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We know that often appear in the game backlit keyboard entertainment notebook, is to ensure that even in a dark environment, players can see the keyboard symbols , although most of the players had to achieve " comfortably " operation, but in a dark environment often psychologically produce an uncertain, confident attitude, afraid that they will press the wrong button , affect their game state. ASUS R704V Ultrabook also comes with a backlit keyboard , but it is not backlit so that business users to play games , but let him work in the middle of the night is still able to clearly see their own word play , not because of wrong or less hit one letter and irreparable consequences , while also being able to maintain the efficiency of input in a dark environment .


In the top right of the keyboard , ASUS R704V Ultrabook some keys have specific functions were centralized place , it is not as set in the "Fn + F1-12" on like some other products, special presence should be a special treat . In addition to the above -mentioned facial recognition outside , ASUS R704V with ASUS R704V Battery over the upper pole of the touchpad also set up a fingerprint identification device that can further enhance security.


We know that the body has a super super thin , like a traditional VGA video output , RJ-45 wired network interface has been difficult to see in the super pole on the one hand, is rarely used because , after all, has now wireless very popular , HDMI connection methods have also become mainstream . But ASUS R704V as a high-end business Ultrabook , to meet the portable moving while retaining these interfaces , you can respond to changing environments , and some companies have yet to update the video equipment , still retains a certain share VGA. It can also be seen from Fig 3 is provided with a blue USB3.0 data interface, a USB interface on the side where the charging machine tips . Charge off the benefits of self-evident , that allows users in the state can not boot for your small electronic devices ( such as smartphones ) charging , you can use to provide basic protection for business travelers !


In previous author describes ASUS R704V with ASUS R704VB Battery super pole feeder capacity , some users may think that the performance is still insufficient to meet its expansion needs, do not worry, it is at the end of the panel set up docking interface, you can use to connect the docking station to improve its transportation capacity. According to official statistics, a docking station with four USB3.0 interface, four display port , Gigabit Ethernet port and audio ports.


In addition to the contents of the author mentioned in the text , ASUS R704V Ultrabook also has AcerDASP damping design, intelligent design and unique liquid diversion smart fan design and technology and so on , which makes it encounters such as physical impact, liquid poured and other complex environments , you can ensure the safety of cleaning systems and products . I mentioned in the text with carbon fiber surface , aluminum-magnesium alloy structure , face recognition, fingerprint recognition security measures and some other column , you can use to provide the most secure protection for business users , it can be comparable with the top business products become business travelers the right-hand man !


Lifebook AH564 is equipped with 9cell FUJITSU Lifebook AH564 Battery and a 14.0 inches IPS display and a resolution of 1920 × 1080, at the same time , to ensure a perfect fit with Windows 8 , Lifebook AH564 also supports 10-point touch , noteworthy is , AH564 put to the screen border control is very good, one of the narrow border with the full B shell , so browsing and entertainment more enjoyable. In addition , in order to put an end to the greatest degree of reflective phenomenon, its outer screen additionally posted a matte film (which previously tested Lifebook X1 Carbon Touch version is similar ) .

Business laptops mentioned , ultimately, its R-series and ASUS ASUS exclusive series of business in these two series this year, a comprehensive updates, introduced a number of groundbreaking new products. This ushered in the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is a brand new ASUS 14 3000 under the range of products - ASUS R704V, it is adhering to ASUS Series exquisite craftsmanship and solid design concept, along with high- performance , double the durability , efficient cooling , security and convenience of management , more business preferred


ASUS R704V notebook equipped with 6cell ASUS R704VC Battery and Intel Core i3-4010U dual-core processor , clocked at only 1.7GHz , this ultra-low voltage processor maximum TDP thermal power consumption is only 15W, as long battery life provides a hardware -based , but it also built-in Intel HD 4400 graphics core , to meet the general office / video needs. It uses a combination of other aspects of the storage 2GB DDR3 RAM +500 GB mechanical hard drive .


Throughout the history of business notebooks , regardless of the product changes / improvements, but there is always a theme from the beginning through to the present, the future will not change until , that is " portable ." Developed by a desktop PC to a laptop , is a reflection of the portable mobile , and business notebook is the notebook is more emphasis on one type of portable : core mainstream notebook is cost-effective, comprehensive core video performance notebook , gaming notebook the core is the powerful 3D graphics processing power , while the core business notebook is portable.

As a 12.6- inch HP 350 G1 notebook with 4cell HP 350 G1 Battery can only say that in terms of weight is " mediocre ", 2.384Kg the whole weight and 2.899Kg travel weight , we can not say that Shen can not say that light can only be regarded as standard 15.6 inches notebook reference weight . Thickness , the HP 350 G1 thickest body of 27.9mm, but because the bottom panel feet thick ( the figure shows it with a 25mm coin for cf ) , seems to have more than 35mm. Feet thick bottom panel can be increased between the desktop area , improve air flow speed, you can take more heat to achieve better cooling effect.


Relative to the mainstream business notebook tends tough style , ASUS R704V some " sword easy road " design , rounded corners and black trim make it a few more home atmosphere, reducing the business occasions depressing atmosphere. At present, many products are angular, even with curved corner design , the arc will not be too long, just right angle to erase this point on ultra- pole of this product is particularly evident in the business . The ASUS R704V This large open-angle arc corners , in addition to more character aesthetic perspective , the product has been dropped Shihai easier to cushion the impact force to protect the internal structure.

As a main cost entry-level business notebook , ASUS R704V business performance in many respects this is not very outstanding, after all, the performance and the price is a contradiction , it is impossible two are perfectly balanced . But also because it is equipped with entry-level hardware , it has created its extraordinary endurance in MobileMark 2012 battery life test mode software office reached a relatively good 484 minutes , you know the conventional 14-inch notebook 's battery life also in the 300 minute level , ASUS R704V with ASUS R704VD Battery is almost double the average , and this is its biggest selling point , I believe that 484 minutes of battery life will be able to attract the attention of business people !

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