draft standard.


Compared with the currently popular (because it is very cheap) netbook, the biggest advantage lies in the slightly larger screen at 12.1 "(1,280 x 800 pixel resolution) instead of 8.9 to 10" (1,024 x 600) and the existence of a DVD burner ( 8-way, multi-format). In addition, Aldi will have two powerful multimedia speakers, but do not have much experience, with sound in the true sense hat on. As usual Aldi not stingy with its software offerings for "calculator". Based on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition takes place before the customer even Microsoft Works 9, Corel Draw Essentials 3 + Media One, and Nero Burning ROM 8 and its own DVD player.


Conclusion: If you like you can be seduced by the Medion Akoya S2210
Rarely can so well on a device like the Medion Akoya S2210 argue. This begins with the 12-inch class of device, but brings the computing power as an adult laptop, but which can be used only rarely due to the small screen really. But only temporarily store the couch-surfing, S-Bahn photos and work there for almost 700 € is to be really expensive - now more than ever, where there are no netbooks for even half of the money. The course, have no prestige, only those who are primarily on status symbols, brushes, preferably an Apple or Sony laptop for 2,500 € on the Porsche rear seat.

MEDION Akoya S2210 battery Compatible original Battery Code:
MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 
MS1057 MS1058 etc


The abnormality may be the largest body of subnotebooks: The Medion Akoya S2210 is decorated on top with a butterfly made of genuine Swarovski crystals and available in black, white and pink. These design details speak well mainly to women who are looking for a trendy subnotebook as electronic companions.


On the exterior of the Aldi one can argue confidently subnotebooks. Who is not fond of baubles will have on the Medion Akoya S2210 little joy, this is the crystal ornament just too noticeable. Technically, the device gives no mistake: The equipment is good, the software package extensively. For 699 € you get a fast and equipped with lots of memory subnotebook at a reasonable price. Note: CNET has not tested the device, but based on this assessment, the manufacturer provided specifications. (rs)


Medion Akoya S2210 Medion has with a notebook on the market, which is aimed specifically at women. The design representation on the Aldi website and promotional graphics make this very clear.


From the equipment (hardware) ago, the notebook is fitted reasonably well. Only the graphics card is a striking weakness of MEDION design notebook.


But let's be honest - what woman a graphics card cares if you can stow the laptop in a stylish laptop bag (see picture right) and can take anywhere as an "accessory"?


Conclusion: The Medion Akoya S2210 12.1 "Notebook from Aldi is the perfect accessory a woman who sets less value on graphics-intensive presentations on the notebook. Daily shopping trips and envious looks from friends are with the Medion Akoya S2210 12.1 "Notebook but not guaranteed in any case.


MEDION Akoya S2211 battery  Fit machine:
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ATTENTION THE UNIT IS A HALF YEAR OLD .......... The light versions of the software is unfortunately true. we have not noticed until after the sale. But well, I can live with that because I'm fed up with software and everything you need not the point. Aldi was used otherwise. The battery is a little leeway keeps long but alas, he uses his game from then on, the computer does not work well with AC adapter plugged. But one must first find out times (though he is engaged and veriegelt!). Since about 2 weeks from making the CPU fan and sounds as if he grinds somewhere. Housing and curl (bulge) upward at the point where the disk is (guess heat problem). The keyboard is clearly too soft and are in the middle of a lot.

 My conclusion .... after half a year ... chic eye-catching optical drive works fast CPU down to compatibility problems with my ram disk on another drive were recorded, with no problems. The hard disk has a sufficient size to 320GB. Videos run without problems. Wireless in a bit too weak reception. I would not buy it again. I have an old (4 years) Laptop from Acer is true as the keyboard, the WiFi works better and that is most important to me ...... these are my own experiences! This does not mean there can be at her the same problems .. I think I could help form an opinion ..

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