High capacity MSI GX680 GX680R Battery review

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In addition to the slim volume, fashion pattern, the aircraft on the hardware configuration is absolutely eye-catching. MSI GX680 uses Intel's new dual-core Core Duo processor SU7300, has the 1.3GHz clock speed, 2MB L2 cache. In addition, 2GB DDR3 memory with two graphics capabilities to the machine whether it is in the entertainment performance and life are able to provide us with an excellent performance.


The traditional size + CULV platform, this mix might seem not suited to. Then we all know, the CULV platform products as thin as the selling point, so many models on the interface design is too simple, but this MSI GX680 is different. It is thin, performance, life is the perfect combination of product, it is natural that the interface also has a very unexpected places. Now let us look at it.


From this perspective, we did not find any interface, but it is precisely from this point of view let us a taste of the aircraft turned out so thin, the left side of the fuselage has a power connector, main vents, a USB port, audio input / output interface and The card reader interface.


We let this MSI GX680 continuous large-scale software run more than three hours, the aircraft bottom temperature reached 46.7 degrees Celsius, obviously some partial heat. Fortunately, however, the temperature performance of the aircraft in the keyboard, palm rest position or very good, and operating comfort.


MSI GX680 Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  454g
Color: Black


Remove the battery located in the fuselage hinge and two baffles, memory and hard drive portion in front of us. This design for the CULV product of the same grade, or a good, convenient for our future upgrade operation. It is worth mentioning is that the memory part of the machine also has a spare slot, and a lot of help for us to commission the machine performance, but the actual operation is also very convenient.


Before the test we give to introduce us to test software and test environment. We are going to test all based on the Windows 7 Home Basic Edition operating system, single significant mode. Choice test in the test software, including: the PCMark05 test the overall performance of the machine; SiS oft, Sandra test each individual component


performance; display performance part of the 3DMark series to test; SUPER PI and CPU Z-test processor performance.

The machine uses the Intel ULV SU7300 processor, clocked at 1.3GHz. The processor is a CPU products for thin and light notebooks, ultra-low voltage, the most important feature is the low power consumption, suitable for thin and light notebook, but also precisely because of its low power consumption characteristics, so the relatively weak performance .

Very welcome "Need for Speed ??12" game to adjust the resolution to 1280 * 720, all settings are default. At this time, the number of frames of the screen up to 60, average about 50 in the game will not have any pause phenomena such as inadequate performance, so I was very satisfied.


MSI GX680R Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
MSI GX680 Series MSI GX680R Series


Similarly, in the high performance requirements of the Call of Duty ", resolution re-adjusted to the highest, and turn off all effects, the game screen can still reach around 22, very high fluency will not make us feel This is the result of running in a ULV products.

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