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The ultra-extreme emphasis on the existing way of mobile computing innovation, through a more personalized, anytime, anywhere connectivity and "unplugged" to once again improve the mobile computing experience, and ultimately the ultimate Internet experience and a consistent calculation of. The ultimate experience thanks to Intel technology, innovative and forward-looking recognition for the industry, from this perspective, this will lead the ultra-extreme wave of PC replacement, also represents the future of the PC.


This is the future super-computer very general direction of development, will take into account the extreme ultra-traditional notebook and tablet PC functionality. Intel is also expected over most of this at the end of 2012 reached 40% of notebook market share, from which it can reflect the current market need this product over most of the implementation of these innovative products, features and performance, but also Intel momentum and direction for future development. This is a super great redefine the concept of a PC product, it is the tablet PCs and notebooks to achieve integration, entertainment and office to achieve integration, the creation and sharing to achieve integration. It will be people led to the birth of a new "PC era", to achieve a breakthrough in the development.



Do not need to charge the battery to 100% full power, will power not to use depleted. Circumstances permit, as far as possible to maintain the battery near the half-filled state, charge and discharge rate as small as possible.


Do not use lithium batteries (particularly lithium laptop battery) Long-term use of an external power supply in case of equipment to work. Even if your laptop heat dissipation, long 100 percent of electricity is equivalent to the murder of lithium batteries.


SAMSUNG NP300E5A Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 6600mAh/73Wh/9Cell
Weight:  383g
Size: 204.01 x 49.50 x 40.21 mm
Color: Black or White


It is reported, CES (Consumer Electronics Show, the Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 will be U.S. Pacific Time on January 10 to 13 in Las Vegas, USA. Review CES2011, Sandy Bridge stronger performance new arrival times in the PC field-oriented exhibition win not low popularity and attention. If coming back to 2012, this CES, turn on the PC, what spectacle it? Today, let us note that each plate inventory.

 Recently, Intel Ivy Bridge processor roadmap has been leaked released. Meanwhile, in the previous financial meeting, Intel confirmed that the next generation of 22nm processors new technology (ie, Ivy Bridge) has been put into mass production. Industry insiders estimate, Ivy Bridge 3 2012 officially released in April.

 As the world's largest trade fair of consumer technology products, CES 2012 Ivy Bridge is undoubtedly the best display of the processor before the release of one of the turning, the new official release before the full warm-up, making the listing of product marketing, and even more successful than expected.

 With Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard launched Ultrabook ultra-thin models, Intel's strategy has been successfully achieved Ultrabook opened, I believe that PC makers will be more than the introduction of opportunity by Ivy Bridge, in CES 2012 exhibition to display their Ultrabook new products. According to recent related companies to disclose, 22nm process Intel Ivy Bridge processor will be the end of 2011 to the ODM / OEM manufacturers supply, while the major PC makers are also expected to put into the production of second generation Ultrabook layout and planning.

 Meanwhile, the news from the previous control point of view, Fujitsu, Samsung and Dell and other PC makers are also expected to launch their first Ultrabook. Believed, CES2012 to Ultrabook will turn into a symposium for the protagonist. As of press time, Ivy Bridge processor equipped with the Acer model has been exposed.

 It is understood, Intel Ivy Bridge processor chipset integrated controller supports a total of two EHCI USB2.0 USB2.0 interface 14, the newly added XHCI USB3.0 controller is shared among four channels, which can provide up to four USB3.0. In addition, Intel has said, Ivy Bridge have good backwards compatibility, not to replace the motherboard manufacturers in the case of the same products, hardware upgrades can be achieved.

SAMSUNG NP300E5Z Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


Meanwhile, in response to Apple's built-in interface Thunderbolt MacBook Air, I believe Intel will provide a more sophisticated technical support to major PC manufacturers as its new built-in USB3.0 interface more efficient and practical. I believe appeared in this CES2012 on the new PC, USB3.0 interface will show a trend of further spread.
Recently, analysts predict that the first quarter of 2012, global hard drive shipments will be restored to 140 million, the supply gap is still 17 to 18 percent in the fourth quarter of 1.1 ~ 120 000 000 30 ~ 35% of the gap good many. But in fact, this does not affect the major manufacturers on display at CES2012 future mainstream specifications, configure new notebook.

From 2011 notebook industry trend point of view, as users of the system and performance requirements increase, 4GB memory and 750GB hard drive, and gradually become more inclined to adopt the new end of the mainstream configuration. I believe that this configuration will continue to be renewed in CES 2012. As for brands such as Dell, Alienware and Asus gaming models, and may even appear to 1TB of hard drive space standard.


Held in June this year Computex 2011 show, Asus has on display a range of Cedar Trail netbook, but then not widely available in the global market. From recent reports, the Samsung Cedar Trail netbook now on sale in the UK, while Samsung and Acer executives said the Internet will continue to keep this product line.

Whether it is to consider from the above reasons, or from Cedar Trail is still in the planning within the view of Intel products, equipped with Cedar Trail netbooks products unveiled CES2012 most likely site.

According to foreign media reports, the recent news shows Windows 8 Beta version of the operating system will be officially announced in February 2012, and remains the official version may come out in June. Although rumors of the news industry compared to the previous date of January, the relative delay of 1 month, but if CES2012 as a pre-market trade fair, then, Windows 8 Beta version is still likely to advance in CES2012 site, has been preheated in advance.
View from the current master of the message, Windows 8, or to add gesture function, while Charm of exposure from the recent spy photos, it may be not a small improvement. In addition, Microsoft executives also said recently in an interview, Windows 8 will integrate the future is more powerful than Apple Siri voice services


SAMSUNG NP300E7A battery Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 300E Series
SAMSUNG NP300E Series 

Laptop battery from the shell, circuit board and batteries, belonging to lithium-ion battery. Ordinary people talking about batteries means the number of batteries within the battery, mAh refers to the notebook battery capacity.

Mainly by the protection circuit board (or secondary protection circuit), and the capacity indicator circuit of two parts, the laptop battery charge and discharge, and security management.


The type of laptop battery
Laptop batteries currently used in three main categories: 1. Nickel-cadmium batteries, 2 NiMH batteries, 3 lithium batteries; they are generally expressed as: nickel-cadmium NI-CD, Ni-MH NI-MH, lithium LI.


Battery standby time determined mainly by the mAh value. Under normal circumstances, a few more batteries, mAh greater the longer standby time. The life of laptop battery charge and discharge times measured by the quality of qualified products generally 500-600 times. Therefore, the effective use of laptop battery life of 2 years or less, will be expire aging battery, standby time dropped dramatically affect the mobility of notebook computers.


The laptop battery cell
Laptop battery currently divided into 3 core, 4 core, 6-cell, 8-cell, 9 cell, 12 cores. In short, 4-cell battery life 2 hours, 6-cell is 3 hours, and so on. Of course, the greater the number of cores, the longer the life, of course, the higher the price, but the stability will be less than the batteries almost. Recommend the use of the average home user with their computer comes standard with the number of pins, such as 3-core, 4 core, because the main is in the home, a stable power supply. Recommend the use of general office users 6-cell and 8 cell battery, because the relatively long standby time point, make your office more convenient. If you have a higher mobile office requirements, we can consider 9-pin and 12-cell battery, this battery is not easy to carry too heavy, and no 6-cell and 8-core stability. In fact, 6-cell and 8-core enough, because the 6-cell and 8-core is in your normal office use up to 3 hours or more, if playing a game on the other.

How to maintain notebook lithium SAMSUNG NP300E7Z battery.

A few years ago a notebook instead of a desktop PC industry's new "hegemony", as the laptop seems to repeat now the fate of the latter. Consumer demand for mobile computing has gone beyond the scope of the current notebook can do, especially in the Tablet PC appears, even it was beginning to think that the Tablet PC notebook will soon be replaced. Low profit margins, intense competition, coupled with the impact of tablet PCs, notebook computer industry is facing unprecedented threats.

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