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Different configurations, workmanship and appearance of the different positioning of the notebook. In accordance with the mainstream view, business people, students, home users and gamers, for the notebook user group classification, although not able to cover everything, but also gave consumers the convenience of the vast machine sea segments. But in recent years, the concept of "fashion this gradually emerge, like how to define the concept of" fashion "is still the accepted standard fashion this positioning in terms of functionality, price positioning or crowd positioning are not particularly clear boundaries . Only the shape of the naked eye can see to interpret the so-called "fashion" does not seem to be fully applicable for the laptop.

Market recognition or not, the fashion of this concept still continues as side A convertible, multi-color optional mirror surface material, metal, drawing, and other modern technology to promote the rapid notebook appearance upgrades and breakthroughs, but also greatly enriched for the elaborate fashion the features of the concept. In March of this year, HP Toshiba released its series of new products, in addition to a comprehensive upgrade of the conventional models, it also brings this evaluation products today - hp 655. Carrying six color, metal plating and India, Portman textures and new features such as "excellent flash-based 655 the concept of playing with exaggerated visual impact landing notebook market, a few months to really get a lot of attention. Today, the line of sight once again return to the top of this 655 laptop, what kind of a flash outstanding, as I explore together.

Although we reviewed today is the white section 655 of the excellent HP flash main product. In accordance with the official description of HP 655 Series with its original Hyun color plated metal printing process has three layers of different materials, the innermost layer of the shell nano-metal layer, the middle layer is the pattern layer (Portman pattern) the top layer of protection, but this three-layer thickness of only 1/400 of the hair diameter, with wear and corrosion, thin role in environmental protection. Both in materials or workmanship, 655 let us see a little changed, and, dare so to display the HP to create "fashion this focus.

And then back to this snow crystal white color HP 655 color on the new notebook, perhaps due to the surface into the the Portman pattern design, the A face and the palm rest part of the show a slightly gray color only border part of the keyboard as well as B-side is pure white, little difference down so that the overall shape of the notebook becomes less monotonous. Overall, this whole body of the white of the 655 shape, the main lines are in a minimalist style, contrast in terms of the previous generation 650 is also thinner and lighter, although the shape is not particularly changed, but this body was more in line with the current pursuit of frivolous portable notebook trend. HP 655 screen with 14-inch HD LED screen and 9cell HP 655 Battery the golden ratio of 16:9, resolution up to 1366 × 768, to meet the user's daily watch high-definition video and other applications. Top of the screen is a support 720P HD camera, 1 million pixels, and can basically meet the purposes of network video. The bottom of the screen is Toshiba's logo regarded played embellishment.


SAMSUNG whole new generation of 3 series of business this has been officially released in China, our previous evaluation 355V locate professional business users with rich scalability and business functions, s series is more stylish, more suitable for business individual users to select, for example, our evaluation today This SAMSUNG 350V.

Corresponding with the 350V is 355V, which belong to the two platforms 14 inches 355V uses the Intel platform, 350V APU platform, only Intel's 15-inch option. The two look almost identical, the shell is made with scratch-resistant coating of magnesium alloy shell, we can only label on the palm rest can distinguish.

SAMSUNG s campaign targeting small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on the balance of performance and commercial value to the user, the 350V is a mainstream 14-inch notebook, stylish appearance and APU platform cost is the biggest competitive advantage. SAMSUNG 350V in the design and the previous generation of the same style, the metallic elements in this generation have focused on the top cover and palm rest and the shaft part of the drawing process of magnesium alloy, this design is currently in the business of the very common, can be very good on the body to form a protective metal texture can better set off business temperament.

350V metal material in the top cover and palm rest surface design, can effectively improve the compression ability of the notebook is not easy to leave fingerprints, and can not easily be scratched. Silver-gray aluminum-magnesium United brushed the top cover to the user a very cool visual experience, SAMSUNG metal engraved LOGO in the middle of the A side, in addition to other decorations, it is decent and generous.

SAMSUNG 350V with a 14-inch LED-backlit display, glare matte design in the business this is very common, with 1366 × 768 resolution, the top of the screen for the front camera. The machine's opening and closing angle of approximately 135 °, the B-side of the screen border plastic material. The interface, SAMSUNG 355V of the left side with the vast majority of the interface from the back a lock for the laptop, power connector, cooling air outlet, a VGA video interface, an RJ-45 Ethernet interface, an HDMI interface, two USB2.0 interface.


For a 14-inch business notebook, the use of metal as the main material, then the weight must not light after the actual weighing, we found that the 350V with battery the weight is 2.255kg, portable extent, after all, does not belong to the thin and light commercial this. SAMSUNG 350V uses 6cell SAMSUNG 350V Battery and a floating island, chocolate keyboard, the keys feel good, the key-way medium, resilience is also good. In the top left of the keyboard power button, top right of the browser and Wifi shortcut keys, and the rest of the shortcut keys are integrated into the F1-F12 keys.

In the right side of the fuselage is relatively simple. Only two USB3.0 interface, and a DVD burner, most users use the mouse to the right hand, so the heat out of the outlet and most of the interface design on the left is a more reasonable approach. Care of the following in front of the fuselage, the left hand, you can see more than one card reader interface, a microphone interface and a headphone jack.


But in the bottom of the fuselage, the main heating area in the CPU area, excellent temperature control of the palm rest area due to the reason of the internal lithium polymer battery, the actual operation, to bring a good experience for the user. SAMSUNG 350V ultra-pole in this life time is 434 minutes, a very surprising result, the full load can reach seven hours, all-weather operations is not a problem. In addition, that aside, this book of life is to edit the test of ultra-pole in this life the best performance.

Pass the test, Ivy, Bridge low-voltage version of the processor performance is impressive, not only enhance the performance of 22 nm tri-gate (the Tri-Gate) 3-D transistor can further reduce power consumption, low-voltage version from the test the situation the IVB i7 processor performance has gone beyond the low-voltage version of the SNB i7 processor, fairly even and the standard voltage of the SNB i5. I7 processor and 256GB solid state drive with the SAMSUNG 350V ultra-pole in this price also improved, but if you mentioned the word "price", SAMSUNG still stays on. Of course, we can not just take what hardware configuration that matter, after all, the laptop is a by integration from individual work is in the details, materials technology, SAMSUNG ultra-pole, this needs to enhance.


Today, SAMSUNG launched a new NP350V5C notebook for everyone to bring it the SAMSUNG before 350V4C series notebook upgrade products, but did not become a continuation of the product, but as the SAMSUNG launched a new series of products which appear in everyone's field of vision. From the mold NP350V5C not make major changes, and still continues the fine tradition before SA and SD series, but in the details, but made no small change. As for what changes? We will explain.

SAMSUNG NP350V5C notebook using 7800mAh SAMSUNG NP350V5C Battery Intel's latest generation of IVB platform i5-3320M processor, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE (Memory 2GB) discrete graphics, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, and 750GB HDD mechanical hard disk. Screen NP350V5C abandon a resolution of 1366 × 768, but reached a 1600 × 900. As for its concrete manifestation of how we read on.

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