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In the multi-core performance, i7-4700MQ than i7-3610QM improved by about 7%, single core aspects are improved by about 32%. From the Windows 8 operating system experience index, TOSHIBA CR643F score of 5.0 points from the score, we can see that the processor the highest scores, while the memory, hard disk low score, of course, is a significant HD4600 lowest score was 5.0. Machine obvious short board from the hard drive portion, increasing an SSD solid state drive, then there will be significantly improved.


PCMark 7 is a well-known integrated hardware testing tools to quickly conduct a comprehensive test on the overall performance. It contains seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC. The test run is divided into 3221 points, the overall performance powerful.


The white color notebook market, there are many, but most part of the machine base or traditional black, does not look very harmonious. ASUS N550L with 6cell ASUS N550L Battery is a heart will make you feel at first glance product, because the whole body is indeed pure white color has a different appeal. ASUS N550L notebook cover with a high film transfer process inside, white background decorated with simple linear textures, apart from the fresh and simple, and will not become too monotonous. Cover does not use the popular metal material, relatively moist and delicate touch, in addition to cost considerations, perhaps metal for female users would be too tough.


Haswell architecture products compared to Ivy Bridge integrated graphics era with a comprehensive upgrade, graphics chip is also divided into various classes. The first episode of Haswell mobile i7 are equipped with a code GT2's HD 4600 Core Graphics, HD 4600 HD 4000 Core Graphics can be seen as a minor upgrade, Shaders unit increased from 16 to 20, there is a certain upgrade memory frequency. And equipped with more powerful graphics performance GT3 core graphics processor, the time will be later introduced in the third quarter, we used ultra-pole low-voltage version of the processor to see Haswell HD 5000 series (GT3) HD Graphics figure.


Next, we tested its temperature, in the open running Furmark in full compliance with state run one hour later, we see the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 with HP OD06XL Battery processor temperature rose to 80 ℃, while the graphics card temperature also reached 80 ℃. Then we pass on the body surface temperature tester for temperature detection, you can see the outlet temperature highest, reaching 56.9 ℃, and frequent contact with fingers and palms keyboard part and the palm rest temperature performed well, most of the temperatures does not exceed the temperature, we can say the heat vent shaft at a good solution to heat problems, but the temperature is still underestimated discrete graphics.

Business notebook must be in safety, ease of use, durability and other aspects of the product life cycle have to be considered. Then the workstation-class notebook to achieve what standard? Mobile Workstation (Mobile Workstation) is a user-oriented areas of expertise, both workstations and laptops feature, with powerful data computation and graphics, image processing capabilities, to meet the engineering design, animation, scientific research, software development, financial management, information services, and other professional fields simulation design and development of high-performance mobile computers.


Opened the screen lid, fresh and neat keyboard area is completely in front of us, still fresh and elegant style belongs, ASUS N550LF Battery and keyboard keys particle surface and are also consistent with the overall white color, style uniform. Keystroke feel relatively gentle, suitable for female users. Keyboard surface is simple and practical, in addition to the power button no longer set other than physical or touch shortcut keys, most functions can be combined to achieve the top row keys.

Equipped with 720P HD camera, and with face tracking function, can easily in a video conference video conference without affecting other work results. Even though thousands of miles away, can also be thought of charm is obvious. Dolby ? Home Theater ? v4 for notebooks full surround sound. Have Satellite can experience theater sound shocking, nuances of visual effects and live performances.


Around the palm rest area with a roof echoes Plaid with HP EliteBook Revolve 810 Battery, set aside out of the relatively well-off area for a long time typing the user-provided better palm support. In addition, the right palm care was placed at the edge of the notebook status indicator, which from left to right is the charge indicator, power indicator light and the wireless network card, easy for users to observe the operation of the notebook.

Even the appearance of mobile workstations and notebooks are similar, but it is still for the professional user's computing and graphics workstation platforms, therefore, mobile workstations and desktop workstations to be the same as the ISV certification to ensure that the system in the professional application software stability and performance under Performance. Satellite with leading independent software vendor (ISV) cooperation, including almost CAD, digital content creation, and engineering design automation and other industries all professional software certification, thus ensuring hardware and applications remain among the most coordinated compatibility, with a strong Authentication support boost your professional performance.


Professional models interface is very rich, the video interface there DP, VGA and IEEE1394, also as standard RJ45 also appeared in this workstation. Gigabit Ethernet provides not only high-quality high-speed network access functions, and operation switches, routers, hardware firewall can also provide access to more stable results. Satellite P70 is a mobile workstation from start to finish, so it will be very different from the high-end business notebook. Using high-performance professional graphics, providing higher display resolution would be the characteristics of the workstation, P70 with 8cell TOSHIBA Satellite P70 Battery also offers Xrite color corrector.


Mobile workstation configurations, without exception, a professional graphics mobile version without integrated graphics or a separate home entertainment graphics. Because, even those equipped with advanced graphics, known as Playstation Move freely notebook product can not cope with professional graphics applications.


There are two main reasons, one, professional graphics with full OpenGL interface support, and almost all of the CAD / DCC professional OpenGL accelerated graphics applications are used, rather than in the home entertainment market is growing rapidly, the heyday of DirectX, OpenGL three-dimensional graphics to pursue professional high-precision, three-dimensional graphics and DirectX is the pursuit of speed and multimedia data and performance results. Second, a large number of professional applications with professional graphics software provider of certification to ensure professional application performance and stability, and home entertainment cards do not have this certification. In this regard, the distinction between the two like a professional SLR digital camera and a digital camera card the same household.


When falling, collision and other accidents occurs, the shock sensor within 500 ms, immediately stop the hard disk read and write, such as airbags protect the hard drive and data. And TOSHIBA PA5121U-1BRS Battery did not use this technology notebook, can provide up to four times the hard drive protection, so thought impregnable territory. The new fan blade design improves heat flow by 28%, effectively cooling the CPU and the GPU, better processor performance and system reliability, the new heat sink design to maximize the reduction of dust collection.

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