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Buy notebook Eight Points for Attention
With falling prices, many friends have a plan to purchase a laptop. But how to choose a suitable laptop, not every friends are clear. Here I talk about the hardware configuration laptop purchase should pay attention to several issues in the hope of everyone in the purchase of laptop computers help.


1, the screen size should be appropriate
TFT display is the current mainstream products, and other types of products such as DSTN, etc. have been basically eliminated, TFT's advantage is the high brightness and contrast, fast screen response, viewing angle, rich colors, TFT is also conventional and low-temperature polysilicon, TFT ultra-black crystal of different types. When you purchase First, we should determine its size, there are currently several 12.1,13.3,14.1,15 inch. Select 12.1,13.3 the size of the average home can be, but must pay attention to the standard should support 1024x768 resolution. No special purpose, then, do not display too much pursuit. Excessive display means more weight, power consumption and price.
In the choice of laptop screen size, when in addition, should observe the brightness and contrast what is appropriate, the display response time is normal, the display color is bright and so on. Of course, should also observe the case of dead pixels on the LCD, in general, dead pixels can not exceed three.

2, CPU enough on the line
Now the market mainstream laptops using Intel's main CPU P Ⅲ and Celeron series, the latest Mobile P4 has been listed, but was not used much, in addition to laptops AMD and VIA C3 CPU, but it was rarely applied. But it is now using the "g lu shuttle" low-power CPU's products also increased. In terms of the notebook, CPU is not the sooner the better, if your laptop only to run common office type software, 800Mhz PIII or Celeron has more than enough, and the excessive pursuit of bringing high-frequency power-hungry but, high fever and other problems. We choose the most critical is that we must find out whether the CPU is Moblie CPU (laptop dedicated CPU), there are some manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs, used in laptop heat and power-hungry desktop CPU, although After special treatment, but still difficult to ensure stable long-run, and the power consumption and heat is very severe, the use of this CPU is not recommended to buy a notebook. When you purchase you can use Intel's dedicated program "Intelprocessor Frequency ID Utility" to test the CPU type and detailed technical parameters.

3, display performance can not be ignored
Laptop display performance is the key to affect the overall performance, decided to show the performance of the main factors is the use of the graphics chip and memory size, type and so on.
At this stage the use of notebook graphics chips are generally and ATI's RAGE MOBILITY 128 S3 SAVAGE / MX, GF4 GO using MOBILITY 7500,8500 and also to meet with you notebook, and they are even better 3D performance. Of course, the selection of graphics chips mainly depends on the specific use of laptop you buy, if only the general word processing, Internet, etc., then the high-performance graphics chip brings high-power but accurate.
Most current high-end products around the 16MB integrated memory, but mostly low-end computers and even 4MB or 2MB of shared system memory, the performance of natural fan. Recommended friends, try not to choose to buy less than 4MB memory and shared system main memory laptop display to ensure adequate performance.

4, the motherboard chipset is very important
Laptop integration is very high, the type of motherboard on the machine performance is particularly important. At this stage the mainstream notebook motherboard chipset has Intel's 815EM, 830MP, 830M, 830MG, SIS 630S, etc., which the Intel 830 series chipset supports 133MHz FSB and other features as well as excellent stability and compatibility and is widely used P Ⅲ in the high-end notebook computers. Intel 815EM chipset supports a high frequency of the CPU, 4 × AGP technology and built-I752 graphics chip, mainly for the Celeron laptop. SIS630S single-chip design, integrated sound card SIS7018, SIS300 graphics, SIS900 10/100M LAN, this highly integrated products, cheaper prices, the low-end notebook is widely used, but in performance and compatibility indeed be worse.

SAMSUNG NP305E4A Battery info:
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Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  383g
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5, hard disk and memory as large as possible
And the CPU does not have to pursue high-frequency different laptop hard drives and memory size, I think that should make a large quantity. In general hard disk capacity should not be less than 15GB, but the memory should not be less than 128MB; current mainstream notebook hard drive capacity should be 20 ~ 40GB or so, the memory is not less than 256MB. Also, when buying a laptop notebook computer should look to upgrade and expand capabilities, whether there is spare memory slots, CPU can be upgraded, the largest hard drives so much support for the future upgrade or expand the computer's hardware to do preparation.

6, the volume should be light weight
The reason why laptops are welcome, a very important reason is its portability. Laptops and more travel abroad, presentations and other time use. So I do not recommend you buy a laptop too much. 2KG best choice in the following, the ultra-thin Guangruanhuhuan more appropriate.

7, Battery Performance Test
Laptop batteries are mainly used in nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries two. NiMH batteries are cheap, but there are memory effect, and in the same capacity under the weight ratio of a large number of lithium, and lithium batteries virtually no memory effect, and light weight, power supply for a long time, has become a standard laptop computer battery . We choose not to pay attention to when the laptop battery types, should pay attention to the battery capacity and the actual use of time, the general capacity to 3000 mAh or more, the best use of time in about 3 hours, in order to meet our daily outdoor activities needs. At present, the laptop battery is generally to the 3000mAh 4500mAh, there are very few with 6000mAh, and the higher the value, in the same configuration used longer.

8, other factors to be considered
Such as the sound is good or bad. Economical cheap sound card used in notebook computers are mostly AC \ 97 soft sound, with cheap speakers, sound will naturally worse. While the high-end laptops will use ESS Maestro2E, CMI8738 sound chip and other hardware, coupled with the effects of natural outstanding 3D stereo speakers. It should also consider whether the wireless networking features, the motherboard BIOS supports the USB device and other factors

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Notebook taboos

Road immediately looked less and less exposed little sister who do not know whether you are young and old man felt chilly, cold winter also arrived. Friends who live in the north may now be busy winter reserves of materials, what jacket, blanket, gloves, scarf, Chinese cabbage, radish ... You asked me cabbage, radish and laptop have anything to do part? You know how the winter cabbage But you know how laptop security through the winter? Here's the winter using a laptop and you talk about the five taboos.


One taboo! Do not use the laptop outdoors

Many friends like to watch movies in the woods, the Internet and her sister in a small river in the Hyun in public buses, in the winter they used to have to get rid of all because the laptop is very chilly. Han?? Give your laptop to wear jacket? But also to the notebook around the scarf? If your laptop or even provoke neighbors to prevent smoking hot fire may call 119 to find me ah.


Using a laptop outdoors in winter is not the first reason is the low temperature will hurt the laptop TFT screen TFT screen is generally best to use a temperature of 40 degrees to 10 degrees, over the temperature range of the color TFT screen becomes abnormal aging faster, if In the low temperature range from using TFT screen may appear dead pixel TFT screen weight is causing permanent damage. Northeast's friends may have had experience, the phone screen in the cold outdoors will become very light pale color, in fact, this is the TFT LCD screen inside the variability of the material has already begun. If you really want to experience the following TFT screen, why is it called "LCD" screen, then you put the notebook on the cold night outside the bar, when the screen into which the liquid crystal, your screen may become super-famous black crystal screen or a high-brightness screen, and no matter how you toss it is consistently the same color. The TFT screen for your health, using a laptop outdoors in winter to give it.


Not using a laptop outdoors in winter The second reason is the low temperature will damage the battery pack. Currently the vast majority of notebook computers use lithium-ion battery that has the advantage of weight, large capacity, but also brings very cold this shortcoming. Zero when the lithium battery in the general civilian capacity will be reduced 20%, when up to ten degrees below zero when capacity may be only about half. Friends all know that winter north out of power on the phone if the warm arms of a warm can be used for a period of time, this is because the battery because the temperature is too low and caused a power not put out. This use of one or two may not have much impact on battery life, but if you use long-term this may cause permanent damage to the battery.


The second taboo, to prevent condensation of water!

Anhai teach you a good way to clean the notebook, the winter time you can put notebook on the outside about ten minutes, until the surface feels a sense of cool notebook. Then the notebook into a warm city, about two minutes or so laptops will form the surface layer of condensed water, this time you can pick up the cloth to wipe the laptop fast, not enough water if you feel you can spit a few mouthfuls of saliva on a class of the liquid. This approach also has a good washing machine, washing machines not only the surface, a few even inside the machine, such as fans mouth, below the keyboard, so the components on the motherboard so the water will be clean, wash after completing just use the drying machine and then thrown out on it.


SAMSUNG NP305E5Z Battery Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 305E Series
SAMSUNG 305E4A Series SAMSUNG 305E4Z Series SAMSUNG 305E5A Series
SAMSUNG 305E5Z Series SAMSUNG 305E7A Series SAMSUNG 305E7Z Series


The above method is in fact a joke with you, but you noticed condensation problem? Condensation occurs because the surface notebook just from the cold outdoors into a warm room have a big moment when the surface temperature difference, resulting in indoor water vapor condensation on the surface of the notebook, especially the metal shell of the notebook computer more vulnerable to this phenomenon. You can not underestimate the thin layer of condensate, which condensate layer may be completely hurt the notebook's heart. Condensate can be described as all-pervasive, as long as the contact areas and air are likely to produce condensed water, including your motherboard, CPU and other important parts. These components have a layer of water what consequences might need for me to say it.


 In order not to generate the best way to prevent condensation notebook too cold, you may wish to buy a notebook inside cotton bag, do you mean old, he bought a lot of clothes, but one not to buy a laptop, in fact, generally thicker package coupled with a cotton inner cortex outsourcing wind outdoors can guarantee at least two hours to prevent notebook surface too cold. Just enter the first room inside the bag can be opened, so slowly warming up the package, including laptop, so there will not be instantaneous surface temperature difference, so it does not produce condensation. If you do not cotton within the package, you can enter the room, only to open the laptop backpack a small opening to allow air circulation about slowly warming up, they do not have a huge temperature difference there will be no condensation.

 Finally, I would also like to remind you if the notebook surface condensation, do not let the laptop boot first, as long as the motherboard does not power on a small amount of condensed water is not any major problems. Also found in TFT screen with condensed water and do not open the laptop screen, because the screen is erected after the condensate is likely to move downwards so that the gap will flow down the screen below the screen to the inside, a lot of high-voltage circuits are laptop screen here very dangerous.


Using a laptop outdoors in winter is not the third reason is that feeling is also unhappy also likely to cause misunderstanding. Think of yourself alone in the cold wind blowing, the water becomes a river ice, lush trees into light Dodo Shucha son, from time to time there are a few pieces of dead leaves flying from side to understand your know that you have this hobby, do not know your wife thought you were driven out homeless do. Another great winter so cold, shivering hands estimated, and little sister accidentally hit into chat: sister sister sister ~  sister early morning ~ ~ am not eating!, Little sister that the quasi- You are not half-length increases with stuttering. For their own health, for their own glorious image, not in winter or outside the city with a good laptop.


The third taboo, invisible killer to prevent static electricity!

 Most vulnerable to static electricity in the winter of persecution notebook interface, especially USB, MODEM, LAN, etc. often need to plug the interface. Plug the interface in the winter is best not to pay attention to live action, try not to let clothing or physical contact to the interface of metal parts, etc. Also note that the USB interface, hot plug when the plug on the straight, so the power cord is before the data line connected to help prevent static electricity. If you found undress crackling sound, then touch the laptop at a good idea to wash your hands, so you put the spark of love is passed to the laptop. Finally, I remind you that winter, not to U disk, MP3 and other electronic products on the jacket or sweater going round in, this place is very large static electricity, not only easy to damage your U disk, MP3 and other equipment, but also easy to damage your notebook interface.


Heard of notebook invisible killer? You killed the fear in your notebook nad your SAMSUNG NP305E7A Battery invisible it? You imagine your notebook suddenly and inexplicably had the hang of what it would be? If you do not want to place the above circumstances, it would immediately begin Note that static electricity issues now. Laptop is a very sophisticated electronic products, in fact, this guy looks pretty solid body bone weak yet, but fear is static.

 This winter is the electrostatic peak appears invisible killer, after Northern autumn weather will be more dry in the winter not only thirsty, the body is feeling Dry skin, coupled with the body after the winter clothes are growing gradually, sweater, wool gloves, jacket, etc. a lot. But do not underestimate these clothes, and now the so-called Lycra and cotton wool sweaters, etc. are all blue-lun textile materials, which benefits no other thing, is prone to static electricity, a random crackling sound off clothes covered with sparkle . This static electricity may have been stored in your body until you touch something lower than your potential items such as laptop computers ah, MP3 ah a class, the final result I do not say.

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