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Many of my friends like an external power source, the battery discharge hope that this will extend battery life. Actually, this is not necessary, if the battery is fully charged, even if it does not remove the battery not to cause the battery to overcharge and damage and cell health, because there are escort battery management chip in it. And some of the notebook if you remove the battery, the hardware system does not run at full speed, when you run large applications slow when there are obvious sense. If you experience a sudden power outage, you have removed the battery, there is no way the information being processed in time to save up. On the contrary, if not remove the battery, you can easily save the information being processed. Negligible compared to the loss of the battery, I believe that the information being processed in time to save for something more important to you should it.


You may purchase notebook inspection machine, the clerk will tell you first need to charge more than 12 hours to fully activate the battery. In fact now the battery needs? Laptop batteries are basically the current lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery only when it needs such a long time to fully activate the battery. And now the notebook internal lithium battery management chip set, as long as the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage across the chip will cut off the charging circuit, and then charge down a waste of time and energy.


With the development of technology, 300G, 8000G hard disk users in general have been commonplace. However, the use of a long hard process, we also bear the risk of error will be hard at any time, ranging from the hard drive data loss, while in the drive retirement, resulting in unpredictable and potentially severe consequences. In what way, to solve common hard drive data loss failure, as users are concerned about the issue.

First, the hard disk partition


For hard drive in your hands, the first thing to do is partition. Hard disk partition is reasonable to work beyond the direct impact on the convenience and data security. We most often see the hard disk partition table error is the most serious errors, different errors might lead to different losses.


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If there is no active partition flag, the computer does not start. However, the boot floppy or CD-ROM drive can read and write system can reset the active partition by fdisk can be repaired. If a partition type of error will cause the loss of a partition.


In general, after completion of the hard disk partition, it will form three types of partitioning the state; the primary partitions, extended partitions and non-DOS partition.


DOS partition on the hard-Africa (Non-DOS Partition) is a special form of the partition, it is hard in an area carved out for separate use another operating system on the primary partition of the operating system is concerned, is the one being divided out of storage space. Only non-DOS partition of the operating system to manage and use this storage area, non-DOS partition on the outside of the system generally can not access the data partition.


Primary partition is a relatively simple partition, usually located in the top of a hard disk area, constitutes a logical C disk. One of the master boot program is part of it, this section primarily used to detect the hard disk partition program correctness, and to determine the active partition, is responsible for handing over to the active partition boot DOS or other operating systems. This section will not damage the program from the hard disk boot, but after the soft areas or light areas on the hard drive can read and write.


The concept of the extended partition is a complex, very likely to cause confusion hard disk partition and logical disks; the fourth partition table for the partition type byte value, the normal bootable DOS partition larger than 32mb value of 06 basic, extended DOS partition value is 05. If the basic DOS partition type to 05 can not start the system, and can not read and write the data.


If the 06 replaced DOS does not recognize the type, such as efh, the DOS partition is not a DOS partition that change, of course, can not read and write. Many people use the value of this type of encryption technology to achieve a single partition, restore the original value of the correct type so that the partition can be restored to normal.


There are other data in the partition table is used to record the start or end address partition. These data will result in damage to or loss of the partition of the confusion, the general can not be restored by hand, the only way is to use the backup data to re-write the partition table back, or from other partitions of the same type of situation and get the same partition on the hard disk table data, or other data will lead to permanent loss.

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Second, the hard drive data recovery

1, mistakenly formatted hard disk data recovery

In the DOS version of the high state, the format operation format by default are set up to restore formatted disk information, is actually the disk of the DOS boot sector, fat partition table and copy all the contents of the directory table to The last few sectors of the disk (since the latter sector is rarely used), the contents of the data area has not changed.

We can use a variety of data recovery software to recover, such as the use Easyrecovery 6.0 and Finaldata2.0 other recovery software can be convenient for data recovery. Another DOS also provides a miror disk command is used to record the current information for the restoration of formatted or deleted after use, this method is also more effective.


As the computer operating system is only reserved for the partition table of 64 bytes of storage space, and the parameters of each partition occupies 16 bytes, so the operating system only allows four partitions of the data stored, the actual use of the four logical disks often can not meet demand; we often drive extended partition, it is just a pointer to the next partition pointer, this pointer structure will form a singly linked list. So once one-way linked list problems, will result in the loss of a logical disk.


2, the zero track damage data recovery

Hard disk's master boot record (MBR), the zero on the track. MBR in the hard disk cylinder 0 track 0 sector 1, which kept the hard disk master boot program and partition table. In total 512 bytes of hard disk master boot record sector, the 446-byte hard disk master boot program is 64 bytes belong to the hard disk partition table (DPT), two bytes (55 AA) belongs to partition end marker.


Zero track, once damaged, will the hard disk master boot program and partition table information will be seriously undermined, leading to hard disk unbootable. Track 0 damage to determine: the system self-test pass, but the startup directory C drive partition is lost or missing, a regular hard disk "creak ... creak ..." and seek sound, run SCANDISK scan the C drive, there in the first cluster a red "B", or Fdisk can not find the hard drive, DM died on the track at 0, this situation is zero track damage!


Zero track damage is one of the hard disk bad sectors, but its location is very important, so once they are damaged, it will have serious consequences. Usually damaged hard disk track 0, the DE can PCTOOLS disk editor (or DiskMan) to make a deflection track 0 sector, the use of a track to track to be used as a 0. The data can be Easyrecovery to recover according to the cluster, but the data can not be guaranteed to be fully restored.


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3, damaged partition table data recovery

Hard disk master boot record (MBR) sector where the focus of attack where the virus is through the destruction of the master boot sector of the DPT (partition table), you can easily damage the hard disk partition information, to achieve the purpose of data destruction. Damage to the partition table is corrupted partition data records were destroyed leaving. Therefore, we can use the software to repair.


After partitioning the hard disk to back up a partition table to floppy disk, CD-ROM drive or removable storage activities.

In the recovery partition, NDD Norton Disk Doctor is absolutely powerful tool that can automatically repair partition loss, etc., can save the data in the floppy disk bad area, forced to read out the blank after the move to the other sectors. In the hard disk crashes or unusual circumstances, it may give users a glimmer of hope. In the event of problems with the boot disk, run the NDD, select Diagnose diagnosis. NDD full scan on the hard drive, if there is wrong, it will prompt to you, then as long as according to the software can be prompted to select restoration projects, and these problems it can be easily solved.


In addition, we are very familiar with Chinese disk tool DiskMan, rebuild partition table in has a very useful feature, used to repair the partition table, but the damage is most appropriate.


However, Rebuild Partition Table function can not guarantee one hundred percent of the repair done the hard disk partition table. So remember, "Who does not like seeking their requirements," or protect their hard drive it! Try to avoid hardware damage and viruses, and we must do the backup partition table; If you do not do a backup, please download a DiskMan software, and then in the tool options, select Backup partition table, usually the default is the top backup to floppy of. Then you should put the backup files to be burned to CD or copied to the U disk, do not put the hard disk, so it is not backed up with a kind of effect!


4, accidentally deleted data recovery after

In the course of our computer data recovery is most common after accidentally deleted data recovery, but at this time to remember, do not write back to the partition or disk information, delete the file because it had just been restored most likely.


Indeed, when using fdisk to delete the hard disk partition, the surface of the phenomenon is hard drive data has completely disappeared, without formatting the hard disk will be displayed when entering an invalid drive. Specifically, is the removal of the hard disk partition table information, and any hard disk partition data are not changed.


Since deleting files and formatting the data for some essentially did not move, so give provide the possibility of file recovery. As long as we use some undelete software (it works to restore the partition table by the control file), users can easily achieve the purpose of file recovery.


While the recovery of accidentally deleted formatted wrong method with the use of basically no major difference, as long as there is no use Fdisk command to partition the hard disk disruption (using less than the FDISK command to partition a hard disk 40G, is still very convenient and practical, all start plate on both the motherboard support is also no problem), to restore the file's clusters are not occupied by other files take up so much of the data before formatting can still be restored.


If your Windows system can also be used normally when using your SAMSUNG NP305V5Z Battery, then the easiest way to recover is to use Windows version of EasyRecovery software, hard disk data recovery is powerful, not only to restore the files removed from Recycle Bin, but also to restore the format of FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS partition files.


These are the hard drive data loss when we encounter how to recover data after several methods for computer experts believe that these friends who do nothing, but there are a lot of friends for the beginner computer hard drive data loss upset ah! Today, a brief introduction by several methods, and sincerely hope that we can to some extent.





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