High capacity MSI L740 L730 L740X L730X Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  342g
Size: 204.94 x 48.31 x 20.51 mm
Color: Black


MSI L730 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
1016T-006 1049020050 925C2310F
957-1016T-006 BTY-L71 BTY-M52
GBM-BMS080AAA00 GBM-BMS080ABA00 S91-0300140-W38
S9N0182200-G43 WT10536A4091 


Fit machine:
MSI L730 Series(All) MSI L730X Series(All)
MSI L740 Series(All) MSI L740X Series(All)

The MSI L730X battery improves on the standard battery by adding more cells for greater battery life. It features 9 cells instead of the standard 6 cells in the factory supplied battery. Also, instead of the typical 2 to 3 hours of battery

life expected from the standard model, the MSI L730 laptop battery can provide up to 8 hours of battery life depending on user behavior.


in the end should or should not be? MSI Notebook purchase invoices
Here to say one more thing is that some people may ask, since it generally means the taxpayer's tax is reasonable, why do small-scale self-employed taxpayers and taxpayers in general do not do it? The reason is simple, the general taxpayer funds need to register more than five hundred thousand Yuan, annual sales of 180 million or more, a sound financial system can.


In addition, the MSI L740 has some very convenient features that make it easier to use. There is a “fuel gauge” feature that allows users to press a button and see an indicator of the MSI L740 battery charge. Perhaps the most convenient feature, however, is the ability to plug an AC adapter into the battery directly, without having to connect it to a laptop for

charging. This opens up many options for users. With two AC adapters, for example, users could charge both batteries at a time. 


When the city went into a notebook computer store, the first thing that catches the eye is naturally placed in neat rows, beautiful new prototype. Most of these prototypes all-weather operation, or repeatedly ravaged by customers, or sales bored pastime. Because it is not your thing, I believe the time who are not with the prototype well. Travelers could charge the 9 Cell battery while running the laptop from their standard battery, or even from a second MSI L740X battery.
Sample placed on the counter time is different, the general large-scale distributors, manufacturers will provide the prototype areas. This is a good and clear to tell you is the prototype. If you hit a small dealer, often placed after the week to a month out of the box, and then when the new machines sold, the price and the new machine is the market price or less, like that little (thirty-five one hundred Yuan), such is the the most abominable.

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