High capacity SONY VAIO VPCB1 VPCCW1 VPCF1 Series Notebook battery test

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When the battery pack is running out of power and both the charge and power indicator lights blink, you should either connect the AC adapter torecharge the battery pack or shut down your computer and install a fully charged battery pack.
Your computer is supplied with a lithium ion battery pack and can be recharged any time. Charging a partially discharged battery pack does not affectthe life of battery.


You can extend the life of your battery pack if you enable the battery care function of the Battery Charge Functions with the VAIO Control Center.


While some software applications or peripheral devices are in use, your computer may not enter Hibernate mode even when the remaining battery lifebecomes short. To avoid loss of data while the computer is running on the battery, you should save your data frequently and manually activate a powermanagement mode, such as Sleep or Hibernate.

If the battery pack runs out of power while the computer is in Sleep mode, you will lose all unsaved data. Going back to the previous work state isimpossible. To avoid loss of data, you should save your data frequently.


SONY VPCB1 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  490g
Size: 204.30 x 57.60 x 37.10 mm
Color: Silver or Black


A battery begins to wear out as soon as it is made and will eventually wear out even if rarely used. A fresh, new battery,

will provide the maximum battery performance. Newer replacement batteries are often built with updated components that will outperform the the original battery.


High-quality charger for a laptop Sony Vaio VPCB1 designed to charge the battery and uninterruptible power supply notebook power. The kit includes the charger power cord and instruction manual in Russian. Power supply for Sony VPCB1 meets current-voltage characteristics of the laptop and prevents the laptop from a short circuit, voltage drops in the network and

overheating. Power adapter complies with international standards and regulations PCT, CE, FCC, ROHS.

Home Computer Repairs is one of the leading providers of Sony VPCB1 laptop data recovery services in Beckenham and Kent. With widespread proficiency in physical data recovery and logical data recovery services and with advanced data recovery tools and techniques including Class 100 clean room facility, our experienced data recovery professionals can recover data from IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, ZIP and USB drives. Power supply for notebook Sony. Designed to power laptop Sony Vaio VPCB1.Power supply (AC adapter) is used to power the laptop from the AC mains voltage from 100 to 240 volts. Output voltage of 19.5 volts, the output current 4.7 Amps. Power 90 watts. Includes - power supply cable to connect to the network. Warranty 6 months.With its beautiful pink dress, the Sony Vaio VPCCW1S1E is clearly a female clientele. As usual with Sony, the design and finish are emphasized, without forgetting performance with a processor and a dedicated graphics card that makes this machine very versatile.


Handling and ergonomics: quality plastics and an excellent comfort

Mostly pink, with the exception of the bottom, the hull of the Sony Vaio VPCCW1S1E / R is composed of several different

plastic to the touch. The palm rest around the touchpad is completely smooth, with a bright pink fairly steady, similar to

the hood of the screen. Surrounding the keyboard is made of a plastic mat pastel pink. This beautiful color fades gradually to the top of the screen. It is very successful and it avoids fingerprints and dust. Finishing and assembly are very good.

The keyboard is a "Chiclet", with small flat keys (15 x 15 mm) beyond just the hull. Typing is sweet and pleasant, with soft keys, responsive and fairly firm, which respond well.


The touchpad (multi-touch) is a good year. His touch mat provides a sliding fluid, fast and accurate. The button clicks are not left with a blend of quality and a click reagent has the advantage of not making too much noise.


The webcam image is correct. This lack of detail and the difficulties begin if there is not too much light in the room. But

the contrast and fluidity are in the middle, while the overexposed areas are not too burned.


The machine is relatively quiet despite blowing a permanent fan. We have seen much better, especially on the side of the MacBook from Apple. However, the breakdown has the advantage of being effective, and not switch to turbine every turn. The machine is rather cold, which bodes well for the life of components

SONY VPCCW1 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


The motherboard of a laptop is the essential element of your laptop. It is composed of circuits and connection ports and is used to interconnect and manage all components of the computer. If a component or a port is soldered or defective, it is all entral functions of the laptop that are damaged.

Creative IT, the service center for laptop based in Aix en Provence, has specialized in the repair of motherboard of all

notebooks and those of the Sony Vaio VPCB1 in particular. Thus, Creative IT technicians have the expertise in electronics necessary to perform the troubleshooting of motherboard and the repair or replacement if necessary.

These troubleshooting motherboard are available for individuals and business users of Sony Vaio laptop VPCB1 throughout



The graphics card of a portable control display. Over time, the fan tends to be dusty, turning more slowly and overheat the computer. When this happens, the graphics card is the most requested during movie watching and video game, comes off the motherboard and causes of glitches such as horizontal or vertical lines, geometric shapes or a black screen . With advanced equipment and experienced technicians in the repair of electronic components, Creative IT offers troubleshooting video card, whatever the brand - ATI Radeon, nVidia Ge Force or Intel. VPCB11A7E, VPCB11V9E / B, VPCB11X9E /B.

The other fault current motherboard is a power failure which may be due to the power connector that connects the power supply to the motherboard or a component on the motherboard. The team at Creative IT specializes in the repair of a power failure on Sony Vaio computers VPCB1. With its stock of original spare parts and component suppliers Sony VPCB1 often difficult to locate in the world, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of users VPCB1 Sony Vaio, individuals and businesses in France.


When the motherboard of the laptop is beyond repair, the ultimate solution is replacement. Sony laptops are laptops VPCB1 expensive and the replacement of the motherboard is made only when other solutions have not been able to resolve the failure.


We offer a one-year warranty on any replacement motherboard. Since the functions exercised by the board, this type of

troubleshooting can give new life to the computer as if it were a new laptop.


SONY VPCF1 Battery Fit machine:

For the customer who is unable to travel to our service center of Aix en Provence, we offer a mail order and repair

throughout France. So you can send your laptop by Colissimo or Chronopost by sending it to Creative IT, BP 70031, 13791 Aix n Provence Cedex 3.

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