How to prolong ASUS Lamborghini VX2S VX2Sn Battery Life

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     When the battery power is still more than 30% of the best to be charged, because the memory effect does indeed exist more or less. to reduce power dissipation within the device. More and more CPU-frequency, ASUS Lamborghini VX2S Battery ,high-speed hard disk will bring a lot of energy consumption, and increased heat dissipation.

    Without first testing to see how those smart BQ2060 information, look at the BQ2060 have detected what information? The detected information is stored in what place? In BQ2060 the DATASHEET, there is a Table 3. Bq2060 Register functions, that holds the BQ2060 detected intelligence information. This information is called the Smart Battery Data (Smart Battery Data), which are defined as standard, (see Smart Battery Data Specfication).
BQ2050 detected in a message to the not so rich, it does not meet this standard. BQ2040, BQ2083, BQ2085 conform to this standard, the information is also detected these.
BQ2060 detected the following information to explain the meaning.

   You, or batteries; if you do not have ASUS Lamborghini VX2Sn Battery long-term, may also lead to this phenomenon, this time need to complete discharge (up to fail to boot up), and then full power, repeated several times to activate the battery.

    So then do not require special, the best within the system or the use of third-party software Lai Kongzhiyingpan or speed, do not Kaiguo Duo of the window, and procedures in order to avoid CPU overload of work, this will not only increase laptop battery using life consumption, and another to reduce the heat , in the "hot autumn" season there, this is a bit good.

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