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Last year, Intel launched the ultra-extreme, one certification standard for ultra-extreme, dual hard drive (hard drive models + solid-state drive) with essential. From the practical point of view, solid state drives become fixed with ultra-extreme natural purpose to make a fuss about the speed of the machine. Have to say, over most of this after a year of development, has been gradually consumers accepted at the same time under Win8 assist, the various deformation touch screen ultra-extreme this is also attracting the attention of consumers.


Tablet PC HP EliteBook Revolve with 6cell HP EliteBook Revolve Battery cleverly designed not only as a traditional laptop use, also can be gorgeous transform into a stylish tablet PC. With 12.1 WXGA LED backlit ultra-wide viewing angle UWVA electromagnetic touch screen + multi-point capacitive touch screen, screen tempered processing, you can use the stylus or the touch screen to easily input data. Is ideal for meetings, documents, presentations, such as emergency rescue and other industrial applications.


Someone complain processor not to force inefficient running full speed Ever since later processor; once someone curse bad graphics, the games are not smooth, and thus be later raise the overall graphics performance; see again later memory processors and The graphics have improved upgrade. Well, the hard drive? Conservative for so many years, the birth of the SSD Solid State Drive finally was once known as "performance bottleneck" hard drives also have the opportunity to turn around.
When we are still a force for traditional notebook hard drive performance is not upset, SSD solid state drive strong debut we have a new option. Many notebook with a solid state hard drive, such as ultra-extreme SSD solid state hard drive models, but with the price up quite a bit compared to conventional models, the cost is quite low. Ever since their own hands modified laptop hard drive to become a hot topic now.


To be able to live HP ENVY dv6t Battery comfortably in the rapid development of the world adhere to the conservative ideas of the past appear to have less shy. Want to speed need to be hands-on, or re-purchase of a laptop. For their own books for users who have a certain ability to replace the SSD hard disk is very tempting, because they more or less know how to force the solid state drive deeds.
Well, laptop upgrade SSD solid state drive really need to do? Prior to this, we first teach you want hands-on modification notebook users how to replace the hard drive, or is composed of dual hard drives. Then we will also compare test before and after the upgrade, look at the actual specific, let everyone from the bank decides whether to upgrade the hard drive.

SSD solid state hard drive in addition to the SATA interface than PCI-E interface products, but this is for PCI-E interface products for notebook completely redundant, because it is for the desktop, even though it has a faster speed performance. The test used in this solid-state hard drive interface SATA interface, and the overall size is 2.5 inches, so fits the laptop's hard drive needs.


Compared to the desktop using the 3.5-inch hard drive, laptop use 2.5-inch hard disk drive has a smaller power consumption, heat and noise. Traditional mechanical hard performance is far better than the 3.5-inch product for SSD solid state drive, but this is no problem at all, and in the sale of the SATA interface SSD solid state drives are basically 2.5 inches, the test this is no exception.


But from editing market visits found over most of this overall price is still higher than the traditional entertainment notebook Therefore, in the market, the final turnover entertainment notebook status or short term can not shake. Many users have such distress, spend a few thousand dollars to buy the notebook is getting slower and slower, and can not help but heart irritability. In the edit view, you need not be angry, but an SSD solid state drive can solve all your troubles. Have to say, Apple fans can be described as a group of the world's most loyal and love their Apple brand seems to have in-depth bone marrow, that will have following his best crazy behavior!


You want to play a full performance of the SSD Solid State Drive with DELL Inspiron 5523 Battery, First interfaces must be SATA-Ⅲ, from the beginning of HM7 series motherboards have SATA-Ⅲ, SSD solid state drive upgrade, without worrying whether the interface compatible.


In order to facilitate the comparison of the speed of solid-state hard drive and the mechanical hard, we choose the test platform is a mainstream notebook, this notebook comes standard with a 500GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard disk capacity close to the test 512GB solid state drives. The contrast between the two testing Windows 8 system, it is recommended to install genuine Windows 8 operating system to obtain a better user experience.


Upgrade for notebook SSDs have a variety of ways, one of the most convenient and low-cost, and is SSD solid state drive to replace the original HDD mechanical hard position. This replace the hard way first to find the hard bit, general notebook will have a separate hard drive compartment and separate the back cover, of course, there are some models designed one of the back cover. Replaced the hard drive models have a separate space on the hard disk area. It is worth mentioning, before replacing the hard disk, remember to disconnect the power and remove the battery.


The HP ENVY dv4t Battery of benefits of SSD solid state drive instead of the original HDD mechanical hard disk is easy to operate, In addition to the purchase cost of the SSD would not have to spend any money. The original mechanical hard disk, however, prefer to use this way to upgrade the hard disk will be lost (mechanical hard disk can only be changed through an external hard disk box, into a USB mobile hard disk to use), after all, SSD solid state hard drive capacity prices than, or completely enemy mechanical hard disk. Therefore, there is another way to upgrade is recommended, which is the way many users keen: the coexistence of dual hard drives Act.

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