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In the world we live in such an interesting law, namely the appearance of the object to change often than intrinsic changes in the first attractive attention. Because our visual sense for us to obtain more than 80% of outside information. Precisely because of such an objective existence of the law, the purchase of the notebook, the appearance is as consumers, we must first consider elements.


HP apparently took note of this. Earlier this year, HP introduced a EliteBook 8570w is already a strong machine, one of the most talked about in the notebook market. Rich configuration, powerful performance and follow the mature appearance from the 4743G has won the praise of the market.


Over time, the appearance of this machine for now commercial atmosphere too strong. The army of young students as a notebook to buy friends for such appearance will certainly be some rejection. Therefore, recently, an upgraded version of the HP EliteBook 8770w and increased to four stylish colors to the new mold into our line of sight.


This interesting notebook recently came to our Winnie the online evaluation room, let us work together to feel the infinite charm of this charming notebook brings us below.


As a HP to build a new main product, this HP EliteBook 8770w design introduces a more stylish design elements. Embedded within the shell of the dynamic "wave texture, edges are simple rounded handle. In material terms, the entire body to create composite materials, which can effectively reduce the cost of the fuselage, the lower the selling price.

I received this evaluation of the prototype uses a champagne gold build, but this time HP also at the same time the other three colors were black knight, ice blue, Mei Guizi, sufficient to meet the different needs friends to buy. We can also see the speaker of the aircraft is support for Dolby sound, so this machine in the audio performance, there should be no small improvement in the bottom of the sunken shaft.


Overall, the HP EliteBook 8770w notebook dynamic fashion elements throughout the entire machine all aspects of the appearance of this new mold to create the appearance of eye-catching


HP EliteBook 8770w Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.8V
Capacity: 83Wh / 8Cell
Weight:  367g
Size: 270.00 X 53.00 x 20.00 mm
Color: Black


As a consumer-grade 14-inch notebook, this the HP EliteBook 8770p in the design of the interface do not have any concerns, almost all commonly used types of interface are provided. Let us look at how its specific performance.

On the left side of the fuselage has a power jack, RJ-45 cable interface, thermal window, VGA video output interface, HDMI high-definition interface, two USB 2.0 interface. The right side of the fuselage is scheduled for a composite headphone jack, USB 2.0 ports, DVD burner and laptop anti-theft locking. The interface layout can be said that not much disadvantage, arrangement and layout of more traditional USB 3.0 interface, but did not provide the slightest regret.

The front of the body, we can see the HP EliteBook 8770P placed more than one card reader and 4 run status indicator. 4 lights in a very delicate position, when we together the lid can still be clearly observed the state of the indicator.


The HP EliteBook 8770p is a full-size HP common duckweed keyboard we see that this design we used the office for long text input is absolutely no problem. Keyboard keys, key-way medium, feedback softening in the overall performance is good. The power lights are designed in the bottom of the left shaft and texture prominent, temperament impressive fashion.


In the keyboard below the touch pad volume is not large, but the surface of the friction dynamics is quite appropriate and suitable damping. In actual use, the touchpad is more accurate positioning, and moving more smoothly. Two left and right buttons below the design with some friends may be in the habit of not adapting


The notebook is equipped with a camera is not surprising for us, already, able to achieve a satisfactory effect true in actual use, but very few. The HP EliteBook 8770p, without exception, have a high-definition high-sensitivity camera at the screen borders. So, it can make us satisfied with that?


HP EliteBook 8770P Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V or 11.25V
Capacity: 100Wh / 9Cell
Weight:  399g
Size: 205.11 x 56.11 x 20.11 mm
Color: Black


From the screenshot of the actual test, the performance of the camera is OK, the definition is acceptable. Objectively speaking, this effect for some high-end products, or have a certain gap. However, if we only used for network communication or competent.

In yesterday's article, we highlight the the ASUS K55A design, the screen effect, the touch experience and sound experience, their machine to work and interface layout is described in detail. Among them, the sound system for the shock of the new design of the video level user impressed.


This article we will focus on the ASUS K55A equipped GT 650M significant independence performance, in addition to conventional 3DMark Vantage benchmark, also joined the three mainstream games test. Which Reduo highest undoubtedly the "Diablo Diablo III", I believe that the game have been expecting for a long time, the game for those who wait for the 12 years of loyal players once again get back the classic, although the people have changed. but there is still a lot of fans in the chase.


If you want a perfect experience "Diablo Diablo III, then ask your notebook graphics card can HOLD to live? The answer is yes tragedy, following a first-come take a look at the performance of the ASUS K55A.


ASUS K55A not only in the video with a shocking visual and audio effects, as a notebook for entertainment market, also has a good support in terms of game performance. The model configuration, the most worthy of attention is using the latest Kepler framework of discrete graphics - the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card using 28nm process technology, with 2GB of DDR3 memory capacity, a 128bit memory interface and 384 stream processors.


ASUS K55A Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4700mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  347g
Property: ASUS Battery
Color: Black


Contrast ASUS the K55V graphics performance in order to allow more intuitive, we pass the 3DMark Vantage graphics performance assessment, the final GPU in part 32 832 points, breaking three extreme results is almost twice that of the previous generation GT 540M deal with some demanding large-scale game, and the GT 650M can provide better performance support.

Comes to ASUS K Series, has been the flagship product of the mainstream consumer market, coupled with reasonable price to the mainstream configuration has been concern of many consumers. The ASUS k53 series launched last year with multicolor color display as well as different configurations for the user to select the user's orientation is more extensive, the price to let the consumer acceptance.


Look at the overall design style of the the ASUS K55V of this product. The design style of the roof using a stylish warm golden appearance of the suit pattern, texture performance of the rich texture, designed to enhance the surface of the wear resistance, and to some extent, enhance the compression performance. But such a texture gap is easy to fall into the dust and other stains, and clean up is too much trouble.


The ASUS K55V with a 14-inch mirror display, the mainstream 1366 × 768 maximum resolution. Treatment effect of the matte border, you can effectively prevent product contaminated with fingerprints and other stains. Camera and microphone at the top of the screen design.


ASUS K55V Battery Fit machine:
ASUS K55 Series  
ASUS K55A Series ASUS K55D Series ASUS K55DE Series
ASUS K55DR Series ASUS K55N Series ASUS K55V Series
ASUS K55VD Series ASUS K55VM Series ASUS K55VS Series


This product uses the new Intel Core third-generation intelligent processor, add a USB3.0 interface, and support for the ASUS Instant On fast boot technology, more long-lasting extended battery life as well as the ASUS IceCool technology, effective regulation of the temperature of the palm rests, make the user more comfortable to use.

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