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AMD notebook platform for the 2009 release Vision brand, allow consumers to AMD's notebook platform with a deep understanding of this, even the AMD senior vice president, chief marketing officer Nigel Dessau years, told reporters in Beijing also praise for VISION technology do not stop talking. Demand for user experience, VISION 2010 is divided into VISION, VISION PREMIUM, VISION UlTIMATE and top VISION BLACK, which VISION BLACK for the first time to the desktop platform "black box" concept into the notebook platform, equipped with Phenom II X4 X920 BE processor the VISION BLACK platform allows users to adjust CPU multiplier on the line easy overclocking, this official overclocking the AMD platform, which is the first time, DIY atmosphere is very strong.


In addition to AMD's desktop platform, "black box" concept, how can we not mention the "open core"? What is the open core? Is the user using the motherboard features the AMD CPU core to open the original shield, a 4 becomes 2,2 becomes quite interesting. In the majority of forums and even "5K party" of the many members, what 5K party? Is the use of K10 core Athlon X2 5000 + successful open four physical cores and 6M L3 cache of the players, Imagine, if you can get the same cost of 350 yuan to 1000 yuan CPU performance, is simply the "cost" of these three words perfectly experience. As AM3 era, civil "open core" culture diminished, players continue to hold high the banner of open-core price.


As the world's leading notebook manufacturers, Asus AMD VISION platform in many products, today gave us the world's first open-core notebook A42D. A42D originally only with three core Phenom II N830, but by ASUS exclusive 3 +1 open nuclear technology, transformed pulled a quad-core Phenom II N830 3 +1, which is the first official recognition of the open core. Official assurances open core, in the end a gimmick or a real effort, we come to actual combat A42D.

Open nuclear history - about to open on the desktop platform core, can not talk about the famous ACC.


ASUS A42DY Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 14.4V or 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Size: 271.10 X 47.80 X 21.80 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NXM1B2200Z 90-NYX1B1000Y A31-B53
A31-K52 A32-K52 A32-N82
A41-K52 A42-K52 A42-N82


Fit machine:
ASUS A42 Series(All)


ACC full name of Advanced Clock Calibration, advanced clock calibration, the SB750/SB710 southbridge chip for AMD K10 architecture to enhance the overclocking capability of CPU functions. All equipped with SB750/SB710 Southbridge AMD 7-Series chipsets support ACC function.


ACC launched in the early stages of what is really hard to touch on the relationship, ACC clock check only by a special interface processors connected to each other, the CPU clock frequency and operational error to be corrected. ACC clock calibration function of the most powerful CPU in the work place is to allow the process of mistakes, but will not cause the system to hang or paralysis. Overclocking the CPU and significantly increased job opportunities for error to start the ACC function, K10 architecture of the CPU's overclocking limit will be 30Mhz-50Mhz increases and ACC on the K10 architecture feature can also fine-tune each core CPU, the maximum amplitude can be positive or negative 12.5 percent.


Now open the ACC function allows the CPU to a certain degree of calculation error, then open the nuclear preparations ready, as long as the error rate significantly exceeds the value set within a CPU, the original shield "is not up to the core" (of course AMD can not achieve a stable standard, processor manufacturers are very strict standards for stability, in most processor manufacturers do not recommend users to overclock the processor) will become the core standards, as ACC has been allowed within a certain range of error . This core is to open.


ACC to "expose" can open the nuclear future, AMD is not in any response, but it is certain that almost all AMD motherboard partners are provided in the BIOS of this free and open core functions of the ACC sweet. But did not last long, the new 8 series to introduce new SB850 Southbridge, the new SB850 Southbridge added many new features such as native support for SATA 6Gb / S, but less so famous multi-alone ACC, do from not on the open nuclear it?

The majority of players need to open the core, AMD motherboard partners will not miss this opportunity, while the Asus is the first in AMD 8 Series chipset to provide open-core functions (Core Unlocker) vendors. Core Unlocker is, as long as the Core Unlocker pressing the button on the motherboard, BIOS will start scanning all of the processor core (including the core shield), so that there is an opportunity to start running these core operations and to assist in the work, Core Unlocker have the opportunity to become a 3-core dual-core processor, 4 core, or quad-core processors into 6 core


Review the history of open-core, it is not difficult to understand why the ASUS notebook platform can once again hang in the "open core" a whirlwind.


ASUS X52F Battery Fit machine:
ASUS X52 Series


ASUS A42D originally only with three core Phenom II N830, but by ASUS exclusive 3 +1 open nuclear technology, transformed into a quad-core Phenom II N830 3 +1. This kind of desktop "black box" concept into the notebook platform, the first attempt, the notebook DIV players, the experience was more than just performance, but also includes a desktop platform have the DIY spirit. But requires the user to note that if you buy before the N830 notebook ASUS configuration, then it can not be achieved through open nuclear technology N830 3 +1 four-core.


The hardware configuration from ASUS A42D view Phenom II N830 3 +1 and Mobility Radeon HD5470 for Entertainment Entertainment applications, if you want to give power point, switch to higher performance, with 400 stream processors Mobility Radeon HD5650, then meet the Gamer needs


Obviously AUSU A42D easily meet the requirements of the platform AMD VISION Ultimate, quad-core Phenom II N8303 +1 processors have excellent multitasking capabilities, easily edit their own music, photos and high definition content. AMD Mobility Radeon HD5470, although entry-level DX11 cards, but provides for high-definition video playback UVD2 function, not only to meet the needs of online games, but also to meet some of the most popular game masterpiece.

PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance. From multimedia home entertainment system to the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether in the hands of professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, can understand the system performance through PCMark Vantage. Based on ASUS 3 +1 technology is also used AMD Phenom II N830 processor-based notebooks, ASUS K42DQ the overall system performance improved compared to ASUS K42DE 18.6%.


MAXON CINEBENCH is the company introduced a processor test software, which is based on MAXON's award-winning animation software CINEMA 4D development. CINEBENCH by a number of tests to measure the contents of a computer processor and graphics performance, it supports up to 16 processors or processor Core tests. CINEBENCH R10 test after the processor can get three results, followed by a single core score, score and OpenGL multi-core performance score. Multi-core testing ASUS 3 +1 technology that AMD Phenom II N830 has suddenly become a 4 physical core, 2MB L2 cache processor, multi-core test scores improve as much as 32.7%, close to the theoretical value.


WinZip software you are familiar with, do not make too much introduction. In testing, we chose a capacity of 446MB 1080p HD video files by clicking the right mouse button for real-time compression, and compression of time to complete record WinZip to examine the two products in the practical application of the performance. After that, we chose contains 39 photos, a capacity of 129MB directory to be compressed into one file, and record the time used two laptop computers. In this test, ASUS K42DQ in ASUS 3 +1 technical support, beyond the three-core mobile processor based on the ASUS K42DE, especially for multi-file compression, and its reach beyond the range of 21.4%, even In for a single file compression applications, ASUS K42DQ still able to maintain a 15.1% lead.


Photoshop is often used in software user with ASUS X52J Battery, the new version of Photoshop CS5 in some filters to add support for multi-core processors, we tested the selection of a picture, its fuzzy processing. By selecting the Radial Blur filter Blur filter, we adjust the results to the highest, and recorded two laptops to complete filter processing time. Up to 37.2% efficiency can not be overlooked, thanks to ASUS 3 +1 technology - in the "on" additional processing core, and increases the processor secondary cache after, Photoshop CS5's efficiency has increased substantially, the user In actual use do not have to pay extra waiting time, improve the user experience.


TrueCrypt supports a variety of encryption algorithms, such as: AES, Serpent, Twofish, etc. It can be used for Windows, Mac OS X, OpenSuse and Ubuntu and many other platforms. Users can decide to install or direct use, its principle is to use a similar hard disk image file on the new encryption volume, mount it only when used, will need to encrypt files into one, and finally uninstall it, to complete encrypted. Thus, the software is not only determined by the efficiency of disk performance, but also have high requirements on the processor.


TrueCrypt software clearly states that its efficiency by the double impact of processor and storage system, the role of technology and ASUS 3 +1 under the ASUS K42DQ comprehensive than in the actual performance of the ASUS K42DE, AES encryption test in the range of 28%.

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